Why Mosaic Tile Art for Your Pool Is Your Best Option

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In case you’ve ever wondered about the diversity of the pool surfaces you see everywhere, we’re here to tell you that many different options, especially mosaic tile art, come to place when coming to a decision about what to surface a pool.

It’s mainly done with either of these three materials: plaster, aggregates, or pool mosaic tile art.

Plaster is the least durable, and fixing a deformed segment will be costly and time-consuming, considering a fixed segment requires the replacement of a whole piece of plaster, rather than replaced the deformed segment itself. Moreover, aggregates are less prone to suffer from damage, and they are characterized as being long-lasting and durable.

Installed Pool Mosaic Tile Art — Source: Mozaico
Installed Pool Mosaic Tile Art Source: Mozaico

Mosaic tile art, however, is the best suitable option to go. Unlike plaster material, mosaic tile art is not porous and do not allow for algal growth on the surface, and repairing it is the easiest of all the options. Plus, fixing a deformed segment requires only the extraction of that particular segment and then replacing it, rather than removing a whole chunk of the surface just to substitute it with another. Simplifying the process.

Moreover, there are many types of mosaic pool tiles, such as glass, ceramic, and stone. With stone being the oldest one used, ceramic the most versatile, and glass the most popular.

Surfacing a pool with a repetitive geometric pattern, however, is not enough; adding a decorative mosaic artwork to its surface can give it a unique look that brightens your outdoor area like never seen before.

Here are some of our mosaic tile artworks that are sure to leave you in awe!

Floating Sea Turtle

This tile mosaic artwork depicts a majestic mosaic turtle swimming in the sea between the aquatics plants, flaunting with its colorful and geometrically appealing carapace.

From ancient times till this day, turtles have been a symbol of wisdom and patience, due to them being one of the calmest and relaxed sea creatures to step on this earth.

The addition of this soothing blue color palette with this calm and beautiful creature is sure to secure you a relaxing swim whenever you step foot in your pool.

Dolphins Medallion

Dolphin mosaics get installed into our customers’ pools all the time, and the ending result is just indescribable!

With its geometric shapes and soothing light colors, this dolphin medallion added elegance and charm to our customer’s beautiful outdoor space, and it is sure to do the same to any other space blessed with its presence.

Nautical Medallion

This marble mosaic is handmade by our talented artists, and it is composed out of all-natural stones and hand-cut tiles. no doubt, the marble tessera are formed in a beautiful geometric pattern that will capture the eye of any observer glancing at its beauty.

In the middle of the medallion, we observe a yellow flower circulated by a twirly geometric pattern. As we approach the outside part of this medallion, we depict a pattern of spearfish pointed clockwise, which shows movement and adds life to the art. Finally, a wave pattern to finish.

The small details that it possesses make this tile mosaic medallion one of our most unique artworks we’ve yet installed in a pool.

Shark in the Ocean

One of the most fierce predators of the sea, the king of the oceans, and the symbol of nautical power.

This mosaic tile art is characterized by its breathtaking blue color palette. Aside from the great white shark himself, the astonishing sea plants shown below him in a very accurate and precise geometric shape express a great level of details from our artists!

This large mosaic is filled with diverse colors and creative shapes. This way everywhere you look, your eyes will get the feast they deserve wherever you decide to fix them.

A great addition to any pool, indoor or outdoor!

Romantic Herons

A lot of pools have decorative fountains around them. This provides them with some extra noticeable space, and what better way to use that space than to decorate it with tiled mosaic art!

This amazing piece of mosaic tile art that lies under the flowing waters of the fountain will add life and warmth to your pool. Definitely, it’ll give it some extra glamour and beauty. In addition, your pool will have a unique eye-keeper.

Decorating your pool is essential when seeking to spice up any space of your desires, either outdoor or indoor. Now, you can see some of our installed pool mosaic artworks on our website.

Excited to see more mosaic artworks? At Mozaico, we have a huge and diverse selection of mosaic tile art. Our collections will sure to satisfy your desires, head to our website for more information.

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