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The 7 Gods Mosaic Roman Reproduction

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    • MS020
    • Marble
    • 3/8" ( 8 mm )
    • 150 x 120cm (59"x47")
    • 20000
    • 32kg (71 Pounds)
    • Comes on a mesh backing
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    This is a beautiful marble mosaic stone that is fully handmade. It is a large mosaic piece that shows Zeus in the center who is the King of gods according to the Greek mythology. The natural stones that were used in this art work, reflect 6 Greek gods surrounding Zeus: 1. Eros: God of love 2. Demeter: Goddess of harvest and grain 3. Athena: Goddess of wisdom 4. Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty 5. Eros: God of love 6. Apollo: God pf poetry, music, the sun and prophecy

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    Certificate of Authenticity

    Receive a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artisan who personally handcrafted your mosaic piece. 

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