10 Mosaic Artworks That Make for the Best Mother's Day Gift

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Cover Photos: Mozaico

May 14th will be here soon enough, which means that it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make this day special to your mom. If you tend to get your mom the same thing every year, it’s time to get creative! Although one can never go wrong by thanking one’s mother with flowers, chocolate, and hugs, but you can also surprise her with an unexpected gift. No matter your mom’s character or taste, a mosaic artwork is sure to be the gift any mom would love!

For The Mom Who Loves Florals

In case you didn’t know this already, rare is the mom who doesn’t like florals! This year think about gifting her something less predictable, and even more beautiful, than roses and tulips.

So if you’re looking for something less banal than the typical bunch, have a look at the featured floral mosaic pattern. This mosaic wall art will not only bring a flavor of summer into your mom’s home, but it will also speak to her passions!

For The Mom Who Loves Florals

For The Mom Who Loves Florals 2

For The Mom Who’s Got a Large Swath of Empty Wall

Do you think she’s sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? It’s time to infuse her wall with warmth and style by gifting her a handmade mosaic artwork.

So you want to turn her blank run of wall space into a creative space? Surprise with a mosaic on her wall on Mother’s Day, and she’ll think of you every time she sees it.

For The Mom Who’s Got a Large Swath of Empty Wall

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Wants to Renovate Her Outdated Bathroom

Have you heard her say: “It’s time to renovate our outdated bathroom”? Surprise her with some glam into her powder room with affordable new features, such as a mosaic artwork.

This mosaic will add architectural interest to her basic bath. Smartly patterned to stand in as a bathroom backsplash and give the bathroom a designer touch that’s easy and budget friendly!

mosaic artworks

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Likes Artsy-Fartsy Things

If your mom is an Artsy-Fartsy kind of gal, she’ll love this gorgeous mosaic reproduction, which was crafted using natural marble tiles to capture its beauty in tumble finishing.

This mosaic will add some glam to her space, and it’s ideal for any mother who appreciates contemporary art.

mosaic artworks

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Spends a Lot of Time In The Kitchen

If your mom spends most of her in time in the kitchen or spends a lot of time cooking and loves cool stuff in her kitchen, this mosaic backsplash is the perfect gift for her!

A Kitchen backsplash is sure to give your bathroom an expensive custom-designed appearance, and the wow factor is colossal.

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Prefers a Minimalist Vibe

If she has been meaning to add a minimalist vibe to her home, this spring is the perfect time to help her invite it into her space.

But instead of following a traditional monochrome look, get a fresh take on natural mosaic with some bright and soothing palettes inspired by blooming flowers.

mosaic artworks

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Looks Like A Star

For a melt-your-heart gift this year, surprise your star with a custom mosaic portrait. It is also a sweet and personalized gift to give to your mom this year!

Modern meets classic with a custom mosaic portrait, but you will have to plan 2 weeks ahead for this one, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Hey! It’s not too late, order it now to receive it on Mother’s day.

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Wants To Craft The Best Patio in Her Neighborhood

For the mom who loves gardening and wants to craft the best patio in her neighborhood, Mosaic artworks are the perfect ornaments for mom to enjoy while out on the patio.

I know you’re proud of her and of her lovey-dovey patio, so what better way to show her love and respect? Help support and boost her striking goals with any of these outdoor mosaics!

Mosaic Garden Pathway Mosaic

For The Mom Who Wants To Make Her Home Less Stressful

Looking for ways to lift your mom’s spirit? Reduce her anxiety with colors that invite peace, comfort, and enjoyment.

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep the house tidy and clean, but there are ornaments to de-stress your home. Artworks, for example, helps the entire room look more peaceful and less busy.

mosaic artworks

For The Mom Who Likes To Impress Her Guests

When was the last time you saw her smiling? Was it on the Formal Easter Sunday dinner, when her guests were impressed by tasty dishes and lovely ornaments? Swoon! So for the mom who says she doesn’t want a gift, I guarantee she will appreciate receiving this exquisite mosaic to help her impress her guests.

mosaic artworks

Photos Credits: Mozaico Art

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