Breaking Mosaic News: Mosaic Portraits, Public Art And More!

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Don’t worry – new ideas for mosaic tile art are created every day! Just because we’re staying put doesn’t mean inspiration is lacking. Since we’ve been seeking out dreamy exotic vacation destinations, cool ideas for activities, and the latest decor trends, we want to share the latest mosaic art news.

As you might expect, quarantine life inspires a lot of handmade mosaic ideas. Here’s what happening in community art and more.

Artist Thinks Out of the Box for This Wood Masterpiece

Artist Thinks Out of the Box for This Wood Masterpiece
Image Source: Tapinto.net

Wood can be a great mosaic material. Down in Coral Springs, Florida, young artist John Parilla was itching to make a custom mosaic portrait for his wife. With Mother’s Day looming, he headed off to his workshop to turn wood pieces into a charming image of their young daughter.

After more than 18 hours, and 7600 wooden tiles – it was done. His wife Stephanie was predictably blown away by the gift: “I was completely surprised,” she said. “John typically makes me amazing, thoughtful gifts, but this was in a league of its own.”

Parilla is known for working with interesting proportions as he creates his wooden pieces. One of his most Instagram-friendly artworks involved a different sort of mosaic design, using Lego figures.

Mosaic Portrait
Image Source: ParillaWorks

The shadowbox holds an arrangement of approximately 250 of the mini-figures – with room for mare as he tweaks the design.

It might be hard to find good help for some jobs, but Nora Parilla is proving to be an enthusiastic apprentice in the world of mosaic design.

Nora Parilla
Image Source: Tapinto.net

Welsh Family Creates Mosaic Garden Rainbows

Mosaic Garden Rainbows
Image Source: North Wales Pioneer

When life hands you lockdowns, it’s time to make some meaningful art with the family! Here at Mozaico, we love the idea of family projects, and we’ve been sharing lots of ways to make mosaic art designs on everything from mosaic coasters to flower gardens.

In Wales, the Mochdre family drew inspiration from the quarantine to revitalize their backyard and commemorate a special time in their lives. Like many of us, they’d been taking advantage of their free time and good weather to work on projects outside.

With an existing set of mosaic slabs at the center of their garden, they had an enticing blank slate to work with. After purchasing paints in cheerful colors, Caroline Mochdre started filling in the tile shapes. As many of you mosaic tile artists know, the process of creating a new mosaic design is absorbing and fun.

Before she knew it, the first square was done, and her family was eager to jump in and help. “It was a lively project to do with my family and kept us focused for a few “It was a lively project to do with my family and kept us focused for a few days,” Caroline added.

Mosaic Portrait
Image Source: North Wales Pioneer

Since Caroline works in the local school system, she felt that the center of the mosaic tiles should feature a message of support for the local essential workers and commemorate this historical moment. We encourage you to make a similar work with your family on DIY mosaic activities to pass the time as you’re home!

Reston Public Mosaic Art Installation is Timely

Mosaic Portrait
Image Source: Reston Now

Delays caused by COVID-19 related issues pushed back the unveiling of this new mosaic artwork in Reston, Virginia. The creator feels that the current quarantine makes the message of the mosaic wall art even more important, allowing people to interact with art even as museums and galleries are closed.

Valerie Theberg, the artist, created the glass mosaic installation with the idea that the swirling images, interesting details, and colors that harmonize with the surroundings would inspire people to look, talk, and relax.

The geometric shapes and color choices were carefully tailored to harmonize with the nearby architecture. Stretching along the front of the Lincoln at Weihle Station, it measures 75-feet long and includes a bench.

You might want to add Reston to one of the mosaic art rich cities to visit after the lockdown! The Washington DC suburb has a number of public art installations, including other pieces by Theberge.

Mosaic Portrait
Image Source: Public Art Reston
Mosaic Portrait
Image Source: Public Art Reston

Artists of All Types Share Their Feelings

Image Source: Viral Imaginations

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, don’t hesitate to pick up one of our mosaic art kits and create your own custom mosaic artwork. Projects like Penn State’s Viral Imaginations: Covid-19 invite the public to submit their creations for a digital exhibit.

Around your own home, don’t forget that this might be a great time to work on home renovations. Creating a special garden spot, or adding a custom mosaic to your bath or kitchen are great projects that add value to your home.

Need more ideas? Our website has some great inspiration! Be sure to check out our catalog and designer picks.

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