Meditation Meets Art - Mosaic Art for a Better Community

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We’re witnessing nowadays, many celebrities, influencers, physicians and psychologists preaching the benefits of practicing self-care. Making your well being a priority is highly advised (a must), especially when your daily routine feels more like a marathon. Taking care of your mental health involves mindful practices including eating properly, meditation and Yoga as well as taking up an activity dear to your heart and soul, such as reading or Arts.

Art therapy: a form of psychotherapy and guided meditation providing free self-expression through art making, in a relaxing and zen environment. Lately, many are signing up to communal workshops, and taking Mosaics classes.

mosaic art

Moziaco Workshop

The process of cracking chunks of glass and tiles and then putting them back together in a beautiful work of art allows you to feel creative and relaxed.

Making a mosaic art represents a metaphor for situation getting out of hands, breaking into pieces and making a mess. On the other hand, it allows us to shape a beautiful masterpiece out of these broken bits, through sorting and placing them with patience and care.

As a matter of fact, there’s a Japanese word for repairing broken pottery using golden lacquer, “Kintsukuroi”, proving that things get prettier when broken, much like this beautiful Mosaic tile.

Organisation has been proven to create a serene atmosphere encouraging the declutter of the mind, and clearing up some space for more a positive thinking.

Besides, what’s soothing about these gatherings is the comfort to be within a group, sharing a space and working side-by-side. Creating a support group through shared creativity.

Mosaics society is getting bigger and bigger with time.

Many schools and colleges and art schools are supporting the mosaic art movements. Planning workshops for kids and adults as a socio-educational activity, creating an environment that is both calming and fun. In addition to schools, multiple communities have taken on massive mosaics projects, decorating the neighborhood, and bringing a certain sense of belonging to each and every single person that helped making it. Hopefully more communal mosaics would help bring people together on a larger scale and spread the message of mindfulness and well being.

mosaic art

Barcelona- The making of Gaudi’s Mosaics

To sum up,if you’re feeling stressed and overloaded with day to day chores, head over to the nearest Art center, and take on a Mosaics course.

In case you’d rather do it in the comfort of your own home, gather your friends and family, head on over to our shop, and get your own mosaic kit.

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