Impressionist Mosaics: Portraying a Perceptual Impression

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Cover Photo: by Solomatina Anna, www.arthit.ru

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Unlike traditional mosaics relying on accurate lines and details, impressionist mosaics are created with natural flaws. Mosaic Impressionism is archetypal to impressionist painting techniques. Paintings are usually made with small strokes of pure colors. While impressionist mosaics are made with scientific studies of color to manifest the effects of light and saturation.

In this article you will discover what Impressionism is really about and how to understand this art movement!

The Art Story: Impressionism

Impressionism is one of the first striking modern art movements in painting. The 1860’s and 1870’s had seen the development of Impressionism in Paris. Its influence has broadened throughout Europe and in due course the United States.Impressionism was born in turning away from the faultless finish and detail to which most artists of their day desired adapted. The movement aimed to capture impressions and intuitive effects of a scene. To make the effect more credible, many Impressionist artists left their workshops and went to the streets and countryside, to paint en plein air.

Rather than probing on details, artists shaped an impression with thick and short brush strokes. Juxtaposed colors were often applied with as little color mixing as possible. Thus has created a vibrant color temperature, mixed in the eye of the beholder. Impressionist surfaces are often opaque and dense. To create a color reflection from one object to another, artists gave a close attention to highlighting with natural light.

mosaic art bridge with buildings

Photo: by Solomatina Anna, www.arthit.ru

What is the main visual element in Impressionist mosaic art?

Impressionists mosaic designers, loosened their symmetric tile cut and lightened their tesserae to include pure, intense hues. What is the main visual element in impressionism mosaics? Well, color of course! Impressionist mosaic artists value the fact of color existence in shadows. According to this theory, artists have started creating their mosaic designs.

Which mosaic technique is NOT associated with Impressionism?

The main idea of impressionism is to portray the artist’s intuitive impression. The challenge is to make this impression obvious to the eyes of the beholder. Nevertheless, creating precise details of a reality as seen by the artist is not adapted in the impressionist technique. Therefore, using dark tiles to create shadows and details was swapped by bright colors. In order to create an impressionistic mosaic artwork, defined shapes has to be replaced by minor details, an Impression! Primary and complementary colors, will bring out the best of tesserae.

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