Visualize This

Would you like to see how a mosaic you like on our website would look on your wall? Now you can with our visualize this feature which is found next to any product page on our website

Defining your area

You need to define the wall width so you can see the mosaic size in perspective to your wall area; In this case you need to define 2 points of your wall from the very left to the very right

Uploading your image

Upload a good and clear image of your room or wall and wait till it is uploaded to our server

Ability to re-size

Once the "visulize this "software is loaded, you can drag the mosaic and expand or contract it by stretching the edge of the mosaic and once you are satisfied with the size of the mosaic compared to your wall, the software will tell you what size you need to order your mosaic

Choice of frame

You can also chose a wooden frame and software will calculate price of framing your mosaic