10 Ways to Add Mosaic Art to Your Backyard

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Looking to upgrade your home with some simplistic but eye catching art? Want to sowcase your creative side by adding some funky art to the back deck or even the garden itself of your home? Well you are in luck because today we are going to talk about the top ten was to add mosaic art to your backyard!

Mosaic art is a form of art that features multicolored pieces in a picture or pattern and is generally made from small stones, glass or tiles. It can have a distinct theme or a mishmash of colors; whatever the case, it is a form of art that is unique and can pull together the look of a room in seconds.

Choosing mosaic art means that you will have unique art surrounding not only your backyard but also the areas that lead to great outdoors. Whether you take on a DIY project or purchase pieces from a local artist; there will be a pattern, color or design that will add that something extra your backyard needs.

  1. Pool Mosaics

Image Source: Pinterest

Pool mosaics can transform a generic pool into an underwater oasis, especially when you add a touch of the tropics deep within the depths. Try a series of palm trees that shimmer and move with every small lap of the water to bring the tropics home to you.

Match with other tropics and palm tree styled décor, such as throws on the longue chairs and fake but realistic plants in select locations around the pool! Use caution against overwhelming the area with mosaic art pieces or covering the entire of the bottom of the pool with artwork as it can distract and take away from the beauty you are trying to convey.

  1. Mosaic Wall Art

Image Source Amazon

Why not give a sneak peek to your backyard by lining the hallway leading to outside with an array of colors by hanging some mosaic wall art. Selecting pieces of mosaic art that brings you happiness and joy will increase the level of enjoyment you feel whenever you walk outside to your backyard!

Select themes when it comes to choosing mosaic wall art and incorporate colors that can be found in your backyard to tie in all the décor. Bring some of your backyard into your home by using similar flower mosaic art that can be found in your garden.

  1. Mosaic Art

Image from Sprii

Mosaic art doesn’t have to be limited to wall art only, especially when it comes to decorating your backyard. Why not spice up the open spaces with other forms of art, such as window decorations? Let the natural light in your backyard filter in through the window art to create a shimmery picture on your deck or hallway floor.

With easy DIY kits, you can create a unique and personal object of art that inspires, relaxes and soothes. Invite your kids to partake in some mosaic art projects with you to create not only a unique piece of art but also create valuable memories.

  1. Mosaic Patterns

Image Source: Shutterstock

Mosaic patterns can vary from art piece to art piece and person to person. As long as there is an array of colors that are formed from small pieces of stone, tile or glass; it is considered mosaic. The mosaic patterns can be swirls of color or linear blocks of color; the options are limitless to suit your creative side.

Indulge your creative side and use a variety of patterns with a similar color scheme to tie together any outdoor décor. Another option? Use a variety of colors and patterns to add a burst of color to any area of the home. Use rainbow options on your deck or nestled within your gardens (more on that below).

  1. Mosaic Border

Image Source:toppstiles

If you want to incorporate some mosaic art within your backyard but you don’t want to overpower the original and wild beauty of nature; why not look at a mosaic art border that surrounds your flower boxes? Use mosaic borders to distinguish between flowers, vegetables and herbs for a different approach to organization.

These mosaic borders can also be used around a patio, fire pit or even a swing set. Cover all the straight edges with a mosaic border and watch the fading daylight twinkle in the air from the reflections.

  1. Mosaic Designs

Image Source:easyidea

There is no limits on what constitutes a mosaic design, as long as it is formed using colorful small pieces. The designs can be anything from vintage to modern, funky or sleek, warm-toned or cool.

To choose the best mosaic design for your garden, look at both the natural and artificial colors around you. If your backyard is lush and green with pops of colorful flowers, then incorporate the colorful parts into a mosaic design.

Don’t have the room for a flower garden? Then place flower mosaic art on the outside walls of the home or the fences surrounding your property line to add a touch of nature’s majestic beauty.

  1. Mosaic Art Tile

Image from mosaicstories

Want to incorporate some mosaic art without hanging wall pictures but not sure how to do this? It’s easy when you look at mosaic art tiles. These tiles are generally ceramic or marble and can be used anywhere in your backyard.

Select mosaic art tiles in smaller sizes to be used as coasters or select medium sized tiles to take the place of plastic placemats for your patio table. Add mosaic art tiles to your gardens for a burst of color nestled within the lush greenery or hang them from the trees in the place of wind chimes to add a magical touch to your outdoor oasis straight from a fantasy.

  1. Mosaic Tile

Image Source:Pinterest

Want sturdier tiles that are still art but can be used in practical ways? There is an option for that! Choose or create mosaic tiles that can be used as a magical walkway throughout your backyard. Use the same tiles to cover the stairs leading from your deck to your lawn.

Choose tiles that are flame resistant to surround your fire pit and cover the entire thing in an array of colors that will reflect and dance with the wild flames. Check with your local hardware store to insure that your mosaic tiles are flame resistant or coat the small pieces with a fireproof coating.

  1. Mosaic Address Block

Images from blackanddecker

This option can be used for the front of your home or your backyard – a mosaic address block. Using the link above, head over the Black and Decker to find out how to create your very own mosaic address block.

Don’t want to put your address or house number in your backyard? Then use a stencil to create a personalized name plate or give your backyard a title. As long as you use a range of colors and small pieces within the wooden boards – its mosaic!

  1. Mosaic Dishes

Image Source: snapps

Spice up your backyard table with mosaic dishes! Add a touch of funky class to your patio table with mosaic dishes such as plates, bowls and even glasses. Instead of using typical and solid color dishes, why not add a splash of color or designs to your table with dishes. This is also a great option for those who want to add color but within subtle limits.

If you are going to make your own mosaic dishes, then make sure you use a non-toxic glue (or other adhesive) and double check the waterproof level so they don’t come apart on the first wash!


Are you inspired? Do you feel the urge to add some mosaic art to your backyard? If you are the creative sort that enjoys DIY projects, then use the numerous free tutorials online to create a masterpiece that is unique to you.

Not that creative or can’t find the time to make your own mosaic art for your backyard? Then browse through online retailers, such as Amazon, for cheap but quality pieces that will add a touch of pizazz to not only your backyard but any room the home. Choose sleek patterns to add a modern feel to your décor or go wild with color to invoke the hippie lifestyle of decades gone past.

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