10 Ideas for mosaic art care that you need

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Do you own a piece of Mosaic Art? Feeling like it’s looking shabby? Or maybe you just bought a new one and want to keep it looking that way. In both cases, this article is for you!

Mosaics are known to be long lasting, but owning a stylish mosaic art will still require you to make a minimal amount of time for cleaning and maintaining throughout the year to ensure that It’s well-kept and will stand the test of time. If neglected or cleaned with poor techniques; mosaic murals will be prone to damage especially larger ones.

Below is a list of compiled ideas for easy ways to take care of your mosaics.

1 – Avoid chemicals and abrasive products

mosaic art 1

It is always recommended to avoid using a lot of chemicals when cleaning mosaics.

Cleaning products contain many harsh chemicals that can ruin your special piece of mosaic art. If you prefer to just hop to the local store, make sure to buy organic soap-based cleaning products or a household cleaner free of ammonia, bleach, peroxides or any other hazardous compounds. Other things that could ruin your mosaic art would be the use of abrasive cleaning material such as scouring pads, sandpaper or a stainless steel scrubbing cloth. Just stick to using the basic fiber cloth.

It is best to do a test trial on a smaller area first to avoid any surprises.

2- Clean when needed

mosaic art 2

Cleaning your mosaic art masterpiece can be done once every while.

Preferable to be done when you notice some dust. A simple method is to lightly damp a multi-fiber cloth with warm water and pass it on the mosaic art. Follow by drying the mural with a dry cloth to avoid over water residue.

3- Vacuum Floor mosaics

Vacuum Floor mosaics

If you own a special floor mosaic art, it is inevitable to find some crumbs or dust pile up which will be very difficult to remove. Thus vacuuming, mopping then drying would be the best way to keep it looking like new!

4-Deep clean

This method is necessary for mosaics in pools, floors, and stairs. These mosaics are exposed to heavy conditions like chlorine chemicals, mud or dirt, and pollution or dust for outdoor mosaics.

5-Location Location!

Location Location!

If you are particularly fond of a special mosaic art piece but don’t quite have the time for regular upkeep, it is suggested to keep it away from damp areas such as kitchen water, bathroom steam and the outdoors! If you must, then use a good sealant.

6- Clean instantly after spillage

Clean instantly after spillage

Dark colors from paint or even wine could stain your beautiful mosaic art (oh no!) However, damage and staining could be avoided if cleaned instantly from liquids containing harsh materials or intense colors.

7- Coat with a good sealant

 Coat with a good sealant

Applying a good quality sealant is a good investment especially if your mosaic is outdoors. Waterproof sealants are necessary if you want to keep your mosaic looking new, especially for bathroom, kitchen, spa and outdoor areas like pools or gardens

8- Use specialist Heavy Duty Cleaner

Use a specialist grout cleaner for those difficult to clean mosaic pieces, apply with a sponge or toothbrush and scrub gently.

9- Reapply Sealant

It is best to reseal your mosaic art after some time. Apply a sealant for the heavily used mosaics every 1-2 years and 3-5 years for interior mosaics. Use a good heavy-duty sealant with low chemical levels.

Reapply Sealant

10- Choose marble mosaics over glass

mosaic art

Marble mosaics usually need less upkeep in contrary to the more sensitive glass mosaics. Mosaics made mostly of marble are more durable than glass.

Make sure to care for your mosaic to keep it beautiful for years. See? We told you it’s easy.

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