10 of Our Eye-Catching Installed Mosaic Art

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Mosaic art is absolutely unique in its presentation. The results of putting thousands of tile pieces into each design are spectacular textures and a rich effect. The medium yields art that is perfectly suited for locations that might otherwise lack ornamentation. Since ancient times, lucky viewers have regarded scenes that were commissioned by wealthy patrons at spots like gardens or swimming pools and on locations such as walls and floors. Just like any other medium, mosaic tile art is only limited by the imagination. Here at Mozaico, our custom work always leaves us impressed with the creativity of our clients and their ideas.

With the new techniques and approaches now available to mosaic artists, it’s incredible to see what can be achieved. Here are some of the most memorable examples of unique, weird, and even provocative mosaic designs for your own design inspiration.

Always a safe journey

Compasses are laden with symbolism. Indicating the 4 Cardinal Directions and True North, they’ve been used as both talismans and navigational instruments for thousands of years. Sailors incorporated the image as a tattoo of protection, believing that wearing one would always ensure that they would have safe travels back home. Other aficionados simply enjoy the association with following a true path, or the visual representation of their own wanderlust and desire to see the world.

Practical or a bit whimsical, the intricacies of the mosaic patterns in the Medallion mosaic compass rose shown on this table have been given a place of honor in the home. It’s a functional piece in more than one way – as long as it’s oriented correctly!

mosaic art

Image from Mozaico

Showered with beauty

In ancient times, the Romans were great fans of public baths, where they could while away an entire day if they so desired. Hot baths – cold baths – the elite class was encouraged to linger on to conduct business, eat, drink, and enjoy entertainment, all while surrounded by mosaic wall art of pattern and figures.

Today, mosaic tile is also appropriate for modern baths. For anyone who is prone to “Shower Thoughts”, or simply likes to add a little bit of style to their daily routine, this classic motif of leaves and scrolls provides a lovely spot to study. You’ll note that the mosaic design has been carefully adapted to fit the curved shape of the ceiling. Surely, the only singing in this particular shower is opera.

Castle, Sweet Castle

Every man’s home is his castle, goes the saying. Mosaic designs don’t have to be kept to the walls, of course. In the grand tradition of Italian villas and other majestic spreads worldwide, this homeowner has chosen to let the world know that they are entering a different sort of space with an elaborate castle motif on the floor.

There’s a lot of mystery around this design. The intricacies of the tile pattern reveal an incredible structure that is rising from a dark mist – or is it being brought into existence by some unseen magician? Is the intent to welcome, or is it a hint of what the rest of the home is like? If you’ve always wanted to live in a fairy tale, then a piece of mosaic art like this one is certainly a way to invoke the feeling that you are.

Out of Africa

Lions are another deeply symbolic figure in art. They commonly represent royalty, courage, and nobility, especially when the depiction is of a full-maned male, as it is here. They can also just exist as a reminder of previous photo safaris in Africa, or a love of big cats in general. Maybe, just maybe, the person who lives behind this gate is named Leo or was born under the zodiac sign of the lion.

This unique piece does show the way that mosaic murals can capture the texture and look of nature so well. The lion has a beautiful depth and detail that must look lovely as the light changes throughout the day.

Country in the City

Why settle for plain old boring walls on your property, when you can turn them into a courtyard in ancient Tuscany? Just like a portal to the past, the large mosaic murals here allow anyone on the inside to gaze out onto the historical Italian countryside, where horse carts pass by, and the sky is always perfectly blue.

When the day is not going well, and you really wish you were somewhere else, this kind of mosaic installation ensures that you can almost transport yourself to your happy place in the past. Just throw on your toga, sip a glass of vino, and it’s like you don’t hear any of the city noises at all.

Apres ski, you say?

Maybe it was the best winter break you’ve ever been on. Perhaps it’s always been your wish to have your wintry version of paradise with you year round, even when you live far away from the slopes. Or, it could be that you’re outfitting the best ski lodge in Aspen. No matter what the motivation, the mosaic wall art in this shower is definitely a singular expression of the owner’s interests.

Ski bums will definitely appreciate this design, which features great attention to detail, down to the brand of the skis in the image.

Doors of Distinction

The details that have gone into this entryway are extraordinary, with the ornate foliage pattern of each panel’s mosaic art carefully bringing out the colors of the Greek style columns and pottery. Not content with a solid wood look, these homeowners have created a doorway with a bold and distinctive motif.

It’s easy to imagine how lovely the cool tiles of the mosaic work must feel when someone is opening or closing the doors here. It’s certainly a very bold choice.

Capital improvements

Not content to let the column embellishments on the facade of their home be the only interesting details, these homeowners went with a series of highly stylized flower mosaic in a subdued monotone palette. The effect is strongly reminiscent of ancient stone carving techniques, but the entire look has been accomplished by using mosaic tile.

The toughness of tile art in outdoor situations has been shown well here. It’s also a brilliant way to adorn an outdoor space in a way that evokes the whole spirit of the stonework used in historical applications, without actually using carved stone. Classic and clever equals a very distinctive look.

mosaic art

Image from Mozaico

Sleek and stylized

In this large scale installation, the lobby of this building has been occupied by a highly stylized swirl of mosaic tiles that evoke a large vining plant or some other living creature. Positioned against a background of neutral colors, the swoops and swirls of the art seem to be creeping into the public spaces. It undulates down the length of the floor, leading everyone to an unknown destination.

In an otherwise rather simply decorated space, the movement of this unusual choice of public art adds a great deal of emphasis to the length of the room.

mosaic art

Image from Mozaico

Pool mosaics that almost reach out and touch you

Every pool can benefit from a carefully chosen piece of pool mosaic art. We offer a wide range of subjects that are suitable for this outdoor area, but one particularly distinctive resident of the sea shows up in this octopus wall art. The details that come out in the intricate tile work of this piece easily give the viewer the feeling that they’ve just swum up on one of the ocean’s most intelligent species.

As with all of our mosaic pieces, our quality and attention to hand-assembling the durable tiles into each mural assures that this sort of installation will continue to look just as mesmerizing outdoors as indoors.

mosaic art

Image from Mozaico

Unique, exotic, offbeat, and singular – it’s possible to find the perfect match for the pickiest gift recipient or most challenging home project in our catalog of mosaic art for sale. If not, our skilled team can create the custom design of your dreams. Just contact us to learn about how your image can be translated into a one-of-a-kind piece of mosaic art.

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