5 Simple Mosaic Patterns to Visually Enlarge your Bathroom!

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5 Simple Mosaic Patterns to Visually Enlarge your Bathroom!

Do you have a small bathroom, but big ideas for its interior?

Do you want to know how to transform a small space in to a room with big potential and character?

If so, you are reading the right article!

So how can you make a small space look visually BIGGER?

Surely, every bathroom must satisfy specific needs by providing the basics: toilet, sink and of course bathing or shower area. Regardless of its spatial properties these 3 components are absolutely essential, however a true homeowner would like to endorse relaxation within any section of his or her home.

So how can you create a small bathroom with big design?
Happy Note: The tricks that follow can easily be applied to any type of room!!!

1) Monochromatic Home Decor

Use a tone on tone color scheme in your bathroom’s interior using single color-tints, tones & shades on decorative items and the surroundings of the environment. The significance of a selected color for a room is very high as color affects our visual perception of a room’s shape and size.

An easy and stylish way to add an instant interest to the space is by using mosaic tile patterns to break the chromatic monotony and add a visual texture to the room. According to the “Color theory”, which first appeared in the writings of Leone Battista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci, warm colors are said to arouse and stimulate the viewer, while cool colors promote calmness and relaxation. Long story short: cool colors tend to recede, warm colors advance. For example a wall painted a color from the warm side of the color wheel will seem closer than one painted a cool color. Warm colors range from the true red at the top of the wheel to yellowish- green at the bottom of the wheel. Using this concept will surely help you alter the shape-size and to refine or hide certain features of the bathroom space.

white bathroom mosaic patterns

2) Matching the color of wall & mosaic tile

This is a well established color technique used to fool the eye in small interior spaces making them looking more spacious. Blending the same wall or ceiling with tile color will instantly expand the visual perception of the room. Tranquillity completely takes over in this cool-crispy blue bathroom. The liquid –sea like mosaic pattern that the tiles are forming is an excellent choice for a monochromatic scheme, it adds texture and movement to the space.

brooklyn renovation interior bathroom mosaic patterns

3) Vertically installed mosaic patterns

Vertically installed mosaic patterns is a smart and simply idea to emphasize the height of a small living space. Whether it is an accent wall or a statement mosaic wall, employing one element that emphasizes the vertical space in the room will automatically increase the sense of comfort and airiness.

Quick Tip: By using vertically shaped mosaic patterns, the viewer will automatically be guided to observe from downwards to upwards creating the desired high-ceiling effect.

Flower mosaic patterns

4) Use plus size mosaic patterns for size enhancement

This meticulous white-pink & brown floral mosaic pattern will give a fresh-blooming sense to your bathroom. Using large mosaic patterns creates an open feeling and a sense of leisure. Vertical mosaic patterns (motifs shape referring to a V or a U) like beautiful floral pattern displayed above, distorts the viewers sense of dimension allowing the ceiling to appear visually higher.

floral mural mosaic patterns bathroom

5) Keep It Simple!

When it comes to small spaces the well known quote “less is more” perfectly describes the interior design primer for small places. Literally, less is more in small space as every object, decorative ornament or pattern will quickly fill the space leaving you with an unpleasant stuffy feeling. This will surely not allow the space to become as efficient and practical – as it should be. Keep a minimalistic & modern interior which will be functional, clean & stylish!

minimalist bathroom mosaic patterns

Creating the perception of a more spacious environment when adding actual square footage in a space is not an option, can be easy and not that complicated after all! There is a plethora of mosaic tiles& mosaic patterns that you can compliment your personal space with that will turn your small & cluttered room into a stylish & visually larger space.

Need help selecting mosaic tiles or even mosaic patterns for your bathroom? Leave your comment on the comment box and we will personally consult you to get the results you want.

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