Mosaic Wall Art: Fall Color Palette

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What else could be better than mosaic wall art to fork and elucidate the hues?

This season’s color palette is an homage to the hues of fall, an inspiration from the golden leaves on the trees, sifting the last rays of the year!

Inspired to add a dose of fall color to your walls, aren’t you?

Curious about the latest trends of colors?

In this article I’ll help you discover this season’s fall-inspired hues, and how to bring fall indoors! You will also discover how these colors will invite a warm scenery to your chilly spaces!

Orange color scheme fall

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf becomes a flower! Some consider it to be the most implausible time of the year. Striking and vibrant colors encore the end of summer eves, where people start witnessing the beautiful renaissance of nature! In my previous article I gave you a brief mention about the latest color trends, where I criticized the typical color palette, invades and invariably imbues our favorite stores! We’ve literally got sick of jewel hues, deep emerald, earthy shades of olive and brow. The great news this year is that instead of relying on the identical fall gamut, a new kaleidoscopic upgrade will invade our home décor instead! Pushing the limits with a new seasonal palette couldn’t be less colorful this year! I also mentioned in the article an unexpected new zesty yellow that reads way more lemon-citrus than predictable mustard. Nevertheless, pushing the limits with a new seasonal palette couldn’t be less colorful this year, what I didn’t expect is that many people were yearning for the cheerful shades of yellow,orange and the burgundy red hues. While others were wondering, how one can use these colors in home decoration?

Fall palette decor

How to use these colors?

Adding a a vibrant fall splash into your home decor is as easy as pie! Decorating a space in terms of color and trying to decide on the right color scheme for a room or an entire home can be difficult at times. However, when you narrow down your favorite fall-inspired colors, you provide yourself a great piece to start. Two thing to keep in mind, before you start the process:

Color Flow

What do I mean by saying color flow? Creating a flow of color between the rooms is a theory based on improving and balancing the colors in different areas. For example the cheerful yellow from the living room’s sofa can flow into lampshades in the family room or place mats in the kitchen. Glaze a gorgeous glam with pistachio-mint hybrid in your kitchen and bathroom accessories! It’s a simple theory, one can use in large or small degrees to improve or balance the flow shades, hues and colors.


When you combine dark and light values of colors, the saturation will become clearer. Thus will create a highly defined color palette than a space that incorporates low contrasts. For example, meet a glorious persimmon hue that will dress up your walls and tabletops to inject life into any dark fall ensemble!

Mosaic wall art

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Happy Fall Decorating!

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