About Mozaico

Who are we...

We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is made from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. Our mosaic artworks are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using traditional and ancient Roman techniques applying a modern twist from our artists. Moreover, we will also craft custom-made mosaics fitted to your needs, be it the design, size, color or the type of materials used. With the nature of our stones and the exceptional skills of our artisans, we deliver quality mosaic artworks to your doorstep within 4 to 8 weeks.

Our Story - Mosaic Living One Stone at a Time...

Mozaico was born in 2003 in Beirut Lebanon. Later on the same year, U.S headquarters were established in Naperville, Illinois. At the same time, Mozaico was available online since then - being part of the very first mosaic art sellers to have an e-commerce website. Mozaico soon grew to have 45 international collaborating mosaic artists under the supervision of our in-house Italian Head Creative Mosaicist from the school of Friuli. Today Mozaico has 7,000 customers and is spreading its mosaic art accross 78 countries worldwide.

What Mosaic Art means to us...

Art has always been the greatest way to express thoughts and emotions; it is what artists leave behind after they are gone, it is something that lives on for generations and centuries. Mosaic art is no different. It is a portrait of life itself: we pick the broken pieces and turn them into the final outcome we desire. To us, mosaic art is a sort of movement: each one of us puts a little stone of different beliefs, different yearnings, and different hopes to fit into the larger mosaic of our lives.

Our Mission...

Mozaico is committed to captivate customers worldwide with great art decor by designing, creating and delivering long-lasting high-quality handcrafted custom mosaics through great and flexible customer care.

Our Vision...

Mozaico strives to position mosaic art into the decor and interior design industry by transforming vogue, modern and customized designs into living mosaics, bringing your spaces to life and restoring an ancient famous art one mosaic stone at a time.

Our Team

The driving forces behind Mozaico


Chady Tawil


Chady showcases Mozaico’s strategic vision and leads operations in the Middle East and North America. He is responsible for Mozaico’s online penetration. His focus & passion is on digital data acquisition and online marketing.


Marta Cristin

Lead Creative Mosaicist

Marta is Mozaico’s main mosaic designer. She trains other passionate mosaic artists and controls the quality of their work. She took in her love for mosaic art from her Roman ancestors and Italian heritage.


Sola Tawil

Supervising Coordinator

Sola supervises stock and purchasing control. She manages Mozaico’s online sales platforms. She is passionate about art tiles and ceramics.


Nada Rahme

Public Relations

Nayrie Khrimian

Head of Administration

Nayrie leads the daily administrative operations, including product development and supply processes. She is interested in graphic design, interior design and photography.


Rawan Chami

Digital Marketing Executive

Rawan drives Mozaico’s marketing vision and manages all digital and social media platforms. She also contributes to blog and website content creation. Rawan is passionate about people and culture.


Chantal Menhem

Blogger & Graphic Designer

Chantal creatively develops and writes blog articles at Mozaico. She also contributes to graphic design and website content. Chantal is passionate about visual arts, visionary art and oil painting.


Jenny Gappay

Creative Mosaicist

Jenny is Mozaico’s principal mosaic artisan, assisting Marta with the leadership of the artists’ team. She is very handy while crafting and exceptionally timely.