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Alex Gray Art

Life, Death and afterlife have been always a wonder in each living creature’s mind. Always questioning the earth and what’s beyond. Are there any extraterrestrial neighbors living around? What is a spiritual realm? How many visits or planes of existence man experience? Why don’t we know that we don’t know ? Why can’t we find clear answers for our questions? Sometimes finding the answer is not what makes life significant. Nevertheless, we make it so through the courage to doubt and the depth to subconsciously create the answers for ourselves. Who has a better imagination than an artist? Let us dive into an odyssey of creative answers, 10 artists will fill you with wonders and give your similar creative mind inspirational answers.We think they will definitely change the way you think.

Michael’s Pencil Art

Michel El Hachem is a young intelligent engineer.

He is a self taught artist who made a revolution in the cyber world through his art.

Are we made out of stardust?

Are we star seeds?

Is there a portal that transports us into the cosmos?

Through ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil, Michel tries to puzzle together magellanic clouds, nebulas and figures to show us the divine connection of man and space.


Space Art

Richard Stuart‘s Farsighted Illustrations

Richard Stuart is a visionary artist and interesting illustrator. He usually works with ink and pen, collage and large wall drawings.

Do we rise like a phoenix from the ashes?

Is there a life after death?

What is Reincarnation?

Richard decided to change the definition of death instead of assuming a life after death. Through his illustrations, he pieces questions and answers harmonically just like a mosaic artwork.

Ink Doodle

Ink Art

Erik’s Liepins Art

Erik is a visionary artist and illustrator who uses a wide range of mediums including ink and watercolors.

This artist is known for his precision, attention to detail and symbolic artworks. For him, there’s no end. Life is an infinite stagnation where everything rotates endlessly.

According to him, the butterfly speaks it all.

” Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”

Psychedelic Art

Visionary Art

Ben Tolman

Through art, Ben creates a space to slow down the time and to reflect the experience that is embedded within him.He is fascinated and influenced by the juxtapositions of the mundane patterns of the everyday life.

Why does this project of existence continue to unfold flawlessly?

How does Life reflect mystery, beauty and horror while a cultural mythology acts as an explanation to everything?

In a world that is constantly moving faster, his detailed ink drawings give him the space to slow down and explore life’s circumstances. He abandoned any existing mainstream beliefs trying to explain life, and traveled through the mystery alone creating through art his own interpretations of life!

Zentangle Art

Ben Tolman Art

Rudolf Hausner Psychic Realist Artist

Rudolf Hausner Art

Rudolf Hausner ‘1914-1995’ was a psychic realist artist who portrays a phenomenal gateway to every dreamer. He constantly drew extraordinary and phantasmagorical gnomes arising from the unconscious.

What is human figure?

Why can’t we fly like other creatures?

Is earth a counter resonant organ for Human ascension?

Through his surrealistic and psychoanalytical artworks, he illustrates a scientific study of hallucinogens and their effects on human consciousness. Rudolf was the leader of an art revolution that reached not only artists but also scientists and physicists.

Visionary and Surreal

Art by Rudolf Hausner

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Artwork Of Love

Through his visionary paintings, Eduardo captures the harmony of the universe with vibrant colors and geometric shapes. He passionately invites the viewer to enter a new dimensional realm and state.

What is the divine silver cord?

How does this consciousness thread alter the soul to the physical body?

Why are the physical bodies and hermetic bodies so closely connected?

How can we be aware of our astral body and mental body?

All these questions and more, keep Eduardo connected to this life thread manifesting the answers through his artworks.

Art Spiritual Mosaic

Visionary Mosaic Painting

Darwin Leon Visions

Rudolf Hausner Art

Darwin believes in revising classical methods of art to create a more contemporary form of expression. His artworks mirror life and the social issues of time, and reveal historical aspects of humanity.

What is the theory of Eternity and the philosophy of time?

Is time an illusional measure?

From an utterly static universe, the concept of time and change might be constantly differing. Darwin believes that a sectioned time is a figment of tale where the future can influence the present. People could easily read the message behind the symbology of his artworks without feeling challenged by it.

Visionary Art

Time Painting

Hipgnosis: Thorgerson and Powell

Hipgnosis was an English art design group specialized in creating cover art.

Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell were the revolutionary artists that designed artistic covers for Pink Floyd and other famous musicians.

Pink Floyd allowed us to change the way we think, and kept us wondering for ages so far. Hipgonis made their music visual including many visionary wonders.

How can sound be light at a lower vibration?

How can light be sound at a higher oscillation?

Are the manifested physical and the unseen spiritual, one unit of great beauty and simplicity?

Through their many creative and conspiring artworks, Hipgnosis clarified the answer.

Pink Floyd Album Art

Pink Floyd Art

Click to see a similar mosaic art mural.

Muse Cover Art

Album Art

The Visionary Art of Mark Henson

Mark Henson is a Paintbrush warrior. His art tends to be narrative and descriptive usually telling a story and showing emotional and conscious images. Mark is a down to earth person, however when it comes to activating his creative energies, he stares deeply within himself and seeks to express what he discovers.

What is the divine source of being?

Where is that place where existence came from?

Mark Henson brought into visual reality images that manifest the divine knowledge. His artworks resonated well with the public because they were considered a personal, unique and motivational vision.


Exclusive Mark Henson

Visionary art of Henson

Mark Henson Reincarnation

The Visionary Experience Of Alex Gray

Through his visionary experience, Alex Grey became best known for his paintings which portray multiple dimensions of reality, intertwining biological anatomies, and psychic spiritual energies using vibrant colors and mosaic like sacred geometric shapes.

What is shape and who created it?

How to interlace biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies?

Is Godhood real?

Do your prayers or practices leave you ecstatically melted into Godhood?

All these thoughts have been keeping Alex Gray more connected to the divine thread of art. He created celestial answers through his ecstatic paintbrush

Visionary Painting

Alex Gray Visionary Art

Alex Gray Art

Alex Gray

For some people art is a mere amusement, for others it might be meaningless. But there are those among us who believe in art as a life-changing experience. Do you have an artwork that changed your life or the way you think? Share your experience with us!

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