16 Easy Ways for Decorating Your Home

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An artsy home is a delight to live in. However, you don’t have to be an artist to add artistic flair to your home. Anyone can create a brilliant presentation of art around their home for a burst of personality.

You can become creative with the way you paint your walls, you can make hand-made crafts, or you can buy special mosaic art pieces; there are many ways you can create an artistic personality in your home. Personalizing your surroundings will make your house feel more like home and speak more to your interests and appreciation.

The list below is just a few ideas you can use to create a wonderful artistic appearance in your humble abode.

  • Mason Jar Night Light
decorating your home

Image Source:Crafts by Amanda

Whether you want to keep the kids happy in the night or you’re looking for a more artistic way to light the patio, this Mason jar night light DIY is great creative decoration. With each Mason jar, you can create a different unique silhouette for a particular allure.

You can create a theme with your mason jars such as plants, fairy-tale characters, animals, and more. There’s nothing hard at all to this craft and in the end, you get a wonderful result that can’t be beat.

  • Button Tree Canvas
decorating your home

Image Source:Crafts by Amanda.

This project is brilliant if you have loads of buttons and a lot of free wall space. Making the tree takes no time at all and the final appearance of the buttons makes the picture really stand out.

You don’t need to have a complicated art painting or sculpture to make your room more aesthetic. Simplicity can be a real table-turner for decoration and this piece is just that. You can feel proud of your creation and enjoy the creativity behind it.

And remember, the more abstract the buttons, the better the tree will look!

  • Butterfly Wall Art
decorating your home

Image Source:Wonderful DIY.

This wall art can pop out really nicely on plain white walls in large rooms. So long as there is nothing else on the wall, the effect of these 3D butterflies will surely surprise anyone who sees them.

The idea doesn’t end at butterflies though. If you don’t feel up for having insects on your wall, look for something else that appeals to you. Fish, birds, cats, even flowers can create a nice long trail on your wall with breath-taking results.

You can create shapes over the wall or let the butterflies fall into a chain over the middle of the wall, anything that pleases you in your home.

  • Wine Bottle Paintings

This is a really cute and great way to put empty wine bottle back into use. Once you’ve found yourself a simple enough design to create over your wine bottle, you can put it anywhere in your home and have anything you want inside it!

If you want, you can gift these bottles away with drinks inside them or pull them out when it’s time to party. You can turn these bottles into plant holders as well by placing long-stemmed flowers inside with the right amount of water. Create a collection of these bottles and make yourself a little indoor garden!

decorating your home

decorating your home

decorating your home

decorating your home

Images Source:DIY Network.

With a little handy work and some free time, you can turn any surface in your home into a beautiful mosaic art with artsy flare. Head to your local hardware store and look for a clearance bin of tiles. Check the tiling aisle to see if there are any broken ones you can score for cheap or free, too.

Pick a surface in your home such as a table, coffee table, outdoor patio furniture, a feature wall, etc. Grab some mastic or Thinset to adhere the tiles and grout the cracks and you’re all set! Break the tiles into pieces so you can make an actual art piece, too.

  • Gold-Dipped Glasses

decorating your home

decorating your home

decorating your home

decorating your home

decorating your home

Images Source:Honestly Wtf.

There’s no limit to how classy you can get with your decorations. By dipping your glasses in a solid gold paint mixture, you can get an unbeatable impression that’ll be bound to impress all of your guests.

When choosing the glasses, be very sure that you’re ready to dip them inside paint because there’s no going back on this one. Also, stay away from dipping them too close to the rim where your mouth will touch.

Bring out your finest drinks for everyone to admire as well as the new glassware set.

  • Rock Paintings

Spruce up the appearance of your garden with some vibrating bright and beautiful painted rocks!

It’s not hard at all to do this project, just a little creativity, and some strong resilient wall paint to bring out the best in your rock pattern. You can theme them to holidays or seasons, or you simply go crazy with your designs to make each rock stand out more than the last.

Once you’ve completed your rock collection, take them out to the garden and scatter them where everyone can notice and marvel at the uniqueness of your garden decorations.

  • Doily Chandelier

decorating your home

decorating your home

Images Source:Dos Family.

A very easy way to put your doilies to use, you can turn them into a marveling doily chandelier. This isn’t a hard project at all.

This doily comes out through the papier mache technique. After you’ve made a mixture strong enough, place multiple doilies inside of it and soak them. Place them over a balloon and let them dry until they’re stiff enough then POP!

You have a chandelier as unique as your doilies with a great delicate effect in any room you put it in. Place it over a light or even don’t! You can simply make this project a hanging masterpiece for all to marvel at.

  • Pipe Cleaner Flowers

decorating your home

decorating your home

Images Source:The Spruce Crafts

Don’t think you have what it takes to manage flowers? No problem, make your own flowers! Surely no one cannot handle a little arts and crafts, and this is all you’ll need.

This project is small and fun. Once you’ve created as many pipe cleaner flowers as you want, place them in pots and litter them over windowsills and outside to create a small cute picturesque garden-piece.

There’s no maintenance to these flowers and everyone can enjoy the spirit behind them. You can make as many as you want in all different colors and designs to add some uniqueness.

  • Pillow Pockets
decorating your home

Image Source:Fave Crafts.

Want to give your pillows more use? Then simply give them a pocket.

By sewing a pocket onto your pillow you make it not only cuddly but useful. Sure, you’ll get odd looks from people who look at the pillow at first but watch as those odd glances fade away as you’re the only person who has an actual designated spot for your TV remote.

You can also place your blindfolds in the pockets for when you go to sleep. There’s much use for having a pocket nearby. Place a cushion where you work and have your pens, pencils, and erasers all in the pocket for when you need them.

  • Donut Wreath

Image Source:makeitfuncrafts

Wreaths are an amazing part of the house that greets visitors with a very warm welcome. Rather than sticking to the pretty ways of wreaths though, why not take a silly spin on them and make a charming donut wreath!

There’s nothing complicated with making this project, just a lot of sprinkles. Once you’ve completed your wreath, stick it on the door and watch people smile as they pass by. It surely is an eye-popper and not something you’ll see every day.

It adds more character to your door and it’ll definitely create a sweet sensation.

  • Washi Tape Frames
decorating your home

Image Source:Chatelaine

There’s no need to go through the struggle of finding the perfect frames for your snap-pictures. Stick them onto the wall with washi tape that can both decorate and keep them on the wall.

Washi tape is decorated in and of itself so it’ll make for a nice appearance over your pictures. It is then up to you to make patterns out of the washi tape that’ll pop out the picture in the middle. You can even go right over the picture if the pattern calls for it.

Keep in mind, you’re looking at small pictures that don’t have to be behind a glass frame to stay perfect. Pictures from Polaroid, drawings, and photo booth strips always add to the stylish look of washi tape on the walls.

  • Corkboard Circles
decorating your home

Image Source: Dig and Hang

Keeping yourself organized while still making a decoration statement are both possible.

This idea is extremely handy over work desks and can really help if you tend to keep sticky notes and reminders all over your desk. Now you can decorate the wall to spice up the image of the room while suiting yourself at the same time.

If you want you can make the circles different sizes where some are bigger and smaller than others, do so. Cover your space for full sized papers as well as small sticky notes in different designated spots.

  • Tissue Paper Vases
decorating your home

Image Source:My Girlish Whim.

You don’t have to start from scratch for everything. Take any vase around your house that could use a little more life and papier mache over it a bunch of colored tissue paper.

The effect of this comes out a lot nicer when you have tissue paper cut-outs that have certain shapes. They give off a mosaic-like appearance and no one will be able to discover the secret behind your vase masterpiece. Just smile while people awe over the professional look to these vases.

  • Wooden Triangle Shelves
decorating your home

Image Source:The Merry Thought

Let’s face it, normal shelves are boring. They’re simply a surface to place your items over. You can, of course, change this by making them into more fun, 3D shapes.

These triangular shaped shelves certainly take a huge step out of the box when it comes to creativity. You can now partner your other unique decoration pieces with these oddly-shaped shelves.

They appear to create an abstract look on your walls and quite like the button tree canvas, they work best when there’s nothing else on the walls competing for attention.

  • Wall Stripes

Image Source:A Cup Full of Sass.

Keeping it simple can go a long way when making an impression.

Wall paintings don’t have to be elaborate to look good. As a matter of fact, stripes are the simplest idea you could go with but the majesty of their final applaud is one that cannot be beaten. Completely evenly spaced and sized stripes create an aesthetic appeal that is pure charm and nothing but simple.

You can also try polka-dots, zig-zags, vertical stripes, and any other pattern design that comes to mind. You cannot though. Make this uneven otherwise you lose the picturesque image.

If you’re looking to feel inspired with some more home decor, check out some looks on our website!

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