Ed Chapman: Mosaic Art From a Closer Perspective

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Ed Chapman has been a professional artist since 2001 working in mosaic art, winning awards for innovation along the way. He has undertaken numerous commissions and projects for such as Fender Music, Ed Chapman has been a professional artist since 2001 working in mosaic art, winning awards for innovation along the way. He has undertaken numerous commissions and projects for such as Fender Music, the Sony Corporation, Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, Manchester City FC, Eidos Games, Cadbury’s, MoreThan Insurance, Cancer Research, Oxfam, Galt Toys and UK Revolution Bars.

In addition to selling mosaics all over Europe and North America, Asia and Africa, Ed has exhibited across the UK, several times in London as well as in the USA and Europe. In 2011 Ed’s unique Fender plectrums portrait of Jimi Hendrix sold for £23,000 in London. He has donated mosaics to several charities and was the only contemporary artist to have work at Cancer Research’s Abbey Road auction in 2009 where his ceramic portrait of John Lennon raised £6000.

His portraits in vinyl records sell for £10,000. A unique portrait of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry created for his 85th birthday and made from 9890 bullet cases including 5 or 6 Magnum cases (one can be removed and replaced) sold immediately for £10,000 after gaining worldwide publicity. Ed is to be part of an exclusive show with David Beckham to tour the world London, Manhattan, Dubai, Shanghai, from spring 2016 His unusual mosaics on display at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum on both sides of the Atlantic, two of his large works are on an educational tour of the US and Canada until 2018. His mosaic art have a number of high-profile collectors and global household names including UK politicians, foreign royalty, hip hop superstars, members of The Times Rich List, musicians such as Annie Lennox, TV stars, Premiership and England footballers, an African state governor, an Asian President’s family – and even Lemmy from Motorhead.

Ed’s mosaic art have received widespread media coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and CBS, as well as the front page of The Sunday Times, the international press, all UK newspapers, many magazines and countless websites worldwide.

Ed Chapman mosaic art

What inspired you to become a mosaic artist?

I was asked to create a mosaic art in paper for a college art project and I found I was instantly reasonably good at it so inevitably (perhaps) I continued with it. For reasons unknown I like to see skilled works of art created from fragments of ordinary items. I had to follow my dream.

Mosaic art in paper

How did you get where you are today?

I suppose the usual story of hard work and the unshakable belief I was creating interesting and decent mosaic art. I had to sell them ultimately to make a living and that necessity is a wonderful drive, it ceased to be a hobby, it became my living. I never stop working on mosaics!

Clint as Dirty Harry details Clint as Dirty Harry mosaic art

How has mosaic art influenced your life?

My ears prick up whenever I hear the word mosaic in whatever context and I quite like this. I see mosaics everywhere and many days when I go out somewhere something will spark an idea for a mosaic art either in subject or medium or perhaps something else.

Maryline mosaic art

What are your goals for the future?

I have many ideas for new unique mosaics which I hope I will find time to create. I see no end in the possibilities and I am proud to be the creator of one or more ‘firsts’ in art. Considering the wonderful mosaics from the ancients it is remarkable to be among artists creating new variations in the medium thousands of years after the first wonderful mosaic art works were created.

What is your artistic outlook on life?

Art dominates my life, in every sense. I am never still, I am always either working on a mosaic art or planning the next work. I see no reason to slow down when I am enjoying it and every new mosaic art I create gives me a thrill. I am inspired by so many things – people to music to architecture – and this probably translates itself into my mosaics.

Marilyn made from art materials mosaic

Colorful mosaic art materials

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