Bohemian Mood and Ideas with Mosaic Style Decor

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Bohemian home interior style is popular, no doubt about it. It lends itself to the multi-cultural world we live in, and reflects a more relaxed aesthetic that appeals to just about anyone. It’s also positioned on the opposite end of the spectrum from the modern homes we’ve also looked at here in our blog.

Mosaic art is totally compatible with the colorful, funky feel of boho style. In a home where pattern is celebrated, it can add another layer of texture and shine that fits in perfectly. On the other hand, it can be used to make certain design elements really pop, providing just the right background, or enhancing one or more colors. It can also be used to cool things down a bit, using softer tones and textures to complement wood, pottery, or other rustic pieces. It even roams right on out into the garden, looking zesty among the foliage. You don’t need to embrace the look in every room – even smaller accents will add a lot. Let’s check out some of the most inspiring ideas to bring mosaic art into your life.

Look Down For Mosaic Style Inspiration

The rich details and colors of Oriental rugs provide a lot of the overall look in this footloose world of free spirits. There’s no problem with stacking colors and patterns. The rugs you see may be well-loved, hung on a wall, or even spread out on a lawn or patio.

Image from Pinterest

The blues of the Mediterranean sea are woven into this mosaic tile pattern that’s inspired by Persian carpets. Here’s a perfect example of adding just one big accent to keep the boho style going from room to room. The bed linens stay simple.

Image from Freshome

Here, the concept of a rug runner is used to center the bathtub on a field of terra-cotta and blue tones. All the effect of an intricately woven piece is still there but in a water-friendly environment.

Image from BCT

If you’re not quite ready to haul one of your favorite wool rugs out into the elements, you can also get the look with mosaic rugs. Here, a pebble mosaic piece provides a visual gateway into the patio area. With its sturdy construction, it can handle rain, foot traffic, and the occasional washing down with a hose.

Image from Pinterest

You can easily get this look in your sunroom or pool area with one of our flower design carpet glass mosaic artwork. Here, brilliant Chinese reds and have all the casual opulence of a luxurious carpet, but without the worries about spills, shedding, or stains.

Home of Many Colors

A concerted effort to bring color into every corner of the home is a big part of bohemian style. There might be an unspoken goal to have the look of a gypsy caravan or to incorporate all the hues from a beloved tie-dyed t-shirt. With the unlimited range available in mosaic designs, it’s perfect for accenting any room.

This kitchen uses a wide range of colors to cheerful effect, as it complements a collection of Fiestaware dishes and blown glass artwork. The larger tiles provide functional countertop space, while the accent tiles provide a sense of movement along the backsplash. The colors contrast, but are all in harmony with the red accent wall.


Image from HGTV

This Moroccan-inspired bath throws a lot of colors at you, but it’s quite glamorous. There are several notable examples of mosaic wall art here that can be used for inspiration. Note the smaller tiles on the countertop, the arch-shaped inlays in the shower stall, and the fine details of the wall insets. It’s a fun space that would make any morning cheery.


Image from RSYnews

Here’s another room with no fear of color. With the brightly painted woodwork, it could be a caravan out on the road. Although the walls have wide sweeps of color, notice how the bathroom mosaic tile details pull it all together and bring out the careful chosen pottery pieces on display.

bathroom mosaic tile details

Image from Pinterest

Out in the garden of another home, this totem accent is a creative way to use old flowerpots for a piece that provides a focal point. The free-form style of the mosaic designs references mosaic flowers and trees, and mosaic butterflies and birds. Having an eclectic piece like this definitely indicates to visitors that the garden owners have a sense of fun and whimsy that’s essential to bohemian style.

mosaic flowers and trees

Image from Pinterest

If your sense of boho style loves color, but your living space is small, there are some crafty ways to sneak a sense of adventure into your home. Here, this mosaic wall art enlivens a simple alcove area with a shelf in a mudroom. The simple small basin on the natural wood doesn’t take away from the fun of the wall art.

Image from Pinterest

Icons of All Kinds

There are a few elements in the big, diverse world of bohemian style that tend to pop up. Sometimes an artist, sometimes a pop-cultural reference, but they just keep appearing from year after year, with no regard for room or decade.

Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist, has grown only more famous since her untimely death. Her striking appearance and unconventional life still inspire new generations in their decor.

Image from Pinterest

So, it’s not that unusual that she’s a fixture in human figures mosaics. Her image is seen here on a mosaic tile tray, supporting all the needs for the type of festive occasions she painted.

Image from HGTV

Frida can grace your home in a piece of mosaic art that captures her rebellious nature and charisma so well. She’d be a great host for any of your outdoor activities on the deck.

It’s not surprising that the Fab Five made the list of celebrated boho icons. The Fab Five lived the lifestyle before many decorators were even born. Their style and musical catalog are still classic elements in the happy eclectic style we’re celebrating. In this amazing bath, the Yellow Submarine makes an appearance, with a floor-to-ceiling mosaic art extravaganza representing the Ocean Blue.

Image from Pinterest

You can set up your own homage to everyone’s favorite singalong with the right underwater scene and some yellow fixtures. All you need is the right nautical mosaic art.

Or, honor the legacy of John Lennon with the simple message taken from his song “Imagine”.

Seeing Patterns in Everything

The prevalence of patterns in this decorating style is what makes it so interesting. It’s not just the swirl of paisley or the intricacies of woven tapestries and complicated motifs. It’s the way it’s mixed with easy generosity, creating comfortable spaces. The right patterns can evoke faraway places and inspire conversation.

This glorious conservatory in Istanbul is a master class on pattern mixing. The tiles, upholstery, pillows, and pottery all have their own motifs – but it all works together. This has been accomplished through a well-coordinated color palette that carries through all the different patterns. The terra-cotta floor pavers and the white marble water feature and tabletop are key to grounding it all with neutrals.

Image from Deringhall

Here’s another example of a wild pattern that works. The entire wall of this Mexican resort is covered in a crazy quilt of tile motifs. It removes any doubt that this space is meant for serious business – it’s all about the eclectic, relaxed vibe here.

Image from Freshome

This bathroom needs no further embellishment. There’s just a simple sink, and a groovy lantern to set off the red in the checkered floor. Both easy to care for and bursting with wild abandon, it reminds anyone bathing that they just might be on a holiday in Marrakesh. Really, this form of escapism and wanderlust are a key part of this sort of style.

Image from Pinterest

You can get the same feel of exotic escapism by outfitting your room with a groovy motif like a paisley mosaic pattern that looks like it was plucked from the wall tapestries of a Raja’s palace.

Just Leaf it to Mosaic Tiles

No self-respecting modern gypsy soul would have a home without plant life. From exotic foliage to vines and flowers, it’s all a key part of the aesthetic – indoors and outdoors. It’s no wonder that the love of the natural world has crept into the mosaic art choices in bohemian style homes, as well.

Greeting anyone who walks by, this wonderful use of mosaic wall art highlights the unique octagonal shape of the window. It looks fantastic against the neutral stucco of the home’s walls. A variety of tile shapes gives it a handcrafted feel that is appealing.

Image from Pinterest

A loose and flowing style is the hallmark of the bathroom mosaic tile used around this tub. The backsplash portrays a garden done in a charming naive style, and the theme is carried out on the smaller tiles that rim the tub. The ficus tree looks perfectly at home in this little corner of paradise.

Image from Pinterest

This unique bench is outside, and exemplifies several parts of boho style, in addition to its bright flowers that line the back. The colors are blended together with exuberance, the setting looks comfortable and inviting, and the pattern mix continues onto the patio tiles and the end table. Who wouldn’t want to sit down for some relaxed conversation in this spot?

Image from Urban Gardens Web

The sunny kitchen here brings on the boho with natural wood counters, the relaxed look of open shelving, and a floral motif as a kitchen mosaic backsplash. It’s a great counterpoint to the soft eggshell blue tones of the paint and the fresh herb plants enjoying the light.

Image from Housessive

Adding the botanical motif to your boho design plans is easy. There are hundreds of options, but you might want to start with a large piece like this olive tree mosaic art. The colors will blend with your succulent collection and vines, and inspire your decorating choices in the rest of the room.

Just remember, Bohemian style is about eclectic choices that share your personality and life with the world. There’s no particular color scheme, no limits, and no end to the fun that you’ll have put it all together. Just think of any theme you’d like to explore, and you’re sure to find it in our online mosaic art catalog!

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