Commercial Mosaic Projects

The beauty of art will never fail to leave anyone in a state of wonderment. However, custom art, specifically custom mosaics, speaks to the soul through a louder melody of enchantment. Our artists always look forward to pour their hearts into mosaic projects. One stone at a time, we build dreams, brands, interiors, and everything in between that will get you a step closer to your imagined custom mosaics that harbors the truest reflection of your dreamy spaces and artistic selves.

Imagine Mosaic - Strawberry Field, Liverpool, England

Our Imagine Medallion now graces the Strawberry Fields in Liverpool. Inspired by the quality of our handmade version of the famous design in Central Park. A fully handmade mosaic measuring 6.4 meters in diameter using a combination of Thassos White & Tala Black to assemble this mosaic artwork.


Mosaic Medallion - Mayfair Hotel Florida

The Mayfair Mosaic Medallion is one of Mozaico’s largest mosaics. A collaboration between Mozaico & Mayfair in order to produce the beautiful 30sqm mosaic fully handmade from marble stones with a neutral tone.


Birds Mosaic Rug - Moscow, Russia

Three months, 825 sq ft. and thousands of stones later, this magnificent rug was brought to life. Glowing with shades of royal blue, to date, this rug is one of our artists greatest artworks. It harbors a collection of patterns and birds that speak volumes of luxury and sophistication.

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Royal Mosaic Rug - Vintage Hotel

This piece embodies the power of handmade and high-quality mosaic art, which is what we stand for at Mozaico. Measuring at a minimum of 450 cm x 200 cm, this royal marble mosaic rug would make a perfect grand addition to your home.


Ancient Greek God Mosaic

There's no better way to admire the magnificence of Roman gods than through this handmade mosaic project of Jupiter. The god of the sky and thunder and king of the gods in Ancient Roman religion and mythology gloriously rests on his throne with an eagle companion.


The Battle of Bosworth Mosaic Reproduction

The magnificent Battle of Bosworth Custom Mosaic Reproduction measures 110" x 53" and required 2 months to be completed. It shows Richard the III charging into battle as a hail of cannon fire fell down on Henry Tudor's army as they struggled to make their way around the marsh.


Mosaic Artwork - Queen Del Roma

Inspired by Persian art, this mosaic design combines ancient marble and natural stones to create a realistic yet majestic effect. With its unique shape, this mosaic artwork is a vision of royalty and uniqueness. Shaped delicately to fit the space, it embellishes its surroundings with an unreal glow.