Spice It up With Creative Bathroom Designs

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There are many simple ways in which you can decorate your house but in this article we are going to focus specifically on bathroom designs and one of the ways to design it is adding mosaic designs.

Feeling like your bathroom is dull and boring? Looking for ways to design your bathroom easily and transform it from a standard looking bathroom to an aesthetic one?

Sometimes all you need to boost your mood is the spaces that you use to be decorated nicely and fit your style. Your bathroom is your personal space so it is a place you should feel comfortable in and enjoy entering. The average person uses the bathroom 4-10 times a day, it is a room you visit often during the day thus you should care about it’s design just as much as you care about your bedroom’s design.

A room’s design really affects one’s mood and in this day and age we have a lot of easy and simple design ideas to convert any room to a room you feel happy and relaxed in . Small changes in the interior can improve someone’s mood and spread positivity. Here are a few bathroom designs that’ll make a huge difference in its look:

  • Choosing a variety of simple pictures, of your interest, with sticker frames. This gives the bathroom a bit of colors and an elegant yet simple style which also reflects your personality in a creative way.
bathroom design
Image source: Society6
  • Plants add color and freshness to any spaces and the green color of the plant will make you feel tranquil, energized and ready to start your day with a positive mindset.
bathroom design
Image source : That plant life
  • Adding mosaic bathroom design tiles will give life to it even though it is only one design but it takes up a big space of the wall or floor thus it will feel like a brand new exquisite bathroom.
  • Candles and Canvas which are two simple things that add a huge aesthetic affect to your bathroom creating ambience and a classy look.
bathroom design
Image source: Sedsk
  • Artistic plates of different sizes giving the bathroom an interesting vintage look and adding a feeling of nostalgia and love to your bathroom.
bathroom design
Image source: Forma Plural
  • Colorful curtain which adds a pop of positivity and makes the room look more lively and cheerful thus instantly changing your spirit.
bathroom design
Image source: Design Jackzoo

As we saw above, there are many ways in which you can change the look of your bathroom and mosaic art is one of the options.

Below are a couple of mosaic bathroom designs which show you the varieties of artworks you can add or customize. Here is a beautiful mosaic backsplash , fully hand made from natural stones and marbles, showing a group of fish Moorish Idols in the blue sea. It can be used to decorate your bathroom design pool, apartment or any place you desire.

You can place the mosaic bathroom design artwork not only behind the sink but also on the floor. Floral Mosaic bathroom floor tiles bring out the unique bloom of your walls or tile floors. Featuring a simple starburst floral center and elegant lilies and curling vines in earthy brown gold terracotta. This stunning handmade mosaic art tile makes an elegant framed artwork for your bathroom floor.

If you’re more into nature then this flower mosaic art in the bathtub will add an artistic touch to your bathroom. This is an example of a custom mosaic where our customer combined purple and yellow colors making the bathroom feel more lively.

Since bathrooms are small spaces, so there shouldn’t be a variety of colors, instead you should let one color be dominant and the rest should be shades of light colors so that it can be visually appealing.

On the other side of the spectrum abstract designs, like these mosaic tile patterns , will keep the look of your bathroom design classic but chique at the same time because of the minimal design and colors.

As a matter of fact, many designers prefer to add art on the wall next to the bathtub so did you know that you can add waterproof mosaic art to your bathroom’s shower? Bring a splash of color and comfort to your bathroom with the Pastel Calla Lily flower mosaic art crafted using natural marble stone and that is durable.

Interior design isn’t only about the design but also changing the perspective of a room. The size of any room can be perceived differently depending on how it is designed. Using mosaic artwork will add depth and size to any space so it would be ideal for a bathroom design thus making it look more spacious than it actually is.This glass mosaic art showing white flowers is fully handmade from glass tiles and it can be used as a special mural decorative design.

Mosaic art is so versatile and the designs aren’t only for adults but they can also be applied to kids rooms. Who knew baby sharks could be this cute? If it weren’t for it’s pointy teeth, it would’ve been mistaken for a fish. Adding this mosaic tile art in a kids bathroom will create a happy, positive and calm mood. This matte mosaic is suitable for bathrooms, pools, walls floors or simply anywhere you’d like.

With all the options of bathroom designs, you don’t have to worry about making your bathroom look the way you want it to look anymore. Renovating a room can be a real stress relief so get started with changing your bathrooms designs.

Make sure you enjoy renovating and choose the art and decor that fits your personality the most! Which tip are you going to implement in your bathroom?

Let us know how it turned out to be by taking a picture of your bathroom, posting it on Instagram and tagging us @mozaico for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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