5 FengShui Mosaic art and other elements in Home Decor

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Sustaining the correct balance in our daily life appears to be crucial in our general well being.When we are balanced, our whole self works in conjunction with all our other elements to promote positive attributes of our character, conclusively attracting positive energy to our inner and outer self. Thus each of us constantly seeks to find the solution for a balanced life, although that may occasionally seem unrealistic and difficult to accomplish.With the passage of time, the contribution of fengshui philosophy and its corresponding five elements – theory came to practice contributing essential knowledge to create and maintain harmony in our living spaces and subsequently ourselves.

This article explores the five fengshui elements aiming to help you personalize your environment and assimilate these theoretical concepts into your daily life with a glimpse of elegance and effective style.

Feng Shui Decor

A little bit of historical background…

The five elements is a conceptual scheme that various traditional Chinese domains used to explain the interaction and synergy between a wide spectrum of phenomena and also to analyze the impact of the universal energy,a.k.a Chi, on well-being.

Fengshui masters analysed water movements, geometry, color and the interrelations between personal and universal energy with shear dedication. Centuries of continuous observation and calculations were concluded with a cognitive foundation expressed by the presence of disparate elements.This ancient philosophical movement had reached its culmination after the 2nd century B.C and had been extensively applied to many sectors of Chinese thought such as martial arts, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine and of course feng shui.

The five feng shui elements are are Wood ( mù), Fire ( huǒ),Earth ( tǔ), Metal ( jīn), and Water ( shuǐ). Each element expresses a distinctive quality illustrated by colour, shape, sound and direction.

Feng Shui Elements

What does each element represent&how can each be used in home decor?

Fire element

Fire Flame

In Chinese philosophy the fire element represents dynamism, passion and persistence;although utilizing this color in excess can create a sense of restlessness, impatience and even aggression; therefore the particular element must be used in moderation to create the desired energy flow in your personal space. This element is considered to be the most dynamic of all the five elements promoting warmth, creativity and enthusiasm.In your home decor you can assure the presence of the fire element with pointy and triangular shaped decorative items,candles or even fireplaces as a furnishing alternative. Including leather or other animal symbolism also enhance this element.

Living Room with Fire Place

A fireplace is a distinctive and practical way of incorporating the fire element into your home decor – creating a warm and cozy focal point for areas such as your living rooms.

Fire element & colours: red, strong yellow, orange, purple, pink

Wood element

Wood Element

The wood element is the ideal element when seeking motivation, inspiration and generic creative energies. The presence of this element brings a natural balance that encourages vibrant energy,health and natural growth; nonetheless it is also considered an enhancer of wealth and prosperity.A brilliant and easy way to incorporate the wood element in your living space is by adding indoor houseplants -ideally those that naturally purify the air (something like this). Another way to attain this element is by columnar or upright rectangular-shaped decorative items of your personal preference.

Wood Feng Shui Element

An astonishing way to introduce wood element in your personal space could be a unique mosaic art solely made by slices of tree trunks – assimilating both a modern accent and natural feel.

Wood element & colors: green and brown

Earth element
Earth Elements

The Earth element conveys a strong sense of stability into your life, fueling nourishment and encouraging knowledge. Earth feng shui element is ideally suitable for the bedroom as its natural balanced energy creates a warm welcoming environment,especially when incorporating a surge of the fire element too. A great way to introduce this element into your home decor is with gemstones or crystals in various shades of color, earthy landscape wall art or images, pottery in addition to decorative items with flat and square shapes.

Room Decor

Bring the earth element into your living space by adding a touch of natural crystallization. This petite table is-exemplary & composed of smoky quartz crystals.

Earth Element & colors: sandy/earthy yellow and light brown

Metal element

Metal element

The metal element is known for its unique quality of conducting and transmitting energy throughout the environment that is present in, maintaining energy evenness.When incorporating the metal element you instantly establish purity, clarity and preciseness. Utilizing round or mounded objects with white or shades of grey can easily incorporate its presence in a living space. Moreover, usage of metal furnishings with chrome, tin, stainless steel and also brass will give an-incomparable clarity and cooling effect to your room decor and invoke the right balance.

Mosaic Art Mirror

A very interesting and creative way of charging your living space with the metallic energy is by a beautiful handmade mosaic art, which in this image embraces the frame of a mirror.

Metal element & colours: white and grey

Water element

Water element

The water element generates improvement associated with communication, whilst synchronously augmenting focus, professional opportunities and wealth.The element can articulate a flawless energy throughout the room, as it is the only element that can exist in three forms:solid,fluid & gaseous.

Water element decor

A wonderful way to encompass-the water element in your personal space is by adding a mini spring fountain or waterfall fountain (space permitting); the soothing sounds of trickling water will create a tranquil energy flow. Although the utilization of the water element should be arranged with caution and moderation as the careless usage of this element may reveal poor health and loss of money. Blue and black shades and fluid shapes are also a great method of complementing the water element.

Water element & Colours: Blue & Black

Rocks Zen

The more you experiment with the five fengshui elements the sooner you will approach the optimal level of energy efficiency within your living space, whilst elegantly decorating your personal space and sustaining optimal well being for you and your family.

How are you incorporating the five fengshui elements in your life? Comment below and share your own creative decorative ideas with us!

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