How Mosaic Art Increases the Value of Your Home

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It’s no secret that we love the beauty of mosaic wall art and the many ways it can be used. Tile is a top choice for adding accents in every room and in every type of environment. It’s versatile, durable, and has been used for centuries – a classic that can even improve the value of your home.

Yes, mosaic designs lovers, you are in for a treat! If you’re holding back on installing the wall art of your dreams, you can forge ahead, armed with the knowledge that you’re helping raise your resale value.

Follow the Money

Remodeling Magazine is a leader in reporting the latest trends in the industry and their annual Cost Vs. Value Report is highly regarded. Their data includes 100 different United States real estate markets and breaks things down into the most popular types of remodeling projects.

It’s easy to see where mosaic tile art fits in with the projects offering the best return on your investment. The best renovations are smaller jobs that offer a lot of impacts, rather than large-scale changes. Updating key area in your home is definitely the way to move forward with your desire for improving and customizing your environment.

The typical updates like roofs and garage doors will always give a good return on your investment. With the standard disclosures, it’s expected that homes will have big-ticket items that will work well and require little upkeep. But how exciting can new shingles be? Let’s look at some projects that allow homeowners to add extra touches that make a home stand out and show its style. It’s all about the Curb Appeal, realtors will tell you – and you’ll see this referred to often in the industry.

Improving the Front Entrance

Landing in the top of valuable projects for Remodeling Magazine’s list was enhancing a front entryway and door to make it look more grand and distinctive. Per the trends that the building industry follows, this entrance is set to become wider and bolder. Changing from a single door to a double, adding extra skylights and ornamentation above and on the sides of the doorway, and aiming for a front entry that sets a home apart from its neighbors was chosen as a way to update any home. All you need is a front door – easy enough.

With this in mind, there are some outstanding opportunities to use mosaic designs to add curb appeal. Per HGTV, some homes can benefit by first adding a front porch to create interest to the exterior of a flat house. It’s all about creating a sense of welcome.

Doors are a natural focal point at your front entry. By adding tile accents, you can utilize the brilliance and durability of the medium to enhance the shape and provide color contrast.

Image from Pinterest

Even without additional structure, using tile provides maximum impact, framing the door better than ordinary woodwork could ever hope to do.

Image from Pinterest

In the right settings, mosaic floor tiles can be used to make the entire entryway rich in pattern. The designs can enhance the shapes of wrought iron railings, as well as individual steps. The best thing about this type of home improvement is that it enhances curb appeal year-round. When the weather is bad, trees have lost their leaves, and landscaping is at a minimum, mosaic rug tile never loses its color or aesthetic appeal.

Image from Behr Paints

It also provides the potential for mixing with door paint colors in a way that you’ll never be able to match with just ornamental plants. With the trend for bold door colors on the rise, homeowners can easily take any color and find the right mosaic floor tile to bring it out.

Image from Pinterest

Mosaic tile art can also be used in smaller pieces, such as for house numbers, welcome signs, or permanent doormat installations like this mosaic nautical art.

Image from Pinterest

Homeowners can even customize their front doors with a message or the name of their house. Anyone can have their initial put on a doormat, but mosaic signs and logos allow you to be as creative and specific as you’d like.

Invest in the Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one area that consistently gets big returns on your home value. The Motley Fool financial advising site lists kitchen updates as one of their top investments, noting that spending the time to update the kitchen makes a lot of sense, as studies have shown as many as 80% of home-buyers list the kitchen as their favorite room.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to go with smaller updates, as they can raise the value of your home at an even higher return rate. Updating cabinets and backsplashes is a winner – and kitchen mosaic tiles can provide a look of luxury and enhance the total aesthetic of your kitchen. It’s all about refreshing the surfaces. Big impact, lower costs.

A great place to start is with the area over the stove. A strong trend in recent years is to highlight this space by raising the range hood and providing a more spacious work area and an opportunity to enhance the kitchen.

Image from Pinterest

Studies show that tile is only increasing in popularity in kitchens. Even though adding tile art adds an instant update, the easy-care aspects make it classic. It’s water-resistant, clean, doesn’t require special products to keep it looking perfect, and it goes with absolutely any kind of decor.

Interior designers advise clients to go ahead and make the type of personal changes they’d enjoy, it there’s not planning on selling their homes for a couple of years. The endless array of designs and themes in mosaic kitchen backsplash can allow homeowners to express themselves with any theme they like – from floral to scenery to animals.

Updating to embrace the new trend of coppery metallic hues is a pretty clever way to incorporate mosaic kitchen tiles into your kitchen.

Image from BHG

Blues will also continue to be strong in future home trends, adding value to your stylish tile update. Instead of going with solid large tiles, use the interest and depth of mosaic rug tiles to provide something truly eye-catching.

Image from Why Tile

It’s also easy to use the classic beauty of mosaic kitchen backsplashes to highlight a classic beauty.

Image from Pinterest

Just remember, updated kitchens are one of the most desirable items that home shoppers look for.

Bath Updates Make a Clean Sweep in the Home Sales Arena

Did you know that bathroom remodeling and updates can give homeowners a triple-digit return on their investment? It’s another of Remodeling Magazine’s big winners in desirable projects. If you’re thinking about making some changes, it’s time to ditch the big tub and install a big shower.

“People just don’t have time for baths and soaking any more,” notes one HGTV personality, “And they’d rather have a luxurious shower.”

Buyers also look for tiled showers – floor to ceiling. If the sound of all that tile sounds a little bland to you, mosaic wall tile is the way to turn the ordinary bath into something incredible. Fancy a little art with your thoughtful time under the spray?

They also add the beauty of subtle pattern to an otherwise monochromatic decor look – a perfect way to update without swerving too hard into a figurative art style.

Image from flickr

The nature of mosaic border art can also beautifully enhance windows. Check out how this shower is completely tiled, yet the porthole window is made into a piece of art.

Image from Pinterest

The best bathroom updates will take the upcoming trends in home sales into account, and still make the current owner feel that they have achieved their personal style goals. With the high return on your investment on this type of remodeling job, it’s okay to let your personality show.

Don’t forget about your bathroom floors, when you’re pondering updates. The right tile can break up the monotony of a big blank space, while still keeping its wonderful water-resistant qualities. Easy and attractive is one way to win the heart of any future home-buyer.

It’s also the perfect way to enhance a bathroom backsplash or add some trim.

Bathrooms mosaic tiles are one of the most appealing ways to add value to your home, absolutely.

The Thought of Garden Parties Makes Buyers Happy

Landscaping is a big deal, in the real estate world. If you’re lucky enough to have usable outdoor space, the ability to enhance will be another top-rated investment, per Remodeling Magazine’s report. Exterior enhancements always help that curb appeal factor, and yards, gardens, and patios benefit from brighter colors and decor.

Seasons change, but mosaic wall tile always stays looking just as bright. Let your inner garden artist out with some stair tread designs, and you’ll always enjoy your moments outside – even when the sun isn’t shining.

Image from Pinterest

Tile art is also perfect for use on a patio or courtyard. There’s all the luxe feel of a rug, all the colors of the rainbow, and all the beauty of a painting when you find the right kind of accent.

Image from Pinterest

In some parts of the country, an outdoor shower is a great investment. In pool areas that have a smaller footprint, they save the need for a pool house – and end up looking just as lovely as a standalone mosaic pool art piece.

Image from Why Tile

Mosaic wall art can also enhance any bare garden wall – lovely when the leaves have fallen.

The sheer versatility of this Kolaz mosaic medallion makes it a valuable – literally – addition to any home. It’s hard to match for its range of colors, styles, and suitability for all types of environments. When you’re considering your next move in home remodeling, tile should be at the top of your list. there’s nothing like combining beauty and a good investment, right?

For more inspirational ideas on home updates that you’ll love, check out Mozaico!

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