Top 8 Reasons Mosaic Tiles Belong in Your Home

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Mosaic tiles are practical, reliable, and one of the best additions to your home. Don’t limit yourself to thinking about them for just backsplashes – mosaic art is perfect for bathroom floors, pools, showers, kitchens, and so much more!

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Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love mosaic tiles in your daily routine – with real-life installations offering plenty of design inspiration.


Step away from the wallpaper books, and stop worrying about floor coverings – mosaic tile is the most versatile way to accent surfaces in your home. Unlike more temporary solutions such as rugs and wallcoverings, mosaic pieces are tough – they come from a long tradition of use underfoot and in all kinds of conditions.

Installed Work from Mozaico

Actually, that long tradition presents some outstanding examples of how long mosaic art lasts. Every year, new discoveries of ancient mosaic installations excite the archaeological community. In 2021 alone, teams have uncovered sections of mosaic pavement that might be the oldest examples yet: dating from the Late Bronze Age of 1650–1200 BC.

Installed Work from Mozaico

In your own quest for the perfect look for your home, remember that any of our designs can work on multiple surfaces.


Sustainable design is more popular than ever – and mosaic tile is one way to create a perfect partnership between style and thoughtful consumer choices. When purchasing from a company committed to Eco Design principles – such as Mozaico – you’re helping decrease environmental impact.

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When Mozaico works with manufacturers to purchase their leftover stone tiles, we keep them out of the waste stream. The carefully-sourced use of marble, quartz and glass in our mosaic designs creates beautiful products that last forever – and that don’t require replacement every few years.

Improved Air Quality

While we’re on the subject of Green Design – let’s talk about how mosaic tile can improve the air quality in your home. For those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other sensitivities to dust, pollen, or chemicals, conventional rugs and floor coverings can be a constant irritant – they hold on to dust like sponges.

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Mosaic tile flooring is a way to get all the visual impact of rug patterns, with no worries about slippery floors. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t fade. Try it from your entryway to your shower floors – you’ll love the look!

Resale Value

You can easily increase the value of your home with mosaic art. When bathroom and kitchen updates are always one of the best return-on-investment items for home owners, it’s a proven winner.

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Turn your shower into something incredible and current with an array of glass mosaic wall art designs, or create dazzling backsplashes in your kitchen. Creating entryways with curb appeal and appealing enhancements to your existing garden and pool areas are also time-honored investments that pay back in higher sale prices.

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Curious about how easy mosaic tile is to care for? Just take a peek at any of the historical pieces we’ve featured in previous blogs! Mosaic tiles are still made from natural stone and glass, just as they’ve always been. These durable materials don’t need any special care – you’re able to enjoy their good looks without any extra waxing, resurfacing, reglazing, or special cleaning routines.

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Go ahead and install your favorite look over your stove – you’ll find it’s easy to clean!

Installed Work from Mozaico

Resistance to Humidity and Moisture

Love the look of wallpaper, but can’t make it work in your bathroom environment? Desperate for a way to add art and style to your bathroom, but have most of your walls occupied by your shower? How about adding some pizzazz to your water features or pool area? Mosaic art is the answer!

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We’re not just talking about subtle patterns and color! Fill your life with vibrant hues and beautiful scenes – or just liven things up with abstract designs that are full of movement.

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Adding Art, the Easy Way

Love art and adornment – but limited by space and location in your home? There are so many spots that could use a touch of color and interest in any house! Unfortunately, these often exist in places that are exposed to high traffic, wet or messy conditions, too much natural light, high heat, and other issues.

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One example: Fireplaces. A natural focal point for any room, they are often neglected. Rather than just letting this piece of prime interior design space sit stagnant, why not add mosaic art that will look stunning year-round?

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Bathroom that’s crying out for some new views? Add a whole new world on the wall above your sink! With no worries about water spray or humidity harming your mosaic art, you can enjoy the scenery every day of the year.

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Moreover, the sophistication of today’s modern art allows designers to create highly detailed pieces that can duplicate photos, have custom colors and sizes added, and even be designed to fit templates for irregularly-sized spaces.

Image by: Mozaico

Comfort and Safety Underfoot

As we’ve discussed before in our blog, mosaic tile is a safe and easy way to transform your floors. First – it’s slip-resistant – unglazed mosaics, known as Surface 5 in DCOF assessments, are one of the highest-scoring floor surfaces for slip resistance. They’re fantastic for pools, spas, and shower floors, for example.

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Second, they’re tops for comfort underfoot! In warmer months, nothing beats the coolness of tile flooring (and you’ll never have to run a hot-air producing vacuum cleaner to clean it!). There’s a reason that mosaic tile floors were so popular in ancient Roman and Greek cultures – they were a luxurious gift in those Mediterranean climates.

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But, don’t stop there with your quest for perfect flooring! Radiant heat works just fine with mosaic tile – making your floor warm and wonderful in any cooler times of the year.

Easily the Best Choice

When you look at all the great features of mosaic tile art, it’s an easy decision to use it in your own home! However, choosing just the right design can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve included some great tools to help you find just the right selections for your spaces.

First, our Mosaic Finder will help you find the look you’re thinking about – easily. Through a simple set of questions, our mosaic integrated solution will be able to analyze your taste and character, and discover a set of mosaic designs that reflect your personality and style.

Second, our Custom options are available. Mozaico provides the option to customize everything from floors to wall art – giving you the ability to customize any of the mosaic designs from our existing online catalog, create custom art from any image you provide, and select mosaic materials.

At any time, our team is available to answer your questions!

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