Best Mosaic Art Table Top Designs for Your Home Decor Projects

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Taking a look at the way mosaic tile is used today, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a mainstay of art and interior design for centuries. We talk about the historical use of mosaic frequently here on our blog, and it’s there are a couple of consistently astonishing facts that the encounter. First: How well these ancient examples have held up. Second: How the designs remain classic and inspirational till our current day especially when used in home decor for items such as mosaic wall murals and numerous mosaic table top designs.

The very materials used in mosaic designs confer a toughness that can result in their sometimes delicate looks. Moreover, hard-fired ceramics, glass, and marble have been through both man-made and natural processes. The latter creates the individual tile pieces that go into mosaic art. Once the pieces are assembled into their final form, they’ll be ready to withstand all sorts of environments and the ravages of time and use.

More than 1100 years ago, this depiction of the angel Gabriel was installed at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Additionally, even after centuries of smoke and exposure to less-than-perfect conditions, it still shines today.

Hagia sophia mosaic

Image Source: Sophia Hague Museum

How about this 120-year old piece by Oskar Laske – vibrant on a storefront in Vienna. Divine intervention, or simply a case of the incredible hardness and durability of mosaic art? You be the judge.

Oscar Laske mosaic

Image Source: haji-bblogspot.com

It was a natural progression for mosaic tile to migrate towards daily use as backsplashes, garden decor, functional furniture, and especially table tops. Its durability was undeniable. Also,its easy-to-maintain surface was practical. And its beauty and ability to be customized to any decor style or environment was unmatched.

mosaic furniture

Image Source: Pinterest

Why You Should Make Your Own Mosaic Table top

In the past decade, the use of mosaic tile for home decor has become popular, for all the right reasons. It’s a way to customize and enhance any space, offering a means for decorators and designers to have complete control over the look and colors of many home features, from floors to shower walls. There’s no limit to how custom mosaic designs can be utilized.

A favorite for those who have been tuned into the latest design trends is mosaic table tops. Used indoors or outdoors, with patterns and motifs that can be adjusted to any size or shape of a table, they’re a piece of art on their own merit.

How many pieces of art can be enjoyed with a full meal or the occasional spilled glass? We’ll let you ponder that puzzle, as we dive into some of the best examples of mosaic table tops that you can use for inspiration.

Victorian Style – Among the Ferns

If you’re blessed with either a Victorian home, or a taste for antiques, you don’t have to avoid mosaic projects. Actually, the style of the era can be enhanced quite well with the right mosaic design. As with all custom projects, the way mosaic tile art comes together allows you to go with the flow of the furniture shape, as well as match your interior colors perfectly.

A common problem with older pieces is that the table top surfaces can be damaged beyond the aid of simple refinishing. These slightly tarnished treasures are perfect for a mosaic project. Here, the style of this side table is perfectly enhanced by the circular mosaic patterns and motif used. The irregular shape of the table top was filled in by the use of matching tiles. Result: Stunning, and ready for a round of afternoon tea!

mosaic table top

Image Source: Pinterest

The ornate style of Victorian furniture can be balanced by a similar pattern for the table top. Here, a fine piece is made much more life-friendly with a durable and monochromatic pattern.

Image Source: 1stdibs.com

Bohemian and Mosaic is never Boh-Ring

Bad pun, truthful statement! We’ve talked about how wonderfully Bohemian style works with mosaic art, and it’s also true for table tops! Mixing and matching a variety of influences is a hallmark of this eclectic interior design choice, and it’s a joy to add pattern to your furniture. Prepared mosaic tile designs are easy to work with, and you don’t need an art degree to feel accomplished with your project.

This table top is a glorious whirl of glass mosaic art, complementary colors, and can deal with everything from throw-down card games to Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously: Can you say that about your grandmother’s dining room? Probably not. With a mosaic top, you don’t have to worry about pulling out the table protectors and spending the next day treating the wood for any watermarks.

mosaic table top

Image Source: Pinterest

The “Anything Goes” flair in this interior style takes on all sorts of motifs and color schemes, but has a fondness for lush and organic representations. This peacock-inspired piece can be allied with the Art Nouveau period, as well as a love for Indian art.

mosaic table top

Image Source: Pinterest

If this seems like your cup of herbal tea, check out one of our peacock-themed mosaic designs. This one can be custom-sized to your specifications.

Mosaic design colorful peacock

Modern Table tops with Mosaic Magic

Bringing in styles from Mid-Century Modern to 21st Century Contemporary is actually an easy shift for mosaic tiles. The use of tiles on tables was one of the delightful details that began to show up in the 1950s. Needless to say, there are still some amazing coffee tables, end tables, and other great examples of these pieces still kicking around today, looking fabulous.

If you’re dipping into the look, you may not want to fork out collector-level money for furniture. There are some wonderful pieces today that are firmly within the boundaries of Mid-Century style, but on a more budget-friendly price schedule. Many of these pieces are simple in design and need some other items in the room to really make them pop.

If you’re thinking that a fun mosaic tile project is the way to get there, you’re with us! Here are some authentic, highly collectible pieces, just to get your wheels turning.

Image Source: 1stdibs.com

Mosaic table top

This piece is definitely a great choice to complement any interior with earthy tones. Image Source: 1stdibs.com

Mosaic table top

Image Source: 1stdibs.com

You’ll note that the actual table designs for all of these examples are quite sleek and plain. The dynamic nature of the mosaic tile art is what makes these tables stand out.

All you have to do to kick off your amazing new table project is to find an appropriately sized one that’s ready for its new surface treatment. You can use a basic model from a big-box store, or find your perfect piece waiting for you at a yard sale or thrift store. Just look at the bare bones – all you need to worry about is a good flat surface to work with.

Once you’ve located your table, imagine using one of these designs to capture the look and feel of our pricey collector’s pieces above.

Geometric Mosaic Panel - Cato

Abstract Doodle Patterns Mosaic

Modern Mosaic Art - Musical Soir

When you’re done, you’ll not only have a table that is the centerpiece of your room but one that works perfectly with your decor. And when friends ask about it, you can casually add that you did it yourself.

Outdoors and Never Boring

Mosaic art and outdoor life are perfect together. Mosaic designs have been used for table tops in the open air since Greek and Roman times. (Fun fact: “Fast Food” has been around for longer than you think. Archaeologists have discovered plenty of ancient “To Go” joints in places like Rome.

Greek and Roman table top

Image source: Wikipedia

Nowadays, tile table tops still get the job done for your outdoor entertaining. In short, they save us all from plain plastic surfaces and worrying about how the elements will affect our Al fresco dining space.

This perfectly ordinary set has been transformed with attractive palm trees and soothing neutral tones. It is definitely perfect for outdoors!

mosaic table top

Image Source: Pinterest

This table was once just a round, simple outdoor piece. Now – it’s an eye-popping piece of art that not only does its job of hosting guests, but also elevates the entire patio area! The mosaic table top pattern and other special elements used in the design accentuate the shape. Moreover, patterns create a dynamic look.

mosaic table top

Image Source: Pinterest

This smaller table had humble beginnings as a garage sale find. Its flat plain surface made the addition of a colorful mosaic tile design easy. Now it can be moved to wherever the action is. And its bright color definitely accents outdoor entertainment.

Mosaic table top

Image Source: Pinterest

Ready to update your outdoor spaces? We have so many mosaic designs, the hardest part will be making your choice. But, you can take a look at these designs to get you started.

Abstract Mosaic Art - Circular Designs

Medallion Mosaic Art - Palms on the Beach

Now that you’ve seen so many great table top ideas, what’s your favorite? Which one of our thousands of mosaic designs would you love to see on a table in your home? Our pre-made mosaic designs make for fun, highly customizable table top pieces that you can use to enhance any home. Check out our selection, and let us know!

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