Cozy Home Mosaic Designs for Christmas & New Years Eve


Nothing says holidays better than a cozy home. To make your home feel cozy, decorations are key, but you can go a step further by using seasonal art and home decor. Of course, there are multiple ways to achieve this, but there is just one option that will both suit any architectural style and show off your artistic flair: mosaic designs. Better still, the possibilities for incorporating mosaic designs into your home to create cozy modern decor are almost endless.

House to Home
To start, consider which of your living spaces currently feel as if they are lacking something. Where does your house feel less like a home and more like a building? Every corner should feel inviting — but if your floors are bare, your walls sparsely decorated, and your furniture plain, it will feel quite the opposite. Locate your problem areas: these are where you are going to install a mosaic design.

Wall Art

mosaic design
Mosaic wall art can be permanent or it can be in a frame, which you can put up just for the Christmas season.
In the case you choose something permanent, you’ll need to pick a design that will suit your home all year and bring a cozy feel for Christmas. One way to pick the right piece is to consider colors. You want warm tones, like pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds. Another way to choose is by theme. A beautiful piece of art, picturesque landscape, or an image featuring animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, or trees are all perfect for creating a sense of coziness in your wall decor.
In the case you’d prefer a mosaic art that you can install just for Christmas, think about what the season means to you. If it is an important religious holiday, a religious scene is likely ideal. If the holiday is more about being with family and friends than faith, find an image that reflects these ideas. A scene that expresses togetherness or friendship could be perfect for this purpose.

Room Decor
Next, think about at what you can do with your decor. Like wall decor, room decor can stay in your home year round or it can be just for Christmas.

If your kitchen or bathroom lacks visual interest, a mosaic kitchen backsplash could be just what you need. Although the most popular designs for kitchens feature food and drink and bathrooms tend to use watery themes, you can take your interior design in any decoration. Flowery patterns, celestial themes, and designs featuring nature work well in both settings.

A backsplash is just one of many ideas for mosaic decor in the bathroom. Another is the bathtub. This is ideal if you want to make the tub the centerpiece of the room. You can add a border around the top or even mosaic the entire thing.

Soap Dish
A simpler option for the bathroom is a mosaic soap dish. This is a good choice if you are new to mosaic art and want to practice with something small. Plus, you can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed.
Flowerpots and Vases
Another common place to find mosaic designs is on flowerpots. The reason: you have the freedom to use almost any design and it will look fantastic. In the case of a flowerpot, think about what you will plant — to ensure you use complementary colors.

An idea just for Christmas is a mosaic art tray. Use it to serve guests seasonal refreshments.


mosaic design
For an even more striking effect, pair your festive tray with mosaic coasters. These can match or just share the same theme.

If you have a guest room where visitors will be staying over the holidays, make it cozy with a mosaic design nightstand. You can transform the most basic piece of furniture with even a simple design.

Mosaic Floors
For floors, the coziest thing you can do is install a mosaic rug. This will bring a sense of warmth to your home where a physical rug would be inappropriate. Some potential places for a mosaic rug include the kitchen, a bathroom, or any room if you live in a warm climate.
It is common to use geometric patterns for mosaic rugs, but if you’d prefer to have an image, this can work just as well. For instance, the symmetry of a compass is particularly effective, whereas simple pictures are eye catching without being distracting.

Christmas Decorations

mosaic design
The most obvious idea for mosaic design Christmas decorations is tree baubles. These are simple to make and you can easily match them to your color scheme for the year. All you’ll need is a simple bauble and you can attach any type of tesserae to the surface.
Alternatively, take your skills to another level and get more creative with your Christmas decorations. For instance, you could make a mosaic Christmas tree — of any size. This could stand on a coffee table or mantelpiece or hang on your wall. Another idea is to create a mosaic wreath for your front door. This will last many more years than a natural wreath and look far more elegant than one made from plastic greenery.

Interior Design for Living Room
A top place to include mosaic design for cozy home decor is the living room. As this is where you spend most of your time with your family and entertaining guests, it’s extra important that the space be welcoming. In addition to the above ideas, there are some specific ways to include mosaics in the living room.

A mirror on the wall of your living room is useful for increasing the sense of space and for distributing light. Despite this, it can look a little dull if it is just plain glass. Glam up a wall mirror by giving it a mosaic border.

Christmas celebrations often take place around the fireplace. The fireplace is also a common place to put decorations, display greetings cards, and hang stockings. Take advantage of the fact that attention is already turned to this area by adding a mosaic either the mantelpiece or the entire front of your fireplace. This will make it cozy whether the fire is turned on or not.

Coffee Table
Provided that you use a design where your tesserae will create a smooth surface, you can apply a mosaic design to the top of your coffee table. One idea is to bring out the table just for Christmas and place it in a strategic position to tie other elements of your festive decorating together.

Photo Frames

mosaic design
Display your favorite seasonal shots for the holidays. Use photos of family members who are no longer with you or pictures of celebrations from years past. Instead of using standard frames, add a personal touch to your photos by making your own mosaic frames.

Minimalist armchairs are perfect for mosaic art. Turn a simplistic piece of furniture into vibrant artwork. You can stick tesserae over just the legs or over the entire piece. If you plan to continue sitting in the armchair, make sure that the tesserae is comfortable on the back, seat, and arms.
It is best of all to use a combination of permanent interior design ideas and mosaic artwork that will be just for Christmas. Do this by finding ways to use mosaics in your Christmas decorations, walls, floor, and decor. This way, you’ll keep your home feeling cozy year round and have special mosaic art to bring out just for the season.

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