Creative Ideas for Easter Decorations

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Easter Eggs

Easter is the time of the year where we all celebrate the colorful spring, the muse of resurrection and the spiritual love. Since the season is almost here, we will get into the festive spring mood and frame our mind with 10 creative decor ideas. Wonderful wishy-washy colors merged with familiar Easter motifs will not just create a spring triumphant feel but will make a castle in the sky and fascination to your home.

• Easter Eggs

When we think of Easter decorations, we all think of colored eggs. These eggs are symbolic to Christ’s rise when the tomb was empty. An egg means new life, birth and resurrection. Many creative ideas ornament our tables year after year. This year, take your eggs to another level of whim with these different decorating techniques and mosaic ideas.

Easter Eggs Mosaic

1 • Easter Eggshells Mosaic Ideas:

Creativity is limitless! Yes because every time we peel an egg naturally, little mosaic pieces fall without us noticing. This year you just have to gather the broken eggshells and use them to ornament other eggs with your creative touch and imaginative whim.

Mosaic Easter Eggs

Creative Easter Eggs

Colorful Mosaic Easter Eggs

2• Easter Eggs Glass Mosaic Ideas

If you choose to use glass mosaic tiles, always use synthetic eggs of Styrofoam that will make the adhesive stick and make your eggs everlasting this year.

stained glass mosaic

Mosaic Easter Egg Ideas

mosaic easter egg

3• Colorful Easter Eggs Mosaic Ideas

These mosaics Easter eggs were handcrafted by the mosaic artist Sandy Robertson and are unique and cool ideas to make the celebration whimsy this year!

Mosaic Easter Egg

Mosaic art

Easter Egg Ideas

4• Chocolate Eggs

The season of Eastertide makes us long for the aromatic smell of chocolate everywhere. Chocolate Eggs became a modern choice for all those who wish to switch from traditional chicken eggs.

chocolate egg

Chocolate Easter Egg

chocolate egg

5•Hand Painted Easter Eggs

These creatively hand painted Easter eggs aren’t just greeting the Eastertide season but these could also cool off our lust for spring. The first design idea was influenced by Andy Warhol and pop art. The second egg design illustrates leaves and foliage.

paint easter eggs

Easter Egg Painting

•Easter Mosaic Ideas

1 • Mosaic Mailbox

Yes! Easter is knocking on our doors so why not greet the season with a special elation not similar to any previous year ? The chilly and nippy days are over now, so go out and gather some seashells to create this unique mailbox. With seashells, marble or glass tiles and of course creativity you can transform any object to a unique and splendid artwork.

mosaic art

Easter Spring Decor

2 • Mosaic Tabletops

Tabletop mosaic ideas can make your yard or balcony greet spring and Easter in a special harmony and whim. Leaf, eggs, rooster, chicken or rabbit designs will beautify your yard with a fresh feel and get you ready for holiday gatherings.

mosaic table top

The following mosaic piece is available on Mozaico.

mosaic table top

• Easter Flowers and Planters

Flowers and creative planters will enlighten your homes and tables not just in spring, but for the summer season too. A lot of creative ideas and DIYs can make a unique and ingenious planter. Yellow flowers are perfect for Easter!

Easter Decor Ideas

Easter Flower Decor

Easter Decor Ideas

Easter Decor Ideas

• Easter Table Arrangement

Sometimes, flowers won’t give you the spirit that you want. You can add grains of salt with decorative items such as clocks or weighing scales. Fruits like apples and oranges will give a spontaneous and natural look to your table arrangement.

Easter Ideas

Easter Decor

Easter Ideas

• Easter Trees

Collect tree branches to put them in a vase and hang your ornamental and colored eggs to the branches. Make sure to ornament an Easter tree that bears a resemblance to the biblical olive tree in the bible.

Easter Tree

Easter Egg

Easter Egg

Easter Tree

• Easter Candles

Even if it’s spring, we still need this feel of warmth and affection. Easter candles symbolize light and life. We can’t avoid ornamenting our tables with candles in Easter just as much as we can’t avoid filling our hearts with the joy and peace of the holidays!

Easter Egg

Easter Candles

candles easter

Be Creative

To come up with something innovative, allow yourself to slip-up and try a hundred of times. Decorating for spring and Easter can be one of the most fun activities of the season. Whether you’re decorating your spaces with eggs or flowers, vegetables or fruits, remember that what matters is that you give your home a unique vision resembling no one but you.

Easter Egg Ideas

Easter Eggs

Easter Creativity


Creative Easter

Easter Creative Designs

Happy Easter Decorating!

Looking for other decor ideas to inspire your spring special decorations? You can find ideas to Beautify your Garden and Floral Mosaic Designs to decorate your loved spaces.

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