2017's Colors That Determine Your Personality

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With 2016 almost over, it is time to look forward to what color trends the future will bring. Therefore 2017 will deliver a combination of colors and hues that you will use to decorate your living space. So instead of relying on simple shades, the coming year will be based on more sophisticated tints.

We will divide the colors into three categories named according to three personality types: Confident, Composed, and Comfortable. The color you favor the most, according to the Behr Paint Company, can give you an indication which personality type you are.


This group is defined by people who are sociable and audacious at the same time. They generally tend to be attracted to Sunshine-Yellow, Blue-greens, and dusky blues.

The Sunshine tint simply echoes the outgoing nature of individuals. So if you favor this below image, you are definitely the type that likes to roam a field of sunflower while accompanied by some good old friends.

yellow mosaic

As for the blue-green hue, it is perfect if you want to be a little more inviting to guests or friends. Just imagine sitting in this lovely kitchen with your best friends and chit chatting about all the latest stories and gossips.

blue green kitchen

A dusky-blue setting is great for individuals who enjoy surfing and the endless ocean. This reflects their adventurous nature and their longing for some great company as they traverse the beautiful unknown.

blue room


Within this classification, Composed individuals are those that are usually traditionalists. They are those that favor a more classical style of decoration. Colors can include mineral gray, light blue-green, and green and taupe beige.

Of course, the best way to dial up a traditional punch is to use the mineral gray color. Nothing signals a more orthodox trait when it comes to style.

traditional room

As for the light blue-green, the simplicity of this color blend can be quite what a person needs to mix traditional and contemporary fashion.

light blue green room

The green and taupe beige colors can be used to impose a classical feel while staying up-to-date and trendy.

bedroom green decoration


This third group of people is those that can be regarded as introverts. So if you consider yourself one, you will most likely pick powdery blue, pastel pink, and dusted yellow.

The first color can give quite of a sophisticated appeal when combined with brown.

blue powdery room

If you want to go ultra-feminine the Pastel pink shade emphasizes a space’s natural light.

pastel pink room decor

As for the dusted yellow bright accent, its hues can energize a mute background.

really decorative room

Fancy one of this selection of fine-tuned colors?

What personality type did you get?

Please inform us by posting in the comment section below.

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