A Guide on How to Clean Different Mosaic Tiles

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A comprehensive collection of mosaic tile materials follows to give more of a practical insight on how to properly clean and maintain your mosaic in your household and pleasantly remind you that beauty CAN be low-maintenance.

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How to Remove Stains from Mosaic Tiles?

• Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tiles are known to be a very adaptable and flexible architectural resource for every home’s decor that can easily be incorporated in various environmental settings. By using this material type can guarantee water and stain protection, in addition to trouble-free cleaning and general maintenance.

By following these steps, the optimal condition of your ceramic mosaic tiles is accomplished with the utmost ease…

• Regular sweeping and vacuuming of the ceramic tiles maintains the radiant look your ceramic tiles initially had by eliminating dirt stains before immersing the tile or even grout into any chemical or liquid solution.

√ A soft brush vacuum attachment is an ideal option for a delicate daily cleaning routine that will eliminate any existing dirt and grit.

• Mopping – course of action for gloss and color enhancement.

√ Use warm & clean water with a dash of mild soap detergent.

√ Regular water is the one of cheapest and most effective domestic cleaning product for your tiles.

√ In case of a persistent stain do not hesitate to utilize a more heavy duty cleaning product as it will not damage the material.

√ For a pet friendly environment, an excellent alternative of chemical cleansing product is: white vinegar mixed with a gallon of plain water.

√ A frequent change of water bucket for eliminating the “cloudy floor” effect.

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• Mosaic tile Grout

You don’t want the beauty of your mosaic tile to be overshadowed by a dull grout, do you? Make sure that you don’t neglect the importance of the support system of your mosaic tiles which are obviously the grouts. By sealing your mosaic tiles, you will prevent the penetration of spills, dirt and most importantly mop water from soaking into the grout.

√ Make sure that following the installation of your ceramic mosaic tile a sealing procedure will take place.

Once or Twice annually is the ideal frequency of domestic sealing operations.

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• Glass Tile

With an abundant choice list of colors, endless designs and combinations of the two, glass tiles constitute a perfect example for an indoor or outdoor decorative material that stands out for its low maintenance level and long term performance.

In order to achieve optimal condition of your glass mosaic tiles you will need to…

√ Use clean water mixed with a mild soap or for a more organic solution you can use vinegar. Place the mixture in either a bucket or spray bottle and thoroughly rinse the tile surface.

√ Leave the liquid mixture 5 to 10 minutes to settle on the glass tile and gently sponge the grout area to remove any excess dirt. Rinse the glass tile surface well from any soap or chemical residue with plenty of water.

√ Last but not least is to fully dry out the surface to avoid spots of water and potential mildew.

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• Metal Tile

Metal tile is an excellent modern addition to your living space, especially suitable for home decor employing a futuristic and/or minimalist decor or of a more ultra modern interior design. Like the other aforementioned mosaic tile materials, metallic tile should be cleaned and take care of on a regular basis.

Here are some points to follow to attain optimal your metal mosaic tiles beauty and extend their life…

√ Clean your metal tiles by simply using warm water and a dish washing or any domestic mild detergent.

√ To naturally polish the metal use clean, dry and soft microfiber cloth throughout the desired surface.

√ If you wish to remove scratches from your metallic mosaic, a steel wool pad would be ideal. Following with gentle and circular motions, rubbing the target spot and subsequently cleaning the area with a moist tablecloth definitely does the trick.

√ Avoid using sandpaper or any other scratchy- abrasive cleaners as they can be harmful on your tile surface.

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• Natural Stone

Natural stone mosaic is well known as the decorative architectural element that can be easily embodied into both a modern and/or traditional interior design. From a range of potential designs, natural stone mosaics can be illustrated in a range of patterns, textures and finishes. Travertine mosaic tile and marble mosaic tile are some of the materials that fall under the natural stone umbrella.

To assure that your natural stone mosaic will attain its desired aesthetic and utility, bear in mind the following points…

√ First step will be cleaning your natural stone mosaic vigorously from dust using a groom or even a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

√ Rinse the mosaic surface with clean water and then apply cleaning solution with a mop or sponge throughout the exposed surface; leaving it for approx. 5 minutes.

√ By using sponge-tipped mop for a floor or a regular domestic sponge for any other surface, proceed to meticulously cleaning the desired surface.

√ Clean solely with neutral pH cleaners (pH=7). Strictly avoid any cleaning solution containing even a minuscule dosage of acid or bleach.

√ Do not use the vinegar and water mixture for this specific material as it will most probably damage the natural stone’s surface.

√ Rinse the mosaic surface with clean water to remove the natural stone cleaning debris.

√ Lastly, remove all the water and moist residue by using a non abrasive cloth or sponge.

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