FengShui: Optimize Positive Energy In Your Home

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FengShui: Optimize Positive Energy In Your Home

Ready to choose your fengshui color?

This quick and easy fengshui color guide will surely help you creating the best possible choice concerning the color customization of your entire household.

It is always a tricky decision when it comes to choosing the conclusive color of a room in our house. Instantly we question ourselves: what do we want the room to express? Choosing from a plethora of colors such as vibrant pink for your living room, all the way to light shades of green for your bedroom -can cause a blatant disequilibrium corresponding to the energy of the entire living space.

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese philosophical practice that shed light on the importance related to the placement of decorative ornaments or practical objects, with the intent to sustain harmonious vibrations throughout the household. A social reformer by the name of Florence Nightingale vividly expressed this very essence later in the 19th century– “the objects and color in the materials around us actually have a physical effect on us, on how we feel”. By using the right color in an interior and exterior space can potentially reveal an extraordinary calming effect on the human mind that creates inner strength and self-confidence.

Utilizing colors according to the fengshui philosophy will blossom the interior design of your personal space, whilst simultaneously creating a balanced atmosphere that energizes your home with harmony and coziness.

In this article we will explore the influence of each color and will give you a couple of tips to assist you in defining your dominant color, to ultimately create a vibrant atmosphere that will make you feel right at home by harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

Pink Fengshui

Pink:Pink it up!

Pink, a fire element color – is unquestionably the universal color of love & romance but can also transmit elements of innocence with its wide spectrum of lighter shades. The tranquilizing and soothing vibrations of the color makes it the ideal fengshui color for love infused areas of the house, such as the bedroom, kids rooms and also possibly even your playroom.You can create the desired amorous and tender energy with various decorative objects such as pillows, carpets or even vases with tantalizing shades of pink in order to produce a comforting effect into the room.A more fiery pink will create a more dynamic and playful sentiment in the aforementioned environments. An easy and relatively cheap technique to splash a bit of pink in your personal or business space is with the usage of natural crystals – decorative items comprised mainly of rose quartz are even thought to promote healing properties such as self-acceptance whilst epitomizing the vibration of love.

Blue Fengshui

Blue:Still got the blues?

Blue is one of the most versatile decor colors that in fengshui practice, is believed to promote a sense of relaxation and serenity. From baby blue to turquoise blue, this water element color exhibits tranquility and endorses both mental and physical relaxation. A look up at the blue sky justifies and magnifies this experience of utter freedom, whilst tension and anxiety slowly melt away. According to fengshui, the presence of the blue hue eliminates remnants of angst from living rooms and other social spaces – so do not hesitate by any means to integrate this specific color (Note to self: there is not such thing as too much blue!).An admirable example of peacefully integrating blue shades is the above interior design scheme that represents a predominantly white room with various shades of blue in addition to gold accents.

Blue Fengshui

One great decorating idea for bringing the needed blue color energy in your room can be wall art, like this wallpaper demonstrating the sea…

Red Mosaic Fengshui

Red:Playing with fire?

Red is an interesting color. It’s the color of emotion. It’s on both ends of the emotional spectrum. It constitutes the color of love, happiness and passion- it is also a fire element color in the fencing philosophy. The energy of the color red is known to endorse inner warmth and of course sexual energy. But you shouldn’t play with fire without precaution! If used in extremity it could easily be transformed into a damaging color that could stimulate a heavy and eccentrically charged environment, creating an edgy and agitated living space fueling anger and frustration.

Choosing to embody this color in your decor will most definitely magnify its richness and dramatic effect. For example, this lush mosaic design illustrating a floral pattern counterbalances the fiery effect–stimulating energy with the addition of white, yellow and green hues throughout the mosaic design. This particular design is inspired by Mozaico; it constitutes an excellent artistic expression that can easily be customized and located literally anywhere whilst maintaining the unique charisma of your living space.

Green:Think Green!

Decorating with green hues according to fengshui will elevate growth and nurture new beginnings, as well as provide healing and freshness. Certain shades of green are known to encourage a relaxed state of mind too. Scientific researchers, or psychotherapists, have temporarily concluded that the relaxing effects of green are not only interrelated to cultural associations with leafy meadows or tranquil forests; they state that cones within human eyes that translate the electromagnetic spectrum of light are most sensitive to wavelengths of approximately 510 nm (i.e. green light), thus this sensitivity is hypothesized to affect hormonal production, which in turn directly affects mood (enough science class for today!).

Green Fengshui

The green hue is well known to inspire freshness and to be an appetite simulator promoting healthy eating. It is truly an excellent choice to decorate your dining area or kitchen.

Green Plants Kitchen FengshuiGreen is the colour that belongs to the wood fengshui element category that conveys and facilitates a natural sensation to an indoor space. An easy way to break the static stillness and include the wood element in a room is simply by adding a houseplant of your choice; instantly the room will be charged with vitality and serene energy.

Green Plant Fengshui

Yellow: The color of the Sun!

They say color is light and light is what every living being on earth vitally needs for optimal well being, therefore as yellow represents the color of sunlight in fengshui, the more yellow fusion in the room – the better. Lighter saturated shades commonly add a more modern touch, whilst deeper tones of the color give a more vintage effect. Yellow belongs to the earth element of the five fengshui element family that encourages mental activity, awake spirit and simultaneously creates a sense of stability. The yellow hue is most certainly the right color to decorate your kids’ room or playroom as its vibrations often assists children with both focus and creativity.

Yellow room fengshui

Surely attaining the most advantageous fengshui color in your living space requires a skillful use of the wide continuum and intensities of the color palette; although by comprehending the qualities of each color that contributes to our surrounding energy, you get one step closer to fengshui fulfillment. The perfect alignment of décor in combination to color arises from cleverly coalescing basic principles of decoration, the five fengshui elements and of course your own personal taste.

Would you like to know more about the five elements of fengshui?

The more you explore the fengshui-philosophy, the sooner you will accomplish the desired sense of equilibrium, creating a happy and, most importantly, a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

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