Custom Mosaics: An Endless World of Creativity

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Back in ancient times, it was a status symbol to have custom mosaics in your home. Many of the most famous Pompeii and Herculaneum mosaic artworks were found in private villas. It was a sign that the owner had good taste and discernment. Even today, archaeologists use the preserved mosaic designs to learn more about the former residents. Subjects and styles can be quite informative, in this case.

Centuries later, it’s still possible to commission a custom mosaic! It’s a unique way to personalize your space, and it’s faster, easier, and much more versatile than the classical versions. Today, for example, our artists can work from photographs!

The Arresting Details of Photorealism

Believe it or not, this mosaic wall art is constructed entirely of mosaic tile and reproduced from a photo. For anyone who collects or admires black and white art photography, the limitations on where it can be displayed are frustrating. It simply can’t be shared outdoors, and it won’t hold up well in humid environments like bathrooms or kitchens.

Big development! The same look can be achieved with mosaic! We can create fine details and use materials of your choosing for incredibly lifelike effects. The exceptional skills of our artisans will prompt double-takes from your guests – and you’ll never think twice about the durability.

Natural Inspiration & Beauty

Just like a real fox peeking out from the treeline, this fox draws your gaze. Foxes intrigue us and inspire us, as sly tricksters and totems of quick wit and kindness. They’re also lovely, like quick flames in our lives when spotted.

If you find many fox depictions lacking, look closely at this version. Custom-made from Orsoni Smalti tiles, this glass mosaic art captures the variations in the fur and the twinkle in his eyes. The type of tiles, as well as the artfully placed curves and lines, bring this piece to life.

Floral Artistry That Blooms On

Inspiration for custom mosaic art can come from all places. A photo snapped on a special vacation, a sketch from a notebook, an idea that was used for a tropical destination wedding: we work with all types!

This piece is a beautifully realized study of a stalk of Bird of Paradise blooms. Rendered as a piece of glass mosaic wall art, the precision of the tiles work as strokes of color. Floral art can often fall “flat” – mosaic tiles add dimension to this stunning piece. Don’t let those photos and sketches just languish – use them for decorative art!

Rooms With the Views

Mountain View Mosaic Wall Art by Mozaico

Another lesser-known custom mosaic art use is to share a favorite scene. Our range of tile colors is not limited to earth tones or soft shades. We can reproduce a photo or smaller color artwork on a larger scale and in perfect detail!

If your heart lies where you have a vacation home or a special connection with the countryside, a handmade mosaic can take you there any time. Even better, you can enjoy it in any room or outside! If you’re always daydreaming of your favorite scene as you shower or eat breakfast, our artisans can recreate in any size, for any wall. Better than paintings or photographs, the individual tiles add depth to the scene, moving as the light changes. In this lakeside view, it’s easy to imagine the water rippling and pines gently swaying in a breeze.

Capturing Life’s Most Compelling Moments

Spending time outside lends itself to observing nature. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to enjoy some of your best memories year-round while you’re there? Once-in-a-lifetime moments don’t have to stay in a frame or simply captured on your camera. Custom mosaics can bring that two-dimensional image into a beautiful reality.

A great example in this marble mosaic art is the way the mosaic pattern captures the motion of the water, the texture of the sandy beach, and even the shells of the tiny sea turtles. This type of handmade piece would be exceptional outside or inside, used as a tabletop, wall, or floor decoration.

So, take a look through your photos, sketch up your ideas, and find your inspiration. We can create your custom mosaic from any number of customer-submitted images! Moreover, our mosaic artwork goes well beyond the limits of other forms of art. When you start to think about how it can be used on walls, floors, and other surfaces, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Now, go on, admit it: There’s something saved on your phone right now that you’d love to see in a piece of mosaic art, isn’t there?

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