25 Best Selling Mosaic Art Pieces

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Whether you need a gift for a family member, a special friend or even a member of your latest club you’ve joined, the gift of art is always a good idea. Art works can be gifted in a variety of ways – anything from a coffee cup to a wall painting can be considered appropriate ways of displaying art depending on the recipient’s preferences.

One of the most interesting forms of art is mosaic pieces. Mosaic artwork incorporates all kinds of different colored and textured tiles to create gorgeous landscapes and art pieces. If you’re not sure where to start your search for the perfect mosaic artwork, you can rest easy. We’ve compiled some of the top 25 bestselling mosaic art pieces you can purchase today!

1. Tree of Life

mosaic art

When it comes to mosaic wall art, you can’t go wrong with any type of nature display. In this gorgeous piece, a whimsical tree of life mosaic is spreading its wide branches across a natural plane. Its life-giving roots are sprawled deep throughout the hard earth, sustaining the tree while the tree sustains those around it.

2. Waves of Colormosaic artYou wouldn’t necessarily consider wall paper to be a piece of art, but you should reconsider that notion after looking at this gorgeous piece of art. This gorgeous wall paper features wave upon wave of brilliantly colored tiles that have now become the room’s center stage art piece.

3.Blue Teapot

mosaic art

This blue teapot is radiant in bold blue and white tiles. This is the kind of piece that would be perfect for a kitchen or dining room setting. The intricate designs within this piece is exactly why mosaic art is so sought after. These pieces are time consuming to create, but well worth the effort.

4.Noble Lion

mosaic art

These mosaic patterns have all come into play to construct this gorgeous, noble lion. He looks majestic as he peers over the land, more than likely keeping a careful eye over his pride. This would make a great gift for the animal lover in your life.

5.Dragonfliesmosaic art

This mosaic tile art feature a couple of colorful dragonflies. This would make an amazing gift for someone who loves the garden and has a covered patio area to hang this gorgeous art piece. The dragonflies look real enough to fly right off the canvas.

6.Strong Anchormosaic art

This is an interesting piece from Mozaico Tile. This strong, brilliantly vibrant anchor sits strong against a bold blue background. This would make the perfect gift for the sailor in your life or even for that friend who seems to appreciate all things nautical.

7.Roman Flowermosaic art

One of the prettiest mosaic designs out there, this gorgeous Roman flower would make the perfect accessory in an art studio or even an entrance hallway. This is the kind of piece that deserves to be set in a place where plenty of people will see it, so the more visible this stunning piece is, the better.

8.Versace Logomosaic art

Perfect for the fashionista in your life, this mosaic wall art for sale is a nifty find. This would make a great addition to anyone in your life who appreciates fashion and art. The intricate tiled design in this piece is gorgeous to look at, even if you don’t know who Versace is. You can’t go wrong gifting a piece as gorgeous as this.

9.Round Stone Mosaic

mosaic art

This round stone mosaic incorporates some of the best design styles in mosaic art. This piece features such intricate workmanship that only mosaic art can present. This is a gorgeous design that anyone will enjoy, regardless of their knowledge of what all that goes in to mosaic art pieces.

10.Mythology Mosaic

mosaic art

Here is another take on the Versace symbol. Although the symbol is branded by the major fashion powerhouse, the symbol is really symbolic of Greek mythology, as well. This would make a nice gift for that professor who teachers on Greek mythology or anyone who is a fan of these historical tales.

11.Handmade Medallionmosaic art

This handmade medallion mosaic art is a gorgeous find. It’s easy to see why this is one of the top 25 best sellers since it’s so unique and handcrafted. This would make the perfect addition to a garden patio or even inside of the home where it can be admired by all who view it.

12.Marble Wavesmosaic art

This gorgeous seascape features waves from the ocean in glorious marbled design. This would work really well as a mosaic kitchen backsplash or even in a hallway in between rooms. This would also look really great where there is plenty of lighting. You’ll want to make sure this pieces is in clear view and that everyone can see it.

13.Nautical Mosaicmosaic artThis nautical mosaic features a gorgeous anchor with rippling designs along the sides. This is a truly remarkable piece that would look absolutely stunning against a bold colored background. This would look good in a kitchen area or a dining room area where it will receive plenty of light and exposure to guests.

14.Mosaic Compassmosaic art

This mosaic compass is created in intricate mosaic patterns. This would make a great addition to that home that is mostly nautical inspired or even for someone who appreciates the ocean, maybe someone who likes to fish. This is an intricate design that brings a lot to the table when it comes to an artistic conversation piece.

15.Mermaid’s Lullabymosaic art

A seducing mermaid plays a tune for all of her sea friends in this gorgeous, intricately crafted mosaic art piece. This incredible design would make the perfect gift for anyone who love the sea; especially someone who is really into mermaids. Thankfully, mermaids are really trendy right now, so this piece would make a nice accessory to a home that invokes the sea.

16.Italian Villagemosaic art

This Italian village is gorgeous in intricate mosaic design. Everything from the spanning landscape in the background to the table setup in the foreground makes this piece of art truly inspiring. This would look super great in a bistro or even in a tiny kitchen or dining room setting where people can gather around and enjoy company with food.

17.Starry Night Reproductionmosaic art

This Starry Night reproduction resembles that classic painting by Van Gogh. In this reproduction, the tiles are fit perfectly together to recreate the iconic waves of sky and sleep village below. This would make a superb gift for anyone who loves the arts, and even at that, who isn’t familiar with this painting and who wouldn’t love to have it in their home?

18.Mosaic Fruitsmosaic art

This painting is really more of a structure. The fruits look fantastic and even become 3D due to the shadows and colors. This is still considered a mosaic piece, but because of the structure of the fruit, it becomes much more than that, too. If you love different kinds of artwork or things that are a bit different, this is the perfect piece for you.

19.Autumn Gardenmosaic art

This autumn garden mosaic piece fits in larger pieces of tile, but it is still la classic mosaic style. If you appreciate unique art and especially tile art, this would make the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room area. The colors in this piece are perfect for fall, especially. This would even look good outside in a garden courtyard.

20.Sea Turtle Mosaicmosaic art

Mosaic animals just come to life when depicted in these types of art pieces and this magnificent sea turtle is no exception. This would be perfect for an outdoor area that has a pool, or if you don’t want to risk exposing it to the elements, keep it indoors in a special place. Maybe a bathroom or even in a living room area.

21.The Last Suppermosaic art

This iconic work of art is delicately handcrafted into a brand new version of the painting via this wonderful piece. This gorgeous piece features that famous painting that will look marvelous in a home above a mantle or even on a bare wall as a prime focal point. This would make a perfect gift for a religious home.

22.Romantic Heronsmosaic art

These romantic herons are lovingly nestling into each other in this gorgeous mosaic art piece. Herons reprint loyalty, peace and wisdom, so this would make the perfect art piece for any kind of home setting. This piece invokes a feeling of peace and serenity, and is sure to create that same effect within a home.

23.Ancient Tuscanmosaic artThis gorgeous painting depicts a Tuscan countryside beautiful enough to look like an actual landscape painting. This is such a wonderful painting that would look exquisite in a dining room area or even within a living room setting. This piece is a good piece that could fill up a larger wall as a standalone work of art.

24.Tuscan Villemosaic art

This gorgeous Tuscan Ville piece of art set in mosaic tiles features a sleepy villa, perfectly cast in colorful tile work. I could see this piece of art set in a countryside restaurant or even within a small bistro. You can bring all this charm to the home by either purchasing this gift for yourself or by purchasing it for someone else who will also appreciate it.


mosaic art

These gorgeous wildflowers are forever cast in mosaic tile that will cast a wonderful glow throughout the space. This piece would look really great within a small home or even inside of a guest bedroom. The flowers are splayed out, reaching toward the sun in this classic piece, and anyone who loves nature will equally love this fun piece.

So, there you have it! Which wonderful piece of mosaic are do you like the best? It may be hard to decide considering all of these pieces are included in this top 25 bestselling list. But hey, the beauty here is that all of these wonderful pieces are up for sale, so feel free to purchase two or even three pieces!

Do you have any experience purchasing or do you specifically enjoy mosaic artwork? We’d love to know which of these gorgeous pieces your favorite are. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! Until then, happy shopping and we hope you find the perfect piece to match your lifestyle or someone else’s.

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