Why You Need to Send A Template for Irregular Mosaic Art?

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When you’re ready to order your custom mosaic art for an irregularly shaped space, keep in mind the importance of sending us a template! One of the best features of our mosaic designs is the way that they can be customized to your personal style and spaces. Our artisans are able to change colors, material and most importantly sizes and shapes used to create a piece of mosaic art that’s 100% yours.

We’ll talk a bit about how our process of making custom mosaic art works for irregular shapes, and why your template will be a vital part of the design.

Why Templates are Vital

A template ensures that your art is truly made-to-order to the irregular dimensions of the installation place. Each mosaic installation is different, and the dimensions should be totally accurate. As you see below, the arched Sea horse mosaic design fits perfectly in its destined place.

The pre-existing size and location of this pool arch might make it challenging to find an artwork to fill the space. However, by tracing a template of the exact space, you’ll get the mosaic artwork you’ve always wanted with specific dimensions.

Rather than trying to find a piece of mosaic art that fits your particular space, you have the option of selecting your favorite design, and having it sized to the correct shape and measurements. Creating a template allows us to do exactly that.

Irregular shapes

Our designs work just as well in spaces that have irregular shapes and dimensions. Don’t be afraid of choosing a design because your wall or floor has edges that aren’t square or a perfect geometric shape! For example, our artwork “The Contemporaneous” displays an irregular shaped custom mosaic design that our artists illustrated beautifully by the help of templates.

Another example is the use of mosaic tile for a fireplace surround. This stylish addition to your home makes for amazing looks – but the exact dimensions of the surround are critical and can bring life to a beautiful design.

How to Make Your Template

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To create the perfect fit, you’ll need to supply the template that includes accurate measurements of the areas where you’ll add the mosaic designs.

Depending on the size and shape of the space that will hold your new mosaic, you can create your template.

You supply the template by mailing the cardboard shape, or by forwarding us the e-copy of the illustrated designs through email. All with measurements of course.

In other words, for small irregular shapes, you can create a template from cardboard. Simply use box cardboard to trace the shape and size of the mosaic you’re ordering. For much bigger mosaics, you can trace and share the shape and dimensions through and e-copy.

Here’s a custom mosaic piece that is an irregular shape, but created from a template that was provided to us.

The beautiful curves and colors in this wavy mosaic inspired by the beauty of flowers and immortalized through mosaic art in this vast space. It surely beautifully complements the interior of this center.

Here’s another example of a smaller, slightly irregular shape that was customized to fit the backsplash of the stovetop. A matching border was also added to the bespoke design.

Moreover, a template would come in handy when you have installations above the mosaic that you need to leave space for like this marvelous bathroom mural below. The mosaic design needed to accommodate for the installation of the sinks, mirror and bathtub.

In addition, this mosaic art design for this outdoor pool complements the surrounding, and the template sent to us assisted in perfecting the mosaic mural and keeping spaces for the faucets.

If you love nothing more than a nautical theme and you have an irregular space where you need to fit sinks or faucets then you really need to consider beautiful mosaic art designs like this one.

Stairs can be boring unless you give them a unique and sophisticated flair through mosaic tile art like this amazing mosaic art. The template here helps with the getting the exact curve of the stairs so that the artwork fits perfectly.

What Happens After You Order

Once you’ve selected the design and sent us your template, we will go to work on your piece of mosaic art. You’ll receive a precisely sized design, ready to install in its intended spot.

Don’t forget that our mosaic art is highly customizable in a number of ways, including finish and color.

Once you’ve made your decision, simply visit our custom mosaics page to start the process! We look forward to creating your perfectly-sized, bespoke piece of mosaic art!

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