Style Your Home With the Best Home Decor Ideas

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You know what goes well with Summer? A big tall glass of a cool beverage, a pile of home decor magazines, and a browser tab opened on Pinterest! Styling your own home with the best home decor ideas is a sure way to lift your spirits and flex a little creativity muscle.

Since mosaic art is tied into home design, we’re always aware of what’s trending in home decor ideas. We also know it’s sometimes hard to find your personal style among all the TV makeover shows, photo boards, and shiny magazine pages. We’re here to help you out with some fine-tuning and inspo. Let’s go!

Are you ready to change things up? Are you happy with your home style, but need fresh ideas? Let’s do a quick review of what you should consider before you start shopping. Updating the style of any space should factor in the Three M’s: Mood & Color, Missing Elements, and Mosaic Art!

1. Mood & Color

Home Decor Ideas palette
Image Source: The Colour File

When you’re thinking about your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or other space, it’s important to consider its overall vibe. Colors have a big impact upon how you and your guests feel in your home. Let’s look at some of the latest trends emerging from the COVID lockdown.

Generally, bright colors are energizing and uplifting. Have you been drawn to some of the neon shades that are showing up? How about this bright and cheerful kid’s room? Retro neon colors are coming back strong, and you’re going to see a lot more of them. Keep the main colors of your room neutral, and you can have a great time playing with this bouncy new set of shades!

Home Decor Ideas Living room
Image Source: House of Jade

Maybe a mix of bold primary colors would pep up your living room? The background of blue is unifying, but the accessories here are all about active energy.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room
Image Source: Real Homes UK

Cooler shades have a calming, relaxing effect that works well with casual decor. They are traditional favorites for coastal style, and great for any room. This living area features an accent wall in a versatile blue.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room
Image Source: Pinterest

Colors such as blues and purples have been shown to help slow breathing, lower blood pressure, and help people relax. If words like “serene” and “soothing” are part of your design goals, consider them for walls and more.

The lighter purples used in this sleeping space are just the right shade for gently drifting off to sleep.

Home Decor Ideas Bedroom
Image Source: Pinterest

To summarize: Think about the mood you’re hoping for in your restyled space, and work with a color scheme that enhances it.

2. Missing Elements

Home Decor Ideas Living Room
Image Source: Pinterest

One of the best things about deciding to update your interiors? It’s a chance to really look at what you want to change or add to the spaces. Need a strong focal point? Hate the view from your couch? Have your plans for a quiet, cozy library fallen apart as you started scrambling for a remote working spot?

It’s okay to just start making lists of “I wish I had” items. As a matter of fact, they’ll help you understand just what isn’t right about a space, and to plan for the future!

Establishing an attractive focal point is key to decorating any room. Is it missing in yours? Many interior designers build around a room’s focal point as they work.

This key component carries the biggest visual weight and impact of a room. Sometimes, it presents naturally, as a fireplace or a large window. Other times, we must create it ourselves.

Home Decor Ideas, Fireplace
Image Source: Country Living

The living room above used the fireplace as the anchor for its expression of style. Bold colors on a blue background show up in the rest of the space.

These homeowners lacked a strong focal point in their open floor plan, so they created one with a picture wall. You can achieve this look easily, with inexpensive frames. Inspiration is everywhere, from family photos, prints, vintage picture books, and more.

Home Decor Ideas, Wall Art
Image Source: Real Home

Is one of your missing elements pattern? This is a good direction to go: Wallpaper and bold wall looks are becoming very popular again! This isn’t exactly your grandmother’s wallpaper, either. Check out the amazing wallpaper of Heron birds wallpaper in this bathroom.

Home Decor Ideas Bathroom
Image Source: Pinterest

What about your floors? Rugs and floor coverings are a quick and easy way to pull together a room. This summer, the heat might inspire you to use mosaic tile art as a modern alternative. It’s a stunning way to use the durability of mosaic artwork where it can be seen and appreciated. This Southwestern mosaic design is a great example.

The key to adding mosaic patterns to your interior design projects is to stay within the same color range for each element. Pattern-mixing can be terrifying, but this rule will help you make the right choices. Here’s an advanced example of using patterns successfully.

Mosaic Islamic Patterns Living Room
Image Source: Pinterest

Everything from tapestry-style prints to Asian-style cloisonne pottery shows up here – and it all looks great! The color range, however, is tight, using the same terra cotta reds, turquoise blues, and cobalt accents throughout.

What we’ve learned in this section is to ask yourself what’s missing in your space. A focal point, pattern, or cohesive theme are common holes in designing a room, and are fortunately easy to fix.

3. Mosaic Art and Styling Your Home!

Shelf Decor, Mosaic Art
Image Source: Mozaico

Mosaic art can help you with your interior design goals, adding color, enhancing the mood, accenting with pattern, and doing all of the above in even bathrooms and kitchens. If you are looking for a particular design type, we have it in our extensive catalog. Our handmade mosaic tile art can go virtually anywhere.

Let’s say that your bathroom is lacking a focal point, but it’s not exactly the right spot for a big oil painting. Mosaic art is ready to fill the void, and stand up to humidity and cleaning.

Is your kitchen lacking attractive wall art in a key work area? Mosaic artwork is absolutely perfect for this type of application.

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash, Fruit Mosaic
Image Source: Mozaico
Mosaic Backsplash, Mosaic Pattern
Image Source: Mozaico

Perhaps you’re stuck on what to use for a room-centering floor covering. Mosaic designs are the solution that you’ll never have to worry about moving or vacuuming.

Indoor Mosaic, Geometric Mosaic
Image Source: Mozaico
Home Decor Ideas, Bathroom Mosaic
Image Source: Mozaico

We can even assist you with filling up that wall of images with some smaller mosaic art designs that you’ve put together yourself!

Home Decor Ideas, Mosaic Art
Image Source: Mozaico

Are you ready to revamp your home decor? Just remember, think about Mood and Color first, identify your Missing Elements, and then bring on the Mosaic Art to bring it all to life!

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