2018: The Year Ahead In Mosaic Art Home Décor

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For many of us, 2017 was a bit terrific, but we are all ready to hit refresh in 2018! Right?

2018 offers another spotless lineup. As I feel ready to twist ( or utterly trench ) all the trends that went viral a couple of years ago. Let’s ring in the New Year in style with some new mosaic home décor trends!

While we may want our apartments to seem timeless and our decoration to be long-lasting, there’s no denying that trends play a large role in the interior design process. Therefore, today’s article is based on hundreds of conversations with interior designers and experts, and an accurate trend forecast from several primary and secondary interior design sources, including many renowned designers and artists!

Ciao, Monochrome Spaces

Probably the best-known Italian word for hello is Ciao which, confusingly, also means goodbye! Good news, this Ciao is a hello to monochrome spaces (not a goodbye). “Tone on tone” is an easy way to bring simplicity and peace to our spaces. So in 2018, it’s more likely that we’ll be integrating monochrome mosaic art into our home interior!

Ciao, Monochrome Spaces

Bellissimi, Curves, and Patterns

Expect 2018 to continue the trend that closed 2017: the Bellissimi, Curves, and Patterns! The curves and patterns were constantly evolving in 2017, and it’s no surprise that last year brought us some of the most inventive and modernized mosaic patterns!

Bellissimi, Curves, and Patterns

Arrivederci, Exotic and Tropical Trends

2017 brought us new home décor trends that we absolutely love like bringing the charm of the outdoors to our home decor, but some trends like exotic and tropical patterns have had their time in the spotlight! So let’s bid them one last Arrivederci.

Arrivederci, Exotic and Tropical Trends

Buongiorno, Abstract Geometry

Yes, we can finally say Buongiorno to Abstract Geometry! It’s not the geometry we were seeing before, it’s more like an abstract minimal geometry, and it’s not a sacred geometry, it’s a bit of Non-Euclidean plane geometry. The beauty of geometric decor is its versatility. Go modern. Go retro. Go glam. It’s all possible!

mosaic art

Si, to Bold Designs

2018 calls for more combination of styles, explicitly a mix of minimal and maximal propensities. Therefore, this coming year is sure to give a big Si to fringed mosaic designs in home décor. This trend feels very fresh and contemporary while also being decorative and frivolous!

mosaic art

In your opinion, what home decor trends will continue to dominate the headlines in 2018?

Have any other thoughts or questions about home decor trends? Let me know in the comments below.

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