Creativity Spicing up Your Christmas Season

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As the days draw closer to Christmas, it’s a perfect time to enjoy all the festivities! This holiday became a cliché with endless displays of Christmas trees and gadgets. It almost became impossible today not to consider doing at least a little “surprise” for your loved one. This holiday is when families get together, hearts rejoice, and gifting prevails and if you’re running out of ideas, here are some creative tips to help you spice up your Christmas Season!

Mosaic Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Do you enjoy your friends and beloved ones calling black sheep? Indeed, because you are always the creative one with ideas out of the box and perspective! Then you may have thought of something special to give your Christmas tree a unique vibe this year! If you’re still looking for easy ways to rethink your traditional Christmas ornaments, a simple yet splendid idea is to make use of small handmade mosaic art tiles that can fill your Christmas balls with a craftsy sway.


Creativity Spicing up Your Christmas Season

You Can Never Have Enough Fairy Lights

For the best possible Christmas decoration, let there be light! Lighting is key to design, especially for Christmas! It will provide you with the right majestic glimmer that will shine throughout the room. You can never have enough fairy light as they make your Christmas season more magical. Teamed with white candles and walls, a simple mosaic Christmas tree décor, the right lighting will look refreshingly serene and stylish, compared to some of the more swanky Christmas scenes that I associate with a more commercialized Christmas.



Ornaments To Ramp Up The Glamour

Swags are easy, ramp up the glamour by trying a handful of boughs together with contemporary and traditional Christmas ornaments and clusters of glitter-dusted mosaic balls or stars. Think of adding garlands, a Christmas Wreath to doors and a lush. Mini-lights look great in either, as do simple silver, ruby or sapphire ornaments; keep the treat like ribbons and bows to a minimum for a spotless, modern look.



It should be all about ‘Magic’

“You know what Christmas should be about? It should be all about ‘Magic’! Doors don’t have to be decorated with wreaths, and trees don’t have to be traditionally decorated. I’m a real Christmas freak so when the time comes around, I like to pull out all the stops to decorate the entire house; inside and out. I’ve collected some of my absolute favorite festive home decorations so that not only will be people amazed when they walk in your house, but their jaws will drop even when they’re just passing by the outside, too.



Happy Christmas Preparations!

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