Creativity, Spicing Up Your Valentine

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Creativity, Spicing Up Your Valentine

Valentine’s again! This worldwide holiday became a cliché with endless displays of huge teddy bears and never-ending corny heart ornamented gadgets. It almost became impossible today not to consider doing at least a little “surprise” for your partner. This holiday still brings out the romance in many people and if you’re running out of ideas, here are some creative ideas to help you spice things up!

Valentine Portrait Sessions

Go beyond the expectations of your loved one as well as your creativity. Celebrate the season of love with a Valentine Mosaic Portrait Session! Pick a handmade mosaic portrait of his/her photo, your wedding picture, or even the first picture you took with your phone together, is the gift that will keep on giving, all year long!


Source: Mozaico.com

Find Your New Favorite Restaurant

This year, Valentine’s Day is falling on Tuesday so it might be hard to plan a getaway to a dreamy destination. If it’s looking more like a dinner state, one thing you should definitely AVOID is reserving in your usual diner. Ok, yes I understand, they have the best fresh bread, soup of the day or sorbet, but for love’s sake, try experimenting with someplace new and far from the neighborhood! In my opinion, nothing can be more romantic than a vintage picnic basket, filled with homemade goodies, a checkered red and white tablecloth, and some delicious wine to impress you Star Gazing Date Night!

Hey, make sure you check the weather forecast before you go!




Decorate For a Romantic Night In

Is it too windy or raining on Tuesday? No worries, it’ll be the weekend soon! If staying in is what you’d prefer, find a babysitter or ask friends and family to take care of the kids for the night…elsewhere! Rent a black and white classic movie, have a new tasty meal ready and retell each other story of how you met. Take the occasion to communicate smoothly and without the stress of daily life. Try to connect while looking over old pictures, sharing unvoiced feelings and telling stories you told each other yet.

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Photos Source: Greenweddingshoes.com

Chocolate and Strawberries

Ok, so now, this part could sound cliché and overdone, but unless it’s your Sunday special, you have forgotten how good eating strawberries and chocolate off each other can be. Hide these ingredients within your reach and enjoy rediscovering your love again. This will then give you a quixotic excuse to take a long, hot bubble bath surrounded only by candle light!



Photos Source: Greenweddingshoes.com

Dress up

After you’re done backing that banana and almond tart, put on a sleek costume to add a dash of excitement to your evening. Purchase thrilling undergarments for you and your partner as well. Ladies, go beyond the usual sheer negligee. Remember to add a twist to all the déjà ideas, and keep it simple and loving!


Last but foremost, it doesn’t matter if you’ve just met your match and the love hormones are still flying out of control, or if you can’t remember the last time you two went out for a candle light dinner, there’s always room for spicing things up for your Valentine this year!

Looking for other seasonal color palette ideas to make your home fall into the warm or cool part of the color spectrum?

Mosaic Wall Art: Valentine Color Palette has hundreds of creative ideas for you to steal!

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Happy Loving Valentine’s Day!

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