Top 10 Mosaic Patterns That Are Home Decor Musts

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What’s your style? Whether it’s sleek modernism, casual coastal looks, or an opulent blending of cultures, patterns are essential. They add color, show off room features, and define your personal aesthetic. At Mozaico, we love a good pattern, and this week we’ll look at the mosaic patterns that are home decor musts.

The Many Uses of Mosaic Patterns

While you may think patterns should be used in small doses, we encourage you to think even bigger! It’s always appropriate to use mosaic art designs as borders alongside solid tiles. They also look great as accents in shower niches and around architectural features, like fireplaces

Today, the latest way to use mosaic tiles is in more offbeat places. Staircases, bed headboards, and kitchen islands can have much more impact with mosaic art installed.

So, what’s a pattern?

Did you know that there’s a National Tile Day? Every year, interior designers and architects depend on the National Tile Day top trends to help guide their mosaic tile choices on new projects. We’ve combined these predictions on what’s hot with our own experts’ opinions to present what you’ll want in your home in 2020.

So what makes up their idea of a pattern? You’ll see that their ideas aren’t limited to just “checks” or “leaves” when they’re categorizing these new trends. It’s often more about a larger idea that will have a major impact on interior design in coming years. Their overall concepts can include scenes, textures, and more.

1. Mixed Geometric-s

Trapezoids, diamonds, and more are on-trend and make your decorating easier. How? In rooms filled with a lot of vertical and horizontal lines, these striking shapes break them up. Since modern architecture is filled with these grids, mixed geometric shapes are a great trend.

Using mosaic designs like this one can also pull disparate elements of a space together. In a long narrow room with a round dining table, for example, or on a shower wall, this type of marble mosaic art is a unifier. Curves and other rounded shapes will also soften any scheme and keep it from feeling so linear.

2. Speckled Surfaces, Including Terrazzo-like Patterns

Moving onto a softer pattern trend, the look that industry designers are getting excited about is a softer, more scattered pattern. You’ll see this in the look of pixelated graphics and in more random sprays of dots.

This geometric mosaic art design fills the bill. Featuring a green, purple, and gold color scheme, it has the appeal of a well-loved rug or a much-walked pathway.

3. Bright, Psychedelic Colors, Trippy Patterns, & “Playful” Geometry

Sometimes, rooms just need one outstanding focal point and some liveliness to shine. Those in the know are using past decades for inspiration, and going a little wild in their choice of mosaic designs.

Our multicolored Kolaz collage medallion is a one-of-a-kind look, and sure to be a hit with designers. The handmade mosaic sections are made of marble and stone tile, placed in a sweeping, eye-catching pattern. Just imagine this on a floor, counter-top, or as a stand-alone wall accent!

4. Tone-on-tone Color Combinations

The tone-on-tone pattern trend is also poised to become very popular this year. These designs coordinate easily with all color schemes, as they’re only introducing one color. In rooms using a slimmer range of colors, they add depth. In other spaces, such as a bathroom, they are a winning option for walls. More durable than wallpaper, with the allure of hand-placed individual tiles, this type of mosaic pattern is an exciting new look.

When thinking about this type of effect, don’t confine yourself to only natural tones. We have many colors to choose from, which can be used as an accent to your color scheme. Don’t see the right color? We can customize any of our mosaic art designs for you!

5. Precious Stone & Gemstone Patterning

Colored, patterned marble is a classic, and colors are coming back. When you’re pondering your choice of new countertops or floors in your next remodeling project, embrace this luxe trend. Although we can’t all have the glow and grain of lapis lazuli or agate lining our walls, we can easily add their look!

Mosaic art scenes have long incorporated slabs of semi-precious stones in their composition. This handmade Petal Mediterranean scene shows a serene fisherman’s village with the mountains beyond.

Combined with granite or marble countertops, this mosaic pattern will look incredible! The soft natural colors will blend with nearly any stone, and the smooth surface can even be utilized as a surface inset.

6. New Colors

Pantone Color of the Year Classic Blue is a sign of big changes to come! Industry leaders are adding this gorgeous hue everywhere, and you’ll see it in some of our loveliest patterns.

This sophisticated floral mosaic geometric design in your new favorite color is the perfect focal point. Center it behind a stovetop, on a shower wall, over a free-standing tub, or in a garden room. The mandala-like pattern is soothing, and the saturated colors are a fresh look.

Don’t forget the other color trends that have blossomed recently! You can find patterns in all your preferred shades, from coral to crisp greens and more.

7. Supernatural Qualities

As we discussed in our mosaic art pattern trends blog, natural patterns are going to become even more popular this year. Maybe you’ve noticed the way houseplants have become newly popular, or you’ve been drawn to bold wallpaper looks with birds and butterflies? No problem – it’s a specialty of ours! Let’s find your perfect pattern!

This handmade mosaic art showcases several trends. Tone-on-tone colors, geometric patterns, and a classic swan motif are combined for glorious results. We suggest this over a fireplace, as a backsplash behind a pedestal sink, or on a water feature.

8. Large Patterns

Mosaic Patterns
Paisley – Mosaic Pattern by Mozaico

Big and bold – really bold – patterns are one way to ensure that your home is on the cutting edge of style. Get ahead of the trend and use mosaic art like this one to cover an entire accent wall!

If you’re welcoming the comeback of wallpaper, and secretly wish you could use it both indoors and out, mosaic tile is the solution. Go as big as you’d like, and explore all of our wallpaper-inspired mosaic designs for your bathroom, pool house, liana, and more.

9. Would You Like Wood?

The texture and look of wood is a very new trend in tile. Perhaps you’ve looked at some of the new porcelain floor tiles that mimic natural wood planks. Designers will be using this sort of texture on walls and more, as this style takes hold.

We’ve selected this incredible hand-crafted piece of mosaic art to close out our blog. It’s a breathtaking, three-dimensional way to accent wood textures. The illusion of real wood is achieved with carefully chosen marble pieces that resemble bark. Behind the trees, the full moon glows subtly in natural stone.

What do you think of the new patterns? Have you already been changing your home’s style to reflect some of these new trends?

We’ve only touched on our huge selection of mosaic art, and invite you to explore our catalog further. One of the most wonderful things about our mosaic designs is that they can be customized just for you – something that will never happen with your wallpaper shopping! We can work with your colors and tweak designs to work with your unique needs – just custom your mosaic here!

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