Mosaic Designs


Abstract patterns add style and vivid color to your home, garden or office. From modern cubism and geometric abstraction, to figurative art and Impressionist painting reproductions, our selection has a unique piece for every taste. Choose a lively seascape for your gallery wall or opt for a modern floral pattern to enhance your garden art collection. Complement your mosaic art with a frame for the ultimate gift.

Birds And Butterflies

This collection consists of an array of bird and butterfly mosaic designs. Any of the handcrafted pieces in this collection can be used as an indoor or outdoor mural; many are adorned with floral mosaic patterns that only enhance the intricacy of the art. Have a specific bird or butterfly design in mind? We’ll create a custom piece just for you.


Bring seafaring style ashore with this classic compass collection. Finely handcrafted using natural stones, our compass mosaic designs are the perfect retro emblem for your walls, pools and yachts. From modern and colorful geometry to classical and traditional art, our compass selection has something for every aesthetes taste.


Bring new life to your walls and floors with geometric mosaic designs, an important element of designing with tile. A vibrant geometric pattern can transform a wall or floor into a beautiful three dimensional surface. Using century-old techniques and beautiful natural stone, our world-class artisans have handcrafted these exclusive patterns for all of your indoor and outdoor projects. Draw inspiration from our selection of geometric patterns.


Browse our collection of creative mosaic designs and draw inspiration in everything from horoscopes to country flags to iconic characters. Create custom art by providing an image of your choice, transforming your own logo or portrait into beautiful art that will never fade or discolor.


Our collection of mosaic rugs and floor patterns take design to the next level. Whether you’re shopping for decorative tiles for your home or subtle patterns for the office, our rugs welcome your visitors in style. From modern geometric patterns to elegant florals, you’ll love our wide selection of handcrafted art. Handmade Mozaico pieces will never fade or discolor, offering lasting value to your home. Invest in your home’s future with our beautifully crafted floor tiles.

Ancient Mythology

Our handcrafted collection of murals for are a history and mythology lovers’ dream. Explore our stunning reproductions of famous Greek and Roman mosaics. Find an impressive variety of historical mosaic designs portraying ancient characters, symbols and famous historical scenes. With the care and dedication of our highly skilled artisans, our murals will last a lifetime and are sure to add a bold statement to your home decor.


A mosaic border, commonly referred to in the art world as a mosaic listelloorfrieze border serves as a stunning design element in any room. Handcrafted by our talented artisans with the finest glass and marble tiles available, our bespoke mosaic borders bring intricate detail to your kitchen, walls, pool or spa. Have a specific design in mind? Contact us to commission a piece of custom mosaic art from our highly-skilled artisans, designed exclusively to match your vision.

Flowers And Trees

This organic collection features floral patterns that are the ideal decor for hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor areas. This collection’s art pieces are largely made from marble tiles, but some pieces source glass tiles to bring emphasis to richer hues and color tones. Suited for all seasons, our floral and tree patterns bring new life to your walls and floors.

Human figures

Explore our Human Forms category and discover art made from rich marble and glass tiles. Our human forms patterns serve as beautiful impact statements for bedrooms and dining rooms alike. Looking to transform a family portrait into a mural? Custom order your own mosaic, tailor-made by Mozaico’s talented artisans.

Marine Life&Nautical

Explore our collection of authentic artwork including waves, intricate fish mosaics, under water wonders and compass Mosaics. Transform your home’s bare walls into a work of handcrafted art. Incorporating glass and marble tiles, our nature patterns are all handcrafted, illustrating stunning seascapes, and nautical mosaic scenes. Any of our artwork can be customized to suit your size and design preferences. Whether your preferred aesthetic is rustic, modern or dynamic, our art is the finishing touch your home craves.


Relax and unwind with our vast collection of scenery mosaics. Rich in texture and hue, our scenery mosaics are the ideal wall accent for any indoor or outdoor space. From striking landscapes to magical seascapes, the dreamy tones and texture of our scenery collection will bring your walls to life.


Re-invent your wall space with our mosaic wallpapers or framed mosaic wall art. Handcrafted with exquisite detail and rich hues, our alluring art makes the ideal wall accent for both indoor and outdoor spaces. From striking wild animals to customized pet portraits, the precise detailing and rich texture of our handset mosaic designs will transform your home.


Our collection of celestial and cosmic mosaics will create an ethereal feel in your design space. Whether you’re in search of calming moon and sun art for your home or sourcing art for the office, our celestial collection will greet your visitors with soothing style. From modern geometric mosaic designs to tranquil cosmic patterns, you’ll fall in love with our dreamy selection of celestial art.

Food and Drink

Our food and drink-themed collection was exclusively crafted to fit kitchen backsplash, countertops and stoves. Bring the element of taste into your space with our rich, handcrafted artwork.


Patterns are a powerful element to consider when designing a space with marble and glass tiles. Mosaic designs composed with vibrant hues hold the power to transform a simple wall or floor into a stunning focal point. Applying century-old techniques to beautiful natural stone, our world-class artists have created a collection of exclusive mosaic patterns for all of your indoor and outdoor home projects. Did you know we offer custom pieces? Contact us to discuss how you can easily commission custom mosaic art from our highly-skilled artisans, designed exclusively to match your creative vision.


Our religious art collection features powerful murals, medallions, and ancient byzantine designs. Christian art highlights the main iconic figures and scenes of Christianity. Iconic Islamic symbols and calligraphic art are represented in this stunning series through handcrafted mosaic art. In addition, we offer handcrafted Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist inspired art. Don’t see your faith listed? All faiths can be represented through our beautiful custom art. 


This collection features a wide selection of custom-made logos and signs; your brand transformed into art that lasts forever. Provide Mozaico artists with a photo or description of your inspiration and our design experts will create a stunning illustration of your idea using marble or glass tiles. Here you can find a wide range of bespoke art, created just for our clients.