AI Art Personalization

Art is all about setting your imagination free and creating meaningful combinations. That's why we created the AI Art Personalization tool which allows you to mix and match between any image of yours whether it is a portrait or a pet's picture and one of our mosaics. The result will be a mesmerizing creation that illustrates your image through a unique combination of colors and textures. You'll have a mosaic like no other!

1. Upload Your Image

Provide an image that you would like to combine with a mosaic artwork. Simple images provide an easier "canvas" on which our AI can apply a new base.

2. Choose a Mosaic

Out of these mosaic designs, select a mosaic that you would like to use as a style for this fusion artwork.

3. Create and Download Your Mosaic

Click to let the AI combine your image with the mosaic of choice and download the artwork.

Get It Done in Mosaic!

That is a beautiful mosaic and it deserves to be handmade to embellish your spaces. Fill the form below with all details to send your customization.