Entertainment Season is Here - And Mosaic Tile Makes it Better Than Ever

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Fall is officially here, and we’re in the sweet spot for entertaining guests. It’s still warm enough to gather outside, invite everyone over for some grilling and patio time – but the idea of the holiday season is creeping in. In case you’ve missed the arrival of all the seasonal decor that is taking up aisles at your favorite shopping spots: Party season is just around the corner. If it’s not Halloween, it’s football and other sporting events. How about all those watch parties for the new Fall TV season? Thanksgiving – Christmas – parties for your kids? We don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s time to get ready!

Making your home party-ready should be as fun and easy as possible. If you’re considering some changes in areas like your dining room, living room, or patio to make them more guest-friendly, there a few things to remember. Number One: Things are going to spill. Number Two: It’s never as fun cleaning up as setting up. Number Three: It can be really difficult to find the right materials for frequently used spaces – because of One and Two. But – let’s talk about using mosaic art tile. It’s one of the most versatile ways to turn your space into a gorgeous, disaster-resistant entertainment hotspot!

Man Caves Maximized for Good Times

Image from Houzz

“Man Cave” has actually made it into the dictionary. “A room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities.”

A lot of entertaining goes on in a good Man Cave. Let’s look at how mosaic wall tile can handle the need for good looks, individuality, and resistance to moisture and snack debris.

Sporting teams, like Liverpool football club custom mosaic art, will always be a big part of the design. Mascots and logos are made to have big visual impact, cool color schemes, and confer bragging rights. This indoor-outdoor bar uses tile to keep the top water-resistant and tough.

Image from Pinterest

Any sport can be featured, of course. A man cave can be located anywhere. Soccer or any sport is great. Designs like this Liverpool football club custom mosaic art, can be featured in any number of locations.

The garage theme also pops up frequently – sometimes man caves are actually in garages, so it makes sense. One can just Google “Garage Man Cave”, and become overwhelmed with ideas.

Here’s an actual example of a converted garage. You’ll see that there’s a lot of great automobile decor, like Harley Davidson marble mosaic logo big-screen TVs, and even a bar.

Image from NextLuxury

What could be better than using some mosaic signs and logos to cover some coffee or end tables, or to set up behind bar taps? It’s impervious to all types of debris, manly activity, and anything else that could be thrown at it.

Kitchens That Keep Them Around

Entertaining has changed over the years, and some of the best gatherings seem to center around the kitchen. House plans have evolved to reflect this trend. Counters have been extended, kitchen areas open up directly into great rooms, and a lot of things happen on dining tables and atop kitchen islands.

It’s no longer necessary to try and make kitchen areas as neutral as possible. As the center of the home, they can take on much more personality. Wall art is a great place to start – but the high traffic and multiple uses of the space make it difficult. Wallpaper isn’t a good choice, paint can be hard to clean, and just plain large tiles can be pretty bland.

Mosaic designs are perfect, and there are some wonderful examples of how it can completely transform a room while remaining easy to care for.

This wrap-around flower and trees mosaic wall art is arguably the center point of the room. It’s a focal point that is used to dictate the furnishings and decor.

Here, the whimsical mosaic art inspirations give just as much impact as a large painting, while remaining impervious to any cooking vapors or splash.

Mosaic kitchen tiles are also amazing when used in place of just plain painted or finished wood on counter bases. No matter what, this area gets scuffed and kicked, and is largely just an unnoticed part of the kitchen. As it faces out to the rest of the room, it’s a shame to waste this area.

Here’s a beautiful example of a beachy bungalow that exudes a relaxed vibe and ties in perfectly with the coastal lifestyle. It can handle sandy shoes, damp air, and even the busily kicking feet of kids. It looks fabulous with the woven tops of the bar stools and blends with the simple white granite counters.

Image from Pinterest

This kitchen is actually quite simple, upon closer examination. The use of mosaic kitchen tiles under the counter edge and behind the cooktop is a smart way to keep the messiest parts of the room clean. Since mosaic tile can be maintained with just regular cleaners and wiping down, it’s so much better than surfaces that can scuff and stain.

In other applications, the nature of mosaic designs allows much more textural interest than just mono-toned tile or granite. This kitchen pulls in the brighter colors of the adjacent great room with the interesting play of shades used in the tile pieces.

Image from BHG

This small home uses food and mosaic designs in an unusual way. By using it from wall to floor, each part of the kitchen and dining area is covered in durable, eye-catching color and pattern – and ready for anything. The extra-long dining table encourages guests to gather around and chat.

Image from Pinterest

Mosaic plain sheet tiles can also make for incredible countertops that pull together color and design influences from the rest of your home. This one is a beauty – it uses the coppery tones that are coming back into style, along with rich greens in a sinuous pattern.

Image from This Old House

Dining Rooms With A Flattering Flair

Image from Pinterest

Dining rooms often come with low light, and wallpaper or the popular darker tones that are often seen in wall paints here can make even festive occasions seem a little subdued. The use of mosaic wall art can be transforming. The texture and reflective quality of the tiles make lighting glow and add a special atmosphere.

The look here is very special. The mirrored tiles and chandelier-style lighting combine for an ethereal glow. When hosting dinner parties, it’s a goal to make each guest look their best in a flattering light. This setting succeeds.

Image from HGTV

Another area where mosaic tile comes into its own is on floors. Let’s face it – rugs may be lovely, but if you had the opportunity to utilize all the texture and pattern of a finely made carpet – but without the worries about spills and stains – wouldn’t you prefer it.

A dining room like this is just as luxurious as any room with an oriental rug. The mosaic rugs segues seamlessly into solid granite, with a luxurious Mediterranean feel.

Image from HGTV

Mosaic tile is something that works well in very open floor plans, as well. This loft, built for entertaining, employs subtle changes in colors, shapes, and sizes tiles to set off individual areas. The colors keep the room feeling airy, and the whole space is easy to care for, no matter what the event.

Image From AD Russia

Movable Art

Don’t forget about how versatile mosaic tile art can be when used on furniture. You can view our “Get Inspired” section to have a look on our clients mosaics. A well-done tile top adds graphic beauty and impervious materials to tabletops – and you’ll never again have to worry about guests forgetting coasters or dip sloshing onto your wood pieces.

This colorful delight is a sunny focal point and looks wonderful with the owner’s colorful stoneware. As with all mosaic wall art, cleaning is easy, and even buffet-style serving would be worry-free on this type of table.

Image from Pinterest

This table is fun, tough, and would be perfect in a game room during your next video gaming party.

Image from Pinterest

Exterior spaces are also perfect for mosaic tablestops. Here. a relatively neutral-toned outdoor dining table can go with a variety of seat cushions, table settings, and centerpieces, without looking boring.

Image From Pinterest

This party-ready table is a convenient size for moving back and forth between indoors and outdoors, is much more chic than plastic, and will never need a tablecloth!

Image from DIY Network

This outdoor bar area wears its Texas pride big and bold. The table shown here is perfect for leaning an elbow on while the crowd circulates.

Image from Pinterest

In the same outside entertaining area, the bar top carries through on the theme. It’s perfect for any type of outdoor occasion, no matter how damp, humid, or messy.

Image From Houzz

It’s easy to achieve a similar look with some of our amazing selection. We can size our Texas Map marble mosaic art to fit your dimensions, providing a completely customized look for your outdoor entertaining.

No matter where you’re entertaining, it’s easy to see the advantages of using mosaic tile art to keep it interesting and low-stress. With our wide variety of custom mosaic designs, and the capability to size our mosaic pieces to the dimensions you’ll need, it’s easy to make decisions on how to get ready for the biggest entertaining season of the year. Check out our online catalog for more incredible ideas and inspiration!

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