The Most Influential Architect that you May Have Never Heard of

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Nautilus House

Following the footprints of Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Gaudi, Javier Senosiain created a new perspective and added more creativity to the world of architecture. This ingenious architect has technically and passionately transmitted a philosophy of architecture, which extends and relates to the harmony between human habitation and the natural world. The term organic architecture was coined by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1867. Quite similar to the angle of Gaudi, Senosiain considered each inch and element of his constructed designs. He also integrated ecological handicrafts into his planning such as ceramics, stained glass, glass and marble mosaic tiles. Through his designs and farsighted inner vision, his style was so sympathetic and well integrated with the sites. This Mexican architect was celebrated as a key exponent and explorer of organic architecture. He didn’t just explore organic architecture but also decided to bring aquatic and nautical life into his architecture. The Nautilus house, located near Mexico City, created a cyber revolution, not just in the world of architecture but in the environmental and biological fields too. This ingenious architect kept us astonished by the influence and creativity of the human mind. This sole fact inspired us to pay tribute to his influential designs. Let us wander around some of his great phenomenal creations that will blow your mind!

Snake Shaped House

Javier’s main influence came from his research of organic architecture, cultural roots, and building traditions. The Quetzalcoatl Nest, also know as the snake shaped house is one of his unconventional housing complexes. This eccentric architectural prototype allows its owners to live in blessing harmony with nature. The snake shaped house is a phenomenal architectural example to be followed.

Javier Senossiain Architect

Javier Senossiain obras

Obras Javier Senossiain

Obras Javier Senossiain

Senosiain’s House in Satélite

Javier is the architect and home owner of this incredible and creative monument. It reminds us of Jacques Tati, Bruce Goff and the legendary touch of Antoni Gaudi. Each inch of the ceiling and ground are surreal and sculptural. His personal architectural project was built in 1984. His vision was clarified, transmitting inspiration to the world of architecture.

Senosian's houses Design

Senosian's houses in Satélite

Javier Senossiain House

Senosian's houses

Senosian's Satélite

Ballena Mexicana

Javier strikes again with an even more ingenious architectural project, the Ballena Mexicana (Mexican Whale). The exquisite tufts were coated with poly-chrome frets, using colorful tiles and mosaics. This Mexican architect has been designing pieces that bring the invisibility needed in pastoral and urban spaces for a more sustainable future.

ballena mexicana mosaic art

ballena mexicana mosaic tile art

ballena mexicana mosaic floor

ballena mexicana organica mosaic

ballena mexicana sustaimability

ballena mexicana organica 2

The Flower House

The flower house or the Casa Flor is located at +3.00 m above the sidewalk level. It was called the flower house due to its architectural shape, the ceiling is an iconic geometry of a flower with six petals. It also reminds us of the flower of life, reaching a level where spiritual designs and organic structures shake hands.

Javier Senosiain

Javier Senosiain,

the flower house

Flower House

Nautilus House

This unique shell shaped house was one of the most fabulous architectural plans, not only compared to his own designs but other architectural projects. His innovative, unusual and audacious plan could make him one of the most influential architect of our time!

Nautilus House

Nautilus House

Nautilus House

Nautilus House

Have you ever heard of this ingenious architect or any of his phenomenal constructions?

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