5 Creative Artists that Made Mosaic Art a Futuristic Fantasy

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Park Guell

Creative mosaic artists made the traditional art of mosaic a futuristic fantasy, where dreams meet up with unusual and unpredictable art mediums. These artists created noteworthy artworks making mosaic art a marvelous wonder. Looking at their artworks, you cannot miss the wave of creativity and modernity. Mozaico could not skip the legendary Gaudi who made the reinvention and expansion of mosaic art possible through his musing large scale mosaic murals and architecture.

5• Franz Spohn

Mosaic Artist

Franz Spohn earned his MFA from the Ohio State University in printmaking and drawing in 1975. Since then he became a professor of art at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and has continuously taught at a variety of institutions. This illustrator, sculptor and mosaic artist is well known for his skills to create huge mosaic murals portraying famous people. This ingenious artist created transparent plastic tubes filled with multicolored gum-balls as a new medium for visual art.

Mosaic Artwork

This large portrait mosaic mural of Barack Obama is composed of handmade transparent plastic tubes, filled with colorful gum-balls instead of mosaic marble or glass tiles .

Art Gumballs

4• Emma Karp

Emma Karp Apple Art

Up to 75,000 apples of different colors and shapes, equivalent to 8,820 pounds, ornament the mosaic wall art of Emma Karp. Emma Karp and her father Heldge Lundstrom have been known for their creations of huge apple mosaics for the annual Kivik Apple Festival. The Kivik Apple Market is an annual harvest festival that promotes Swedish apples. These murals pieced together by fresh and tasty apples look utterly similar to mosaic artworks and paintings.

Mosaic Art

This is a huge apples mosaic masterpiece representing the Goddess of apples Eve, the apple being the fruit of life. Emma Karp and her father Heldge Lundstrom spent hours of continuous and steady work to finish this marvel in the Kivik Apple Market.


3• Pete Mason

Pete Mason

Pete Manson, the post pop art man, was really inspired by the Pop Art Movement, associated with the works of New York artists of the early 1960’s. He was also motivated by the phenomenal artworks of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist and Claes Oldenburg. His pixel mosaic portraits and scenes are usually composed of recycled post stamps. His largest murals were made out of as many as 22,000 recycled stamps. These stamps have the same function as glass or marble mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Wall Art

Colorful Mosaic

Mosaic Art

2 • Maurice Bennett

Maurice Bennett

Maurice Bennett uses slices of toast bread as a medium in his mosaic artworks. He burns the breads in varied degrees of fire to create different shades of dark color. Colored slices are called cocktail slices. The toast man was born in New Zealand. He is well recognized throughout Europe, South Africa and Australia for his mosaic toast portraits of famous figures such as the Mona Lisa, Elvis Presley and Barack Obama. His works are the size of billboards and are exhibited as such; it’s where his creativity is best envisaged.

Monsa Lisa Mosaic

Marlyn Monroe Mosaic

1• Antoni Gaudi

(25 June 1852 – 10 June 1926)

Gaudi Art

His passion for architecture, spirituality and art helped Gaudi penetrate the door of distinction and fame more rapidly than any architect of his age. Born in the late 1800’s, Gaudi was a Spanish Catalan architect from Reus and the best known practitioner of Catalan Modernism. He considered each inch and element of his creations and integrated into his architecture handicrafts such as ceramics, glass and marble mosaic tiles and skillful iron work. Seven of his masterpieces were added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list between the late 1900’s and early 2000’s. Gaudi gained the nickname God’s Architect through his influence in religious images that appear in many of his works.

Marble Mosaic

The Casa Batllo, famous building situated in a prosperous district of Barcelona, is one of Gaudi’s spectacular masterpieces. It was initially designed for a middle-class family. Typical to his creations, the Casa Batllo or Casa Del Osos (House of bones) is only identifiable as a contemporary fairy artwork. In particular the modernity of the building is obvious in the creative unusual tracery of the ground floor, the peculiar oval shaped windows and the flowing sculpted handcrafted stone work. Much of the façade is decked out with a colorful ceramic tiles. The roof looks typical to a dragon’s back, which reflects the creativity of Gaudi.

Mosaic Art

Park Guell is located on Carmello hill in Barcelona and it’s one of Gaudi’s marvels that made it into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Sagrada Familia Interior

Stained Glass Mosaic

Through his futuristic fantasy in architecture, Gaudi transformed the Sagrada Familia (tall Roman Catholic Church of Barcelona) into a divine fantasy, combining Gothic and curvilinear contemporary art.

Mosaic Stained Glass


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