10 Amazing Pool Mosaic Designs

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Looking to spruce up your backyard pool without spending a massive chunk of change? Feeling the urge for a fancier look or you need to tie together a theme for the summer? You can easily do this with a simple installation of pool mosaic art. Pool mosaic art range from simple to complex, funky to modern, colorful to neutral; basically, whatever you feel would best suit your personality and décor.

Mosaics is a form of art that creates images, designs or borders using small but colored pieces of hard objects. These hard objects could be tile, stone, glass, or even concrete that has been altered to showcase a fabulous color! Mosaic art can be purchased as pictures, decorative items or be installed into an existing structure.

By using mosaic art in your pool, you can change the entire look of the focus of your backyard without changing the pool itself; leading it be one of the top ways to spice up your décor without spending your life’s savings.

Turtle Mosaic Pool Art

Want to bring a touch of the tropics into your pool without having to spend the money and time to travel there? Why not install a mosaic art piece within the floor of your pool that features a tropical animal that is generally only found in warm waters; such as the large freshwater turtle.

Mosaic art can be surprisingly 3D when installed correctly and using a design as the one located in the link above, you will feel as if you are swimming with the turtles yourself whenever you dive into the depths of your backyard pool.

Roman Inspired Mosaic Pool Art

If you are a fan of art that comes out of the Roman period, such as marble sculptures and busts that were carved out of the hard stone; then you’ll love this Roman Inspired mosaic pool art piece.

This type of mosaic pool art can be installed on the walls of the pool, along the border surrounding the pool or even on the floor of the pool; basically wherever you deem the best place for it to capture the eyes the minute you walk out through the door and dive in.

Tropical Pool Furniture Mosaic Art

Perhaps you don’t want to install the mosaic art within the pool itself but you still want to incorporate some sort of design within your backyard. Why not add a tropical scene of clear blue water, frolicking dolphins and lush sea vegetation to your outdoor bar or patio?

This is the perfect way to add some mosaic pool art to your backyard without actually having to begin construction on your actual pool just as the summer begins.

Marine Life Mosaic Pool Art

Do you love the thought of playful marine life swimming in the ocean depths, having a wonderful time cutting through the water and feeling the sun warm their skin? Well, why not recreate that scene within the depths of your pool so you can be reminded that there are good times and memories to be found within every single day!

Feel the sun on your back and feel the water rushing past your arms and legs while looking down at your mosaic pool art and envisioning these playful creatures swimming right alongside you.

Celestial Mosaic Pool Art

Are you a child of the sun or the moon and feel a connection with celestial objects and images? Then this is the mosaic pool art for you! A simple, small but powerful design that features the pointed sun staring directly up out of the depths to inspire and relax you.

These symbols have been around for centuries and some people even believe they can bring good luck or fortune on those who believe in them. A simplistic but profound design such as this one is the type of pool art that catches the eye in an attractive way without taking away from the natural beauty of nature.

Exotic Places Mosaic Pool Art

Do you wish you could travel extensively and visit all the places on your bucket list? Do you want to experience in person the exotic places that you have only seen on TV and in print but it isn’t in the cards for you at this moment? Well, then why not bring it to you?

Install a mosaic mural of your favorite faraway place, such as the Taj Mahal, right in your line of vision. Use a design such as the one provided in the link above on the walls surrounding your pool, on your pool bar or tables, and even on the fence around your backyard; as long as it is anywhere that is visible.

Use this image while swimming to imagine yourself in that faraway place and know that deep down, someday you’ll see it in person.

Elegant and Modern Mosaic Pool Border

Not everyone enjoys a full wall-sized piece of art and perhaps they don’t want to tear up the existing tile on the floor of the pool but instead, would prefer something a little more subtle.

There is forms of mosaic pool art that fit those qualifications to a tee – a mosaic pool border that can be installed around the edges of the pool or if you have stairs leading to the water, then around the edges of the stairs as shown in the link above. These simple borders add a splash of color to your pool without being flashy and come across as elegant and modern instead of theme-less.

Combination Mosaic Pool Art

If you are loving the look of mosaic pool art but you want more, then this is the type of style that would best suit your personality! Look for designs that incorporate more than one type of mosaic pool art, such as alternating tiles in the same color palette but then install a focal mosaic art piece.

This look is classic and colorful and will freshen up the dated tiles that currently exist in your pool. Using colors from the blue family adds a tropical look to your pool while the focal design, such as a celestial sun, draws the eye and invite a person to dive in for an invigorating swim!

Detailed Art Mural

This is the style for the art lover and for the one who is detailed oriented. A wall-sized mural that covers the entire of the fence surrounding your backyard pool, drawing the eye and inviting compliments from guests.

These types of murals focus not on the overall picture but instead the details themselves that create the image and tell a story. Choose a favorite image or ask a local artist to design one that suits your personality. Visit your local hardware store to ask about winter storage for such an art piece and see if it can be installed on a removable panel for longevity.

Ocean Floor Mosaic Pool Art

There is something about swimming in the ocean while on vacation and looking below you at all the sea life and plant life teeming with energy and good health. There is something to see each time you look and it’s inspiring to know that millions of these tiny creatures survive every single day against predators, humans and pollution.

Want to create that inspiring feeling in your own pool? Then why not replace the existing tile floor with an exact replica of the ocean floor? You can practice your snorkeling for the next big trip and add something unique and different to your pool all at the same time!


Well after going through ten of the most amazing pool mosaic designs; I bet you are excited for summer and the chance to show off the new additions to your backyard pool. Want to tie the décor together even further? Use similar colored items, such as throw pillows for your furniture or cushion covers on the loungers around your pool to bring a simple theme to life. Install a similar border or design around your fire pit or your patio to create a space that you would be proud to entertain in.

Your backyard and your pool should be a place where memories are created, you can unwind and relax after a long day or week and the place where your true personality shines through. Contact your local hardware store to find out if there are contractors in your area that create pool mosaic art or follow some online tutorials for DIY mosaic designs that are suited for beginners.

Happy swimming!

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