Abstract Art - Mosaic Designs: Visual Sounds Of Color and Shape

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Cover Photo: by Mozaico Art

Is abstract art just an excuse to be a bad artist?

Why do you think some people like it and others don’t appreciate it?

What is abstract art, and how one can appreciate it?

Did you know that art enthusiasts are willing to spend millions on abstract artworks?

Why do auctioneers and bidders appraise and evaluate artworks?

Is there a strategy behind this?

In this article you will discover what abstract art is really about and how to contemplate this art movement! You will also discover why do auctioneers and bidders evaluate abstract artworks.

The Art Story: Abstract Art

Is abstract art just an excuse to be a bad artist? Abstract artworks are not all similar. The subject of what separates rousing and worthless abstract artworks is complicated and has been debated for a long time. Some abstract pieces manifest a conceptual expression, while other pieces illustrate a visual sound of shape and color. Nevertheless, some artists just threw paint on a canvas and people pay millions for it. Thus might be the main reason why some people don’t appreciate abstract artworks. What is abstract art? The visual sounds of shape, form and color have shaped an independent visual allusion for art compositions. Consequently abstract art has become a language, recognized by the citizens of imagination!

Comparison: Abstract Mosaics

Abstract mosaics, are distinct from traditional mosaics, relying on accurate lines and details, and comparable to impressionist mosaics, created with natural flaws and intangibility. Abstract mosaics are a visual language of color and sound.Where the texture become the main part of the artwork. Broaden and dissimilar natural tesserae, are used to create a textured compositions. Thus upgraded the lawlessness of abstract art visions. Adding a new visual perspective to the trinity of cynosure (shape, form, and color ) in rousing abstract paintings. Texture in abstract mosaics, have became a perceptual influence for many painters around the globe.

Mosaic Art Tiles - Abstract Art

Photo Credit: by Patricia Hourc, www.hourcq-mosaique.com

Did you know that art enthusiasts are willing to spend millions on abstract artworks?

Yes it’s true, art enthusiasts are willing to spend millions when they get auctioned off. I think what makes abstract art so expensive, is the unique expression of the artist himself. Expressing though the language of colors, shapes and textures have brought many artworks to life. An abstract artwork, is a unique piece which is a way more difficult to reproduce. People think that abstract is non-objective, the truth is the more you look, the more you discover!

Last but not least, art was never meant to be suppressed in clearly visible subjects to be rousing, and it is arguable that some abstract artworks styles are more thrilling than realism.

Abstract Art - Mosaic Design Landscape

Photo Credit: by Mozaico Art

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