Most Enchanting Floral Mosaic Designs of All Time

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floral mosaic

All living species are greeting spring in their own way. Migrant birds are back and singing, flowers are blooming splendidly and trees are giving birth to the most luscious fruits.

Moreover, warm and clean air fills the atmosphere with vibrant energies and joy. Always, a beautiful color wheel in the sky to complement a colorful sunrise and yes, after the rain comes the rainbow.

Here, at Mozaico, we thought of celebrating spring and joining this melodious weather with the art of tiny tiles and colors. Now, check out the most beautiful floral mosaic designs of all time.

Cosmic Flowers of Yulia Hanansen

In Yulia’s floral mosaic designs, we witness a deep connection of the cosmos and the earth. As well, her earthly influence comes from flowers which is the subject she has been exploring and handcrafting for many years.

Also, these vibrant mosaic artworks won’t just beautify your walls. Additionally, they will definitely add a shining spark to your apartment in all seasons and of course this spring.

Cosmic Flowers by Yulia Hanansen | Floral Mosaic | Mozaico

Cosmic Flowers by Yulia Hanansen, Mosaic Sphere

Floral Mosaic made with Mardi Gras Beads

These floral mosaic ideas were made by Peggy Calahan, to welcome spring in a very colorful and charming way. Besides, her influence by the love of nature, flowers, and the vibrancy of colors made her create these unique artworks and designs with Mardi Gras multi-hued pieces.

Peggy Calahan | Floral Mosaic | Mozaico

Flower Mosaic by Peggy Calahan

Peggy Calahan | Floral Mosaic | Mozaico

Floral Mosaic by Peggy Calahan

Peggy Calahan | Floral Mosaic | Mozaico

Sunflower Mosaic by Peggy Calahan

Stained Glass Floral Mosaic Ideas

Kasia Polkowska is a polish artist who lives and works in Colorado. Her artworks rage in various themes of fantasy and landscapes. Additionally, her stained glass mosaic floral designs were influenced by her love of nature, patterns and colors. Finally, these artworks reflect her perspective of beauty, magic and mystery.

Floral Mosaic by Kasia Polkowska | Mozaico

Flower Mosaic by Kasia Polkowska

Floral Mosaic by Kasia Polkowska

Floral Mosaic by Kasia Polkowska

Floral Mosaics

Here are new pieces of micro mosaic art from Mozaico. It illustrates a spring lust with bright colors blossoming and the earth celebrating the return of the season. In short, these framed floral mosaics are fully handmade by Mozaico’s professional artisans. Meticulously crafted through long hours of passion.
Are you looking to decorate your walls with the following mosaic murals? Click on the pictures to find out more about the piece.

sunflower mosaic

Contemporary Sunflower Mosaic by Mozaico

Lotus Mosaic | Floral Mosaics | Mozaico

Florida Lotus Mosaic by Mozaico

As a matter of fact, Spring follows the chilly days of winter and precedes the warm days of summer, this temperate weather makes us eager and passionately keen to renovate and decorate our home ornaments or even create artworks. Besides, floral mosaic designs are some of the best ideas to greet spring with love and joy this year.

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