Bath In Colors: 5 Most Soothing Colors for Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of our favorite escapes in the house since it’s where we seek freshness, bloom and other, more intimate pursuits. This solo hangout spot is a fairly comfy haven, a solace that no other spot of the house can provide, with the exception of the cellar and its stores of glorious groceries and wine. Nevertheless, the fact that a bathroom is a place where we’re supposed to freshen up and revive ourselves is reason enough to make it as restful as possible. As such, it’s only logical that we color it with the shade that automatically transports you into a relaxing mood, a retreat suspended in time. I recently mentioned in my previous article how scientists have recently proved that the bathroom area is related to psychological and social change. For instance, a floral shower in a wise decorated bathroom is sufficient enough to lead healthier and more relaxed lives, sheltered from the incessant pressures of the everyday life. When some people want to lift their spirits, they reach for a bowl of ice cream. There’s a better way to improve your mood, though: Color. It’s and influential artsy instrument that can transform your rooms into a more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic flee.

Looking for ways to revamp your bathroom?

Having a hard time deciding what colors you should make it wear?

Whether you are looking to add more enthusiasm to your walls or single out a rug for your floor, these are 5 most soothing yet stylish color ideas that you can consider to revitalize your bath in colors.

• Fifty shades of Grey

Beautiful Grey Bathroom Wood

Fifty shades of grey is a perfect pick to those interested in refreshing their decor with healthy and fengshui-friendly colors. It’s also a popular choice among those who wish to inspire calm, relaxation and keep on the safe side. Make sure to choose your colors wisely, when you think of crafting peace and harmony into your home interior. You also have to avoid the colors that might have contrary effects on you and your loved ones.

Grey Bathroom

• • Snowfall

White Bathroom

Snowfall is also a perfect selection to those who wish to bring serenity and freshness to their bathrooms. In case you want to go for the snowfall theme, I recommend adding a floral or geometric mosaic, thus creates subtle contrast between the two sections, adding a striking flair to your walls or even floors.

Flower Mosaic Bathroom

• • • Tidewater Tones

Tidewater tone is another way of alleviating a bathroom, without wasting vigor.This is a softer version of Aquamarine and Turquoise, its name indicates a watery, ocean-like vibe. This hue is associated with spotless oceans and clear skies, a tidewater bathroom is an easy source of cheerfulness. When you are, for instance, feeling blue a bath in a Tidewater tone bathroom is sure to lift your spirits and perk you up. Want to make your bathroom look more spacious than it actually is? It is a commonly known fact that light colors will help you make your room look bigger.

The red floral chair in the picture below, creates a visually pleasing figure. Contradicting the fact that it’s best to go pale and monochromatic doesn’t mean there is no place for contrasts at all.

Aqua Blue bathroom

• • • • Earth Accents

Earth tone is a color palette of browns, russets, warm grays, and greens. The colors in an earth tone scheme are softened and smooth in an aping of the natural hues of mud, moss, trees and stones. Many earth tones are initiated from terracotta/clay tinctures, such as burnt umber, yellow ochre, and brown sienna. Earth tone just like grays, a color that gives off a serene sequence through a diverse palette reminding us of sceneries. The closer to the atmosphere the shades are, the more serene the effect is. Earth tone is also a resourceful color and virtually matches everything you brace it with.

Flower Mosaic Bathroom Earth accent

Earth accent Mosaic Bathroom

• • • • • Blue Lacquer

Blue lacquer is a popular choice among those who wish to arouse stillness and relaxation. This color is one of the best aspirants, helping you make your bathroom escort to bloom. However, serenity and renewal aren’t the only vibes blues can trigger. The glossy top of lacquer has added a gloom of elegance and mysticism. If you want to go for this look, balance the dark hues with shades of aquas, , or light cerulean.

Creative Blue Lacquer Bathroom

Last but not least, the colors of your bathroom are a direct reflection of yourself. The right color can set a mood and absorb away bad energies, stress and fatigue! While most of us may not spend time thinking about it, hence the colors we decide to use in our home interior play a big role in the way we feel and think. Color can actually improve our moods and affect our lives in several ways. Therefore it’s so important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating! Sometimes singling out colors for your home can appear like a tough task. Nonetheless don’t be afraid to experiment and try bold and innovative colors, with a forecast in hand, you can find the glows that will make your home a reflection of your personality and flavor, only then would you bath in color!

Have a soothingly colorful, bathing experience!

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