Invite Nature Into Your Interiors with these Marvelous Bird Mosaics

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Ready for a flight of fancy? This year’s rich and exciting decor trends include many natural elements. They include plant and animal-themed art. Bird mosaics from our collection are an appealing way to refresh your interiors with vibrant art.

As always, handmade mosaic tile art is perfect for capturing the life and movement of our feathered friends. That’s why we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces of mosaic artwork. Surely, you’ll find a design that fits beautifully with your lifestyle.

Peacock Mosaics

Peacocks are an exotic addition to any space, and we love how this client chose to liven up their kitchen backsplash with our Colorful Peacock marble bird mosaic. Besides, there are always some great ideas here for your own home and taste! Although the vivid colors of the peafowl are front and center, the grays and lighter coordinating shades are interwoven in the background pattern.

As a result, this look is pulled together perfectly with the natural swirls in the marble countertop. As well as the slate-colored subway tiles. Make sure to try any of our peacock-themed designs for a similar look!

Medallion Bird Mosaics

Round medallion-style mosaic art is a popular choice for tabletops. However, since our designs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they can be added to a variety of locations. Here’s a thought: as we’re anxiously awaiting the fulfillment of our travel dreams, we can let marble mosaic designs such as our Tropical Exotic brighten your day.

Moreover, featuring a variety of sea life and full of sunny beach vibes, this happy scene is watched over by two gorgeous macaws. Always, let it remind you of a favorite Hawaiian vacation. Or, simply hold your drinks while you plan out your next adventure on the lanai.

When Sea life and Bird Mosaics Meet

Another twist on the travel theme is this fresh new mosaic tile art: A unique mosaic medallion made of natural hand-cut marble tessera depicts a Heron Bird in flight. This mosaic artwork is created within a compass design and is a unique decor piece for any home.

Also, these waterbirds are a highlight of many lake getaways. And they’re considered to be a sign of good luck when spotted. No doubt, this is well-suited for any location in your home. But, it would be especially lovely inset into a floor, where it will always guide you home.

The Wildly Loved Flamingo Mosaics

There’s simply not a more iconic symbol of tropical fun than flamingos! Both regal and silly, bright as a Tequila Sunrise, even better in flocks – they’re a classic. That’s why we think you’ll love them displayed in the open air, as they are in this installation.

Pastel Bird Mosaics

Not all birds are as bright as our flamingos and macaws. If your love for natural textures in your environment leans more towards a softer palette, you’ll love our timeless Stone Bird. Using a variety of earth tones, this mosaic wall art looks amazing with natural wood furniture, jute floor rugs, and pebbled tile looks.

As a kitchen backsplash, entryway floor inset, or as part of a house name design, the simple lines of this art have a quiet elegance.

White Swans Galore

A similar color palette is used in our timeless White Swans mosaic wall art. Strong patterns and perfect symmetry make this piece suitable for any number of decorating looks. It’s a lovely accent to a classic and simple interior but also looks fantastic outside in gardens, where it brings order and a contrasting background to tangles of lush greenery.

The square format is also pleasing as a backsplash or in an entryway. With an array of hand-cut tiles in natural stone colors, it’s a versatile choice.

The Glorious King of the Skies

For anyone who treasures the beauty of nature and nurtures their own wild spirit, this King of the Skies mosaic art is the perfect gift. Carefully hand-cut and placed marble mosaic tiles are the key to this lifelike portrait of the North American Sparrow Hawk. Every stripe in his tail feathers and shift in the direction of his coloration is documented with care by our artists.

This majestic bird can serve as a blissful reminder from the universe that strength and wisdom are life’s essential virtues. His presence would be appropriate anywhere in a home, but especially where the fine details can be appreciated.

Sparrowhawk Bird Mosaic Art by Mozaico
Sparrowhawk Bird Mosaic Art by Mozaico

The Peaceful Flowers and Doves

Shifting from one avian symbol to the next, let’s enjoy this absolutely sensational Flowers and Doves marble mosaic artwork. This is a bold piece, a wonderful focal point for a room, and can be appropriately customized as a commemoration of love. Take just a moment to appreciate the hours of work that went into placing each hand-cut tile – then let your eyes roam around the scene.

From flower banners to beaded curtains, the luxurious details and soft colors of the design are mesmerizing. This is a design that will set the scene perfectly in a very special location!

Vibrant Grosbeak Bird Mosaics

The luscious colors and ethereal details of ink and watercolor paintings are reproduced to perfection in our last choice. For anyone who has appreciated the beauty of a piece of hand-painted china or porcelain, this mosaic design scales it up to great effect.

A pair of Rose-Breasted Grosbeak birds are the bright splash of warmth in this artwork. Made of hand-cut glass mosaic tiles, this design has a shimmer and glow that dances with the light. Enjoy it with candle-lit dinners as a piece of fine wall art, or let it come to life on a patio.

Grosbeak Bird Mosaic Artwork by Mozaico
Grosbeak Bird Mosaic Artwork by Mozaico

It was difficult to choose just ten of our favorite Bird Mosaics, so we invite you to explore our outstanding selection even further on our website!

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