5 Ways How Mosaic Wall Art is Therapeutic: Save Your Life From Anger, Grief, & Trauma

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5 Ways How Mosaic Wall Art is Therapeutic: Save Your Life From Anger, Grief, & Trauma

Healing from a traumatic experience is a long-run journey. Difficulties are an inevitable part of life, and we can’t skip them. The world is crumbling into pieces, and stress and anxiety start to haunt us. It’s impossible to prevent every downtime in life, but it’s possible to get a new meaning of life that hard times teach us. Since ancient times, mosaic art has been trying to tell you the same thing.

Sometimes combining spiritual, physical, and creative senses to grow into healing is the only way. Humans keep searching for ways to reassemble the fragmented bits to form a sense of wholeness. It’s like finding the calmness within the storm. According to professional therapists, using a combination of art and meditation helps in creating the mosaic of your own life.

We are like pieces of mosaic art tiles, pieces of light and hope, and we glued them together to create the magic of our own lives.

Whether you are facing relationship issues, health issues, downtime in work life, or simply trying to overcome the hurdles that the pandemic has brought for the entire world, the therapeutic practice of taking up the broken bits of our life and turning them into something beautiful makes the healing faster for what’s broken within you.

“Break A Vase, And The Love That Reassembles The Fragments Is Stronger Than That Love Which Took Its Symmetry For Granted When It Was Whole”


The Therapeutic Ways Mosaic Art Heals Us From Trauma, Anger, & Grief

1- Conveyance of hidden emotions

Mosaic art is symbolic and too vocal! It conveys what we cannot share verbally. There are some sorrow, grief, and shame that we cannot share with others in our life journey. But they stay inside and interrupt our normal thinking process. Mosaic art is able enough to make vague yet overwhelming hidden feelings of sorrow, anger, and shame visible. Externalizing these toxic feelings from our souls onto paper, paint, or mosaics effectively concretizes them. It makes the conveyance of emotion easy.

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Over time, art therapists and clients review their art pieces, i.e., imagery products, during mosaic art therapy. Together, they document the healing process and get new meanings of life.

2- Asses of developmental ruptures

Mosaic art therapists include a wide range of dry and wet materials, loose and precise, and familiar and unfamiliar to the person. The selection of these materials depends on an individual client’s issues and therapy methods. Mainly, therapists prefer to include various art materials’ inherent sensory or kinesthetic, metaphorical qualities. They also help people in choosing these materials carefully. The material ranges are tailored to the unique persons and their specific issues in life. Appropriate use of these art materials helps therapists assess developmental ruptures, various traumatic experiences, and even healing improvement.

3- Brings the unconscious to consciousness

Regular and appropriate mosaic art therapy offers a safer buffer to let persons express themselves more openly. The most common sign among all trauma sufferers is that they stop communicating what they feel. Continuous suffocation controls the unconscious mind, and we start to lose balance. Mosaic art therapy seems effective in many ways. But the most prominent outcome is that it brings the unconscious to consciousness and lets the imagery speak to the world.

In mosaic art therapy, the sensitivity to ”windows of tolerance, is critical to the breadth of stimulation within which a human can comfortably participate. For faster, better diagnosis of mental health and improvement in healing, art therapists keep modulating material offerings with the pacing of directives to rightly match the clients’ changing requirements.

4- Ideal modality for unresponsiveness

When we talk about the broken pieces of life as the countereffect of addiction, we cannot skip the focus on trauma, grief, and loss. All these elements are interconnected. In some patients, substance abuse appeared due to great loss and subsequently interfered with the natural grief process. If a person becomes sober, unresolved grief becomes truly apparent. But at the initial stages, anger, resentment, guilt, or depression will be there.

Image Source : Mozaico Images

On the other hand, significant losses take place during the course of some people’s addiction. Art therapy, especially mosaic art therapy, is uniquely designed to reveal loss and trauma. Many inspiring craft mosaic tiles show the way of reaching people who are somehow shut down emotionally due to substance abuse or other reasons. According to modern art therapists, this is an ideal modality for treating unresponsive persons.

5- Limits the bad memory recalling habit

Images, symbols, and metaphors indicate our unconscious lives and dreams. These are the primary ways we connect with the rest of the world. Pre-verbal, non-verbal, right brain, and repressed experiences of trauma often grow spontaneously via the art-making process. Abstract mosaic art ideas show how delicate art can be developed using broken and sharp pieces of tiles. In the same way, violent and traumatic experiences can shape our future when the storm within us stops, and we will get a new meaning in life. Using art without proper psychotherapeutic training is risky, and sudden triggers of traumatic memories can lead a person to serious mental issues.

Art also has the potential to harm

Yes, art also has the potential to harm. Art therapists require training and credentials to lead the healing journey of individuals. In the same way, a mosaic artist requires years of training and practice to craft masterpieces that inspire people to make the most beautiful out of broken pieces of life. Individuals with complex histories of trauma, and suicidal or homicidal tendencies, require extra care and treatment. With proper training and certification, therapists handle them, soothe their inner storms, and bring out their calm and sober inner beauty like an expert mosaic artist.

Putting the broken pieces together

If it is broken, it can be mended but maybe not in the exact way we have first imagined. A phase of life can be shattered by loss, trauma, and grief. But it makes us receptive to new opportunities in life and lets us grow and heal simultaneously. Using mosaic art and premium mosaic art tiles as a form of art therapy ensures many healing benefits. This special art form includes several distinct phases, and each of them comes with metaphorical and symbolical healing elements. If we look at other art forms, collage and quilting share similar therapeutic qualities but differ from mosaic art.

Exploring the vast collection of unique mosaic art is beneficial in many ways. It not only heals the trauma but also inspires the hidden creative side of your mind. You can explore the huge collection of Mozaico to realize the true meaning of modern mosaic art.

At Mozaico, you can get various art tiles for sale that will boost your place’s aesthetic value, inspiring your soul and offering you a whole new meaning to life.

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