Floral Mosaic Patterns That Will Make Your Mood Blossom

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Image Source: Mozaico

Do you wish to refresh and brighten up your home decor inspired by floral mosaic patterns?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year (maybe excluding those with hay fever), but not to worry – our article depicts floral mosaic patterns that are confined to your wall; not your allergies! After the 1960’s Flower Power movement, floral designs declined steeply in popularity. However, the most powerful symbol within nature is making its comeback in recent years, transmitting a unique summery wave throughout your living space, energizing and enhancing your interior design.

It seems as though everything seems to fall into place during spring-summer as nature exhibits its beauty, setting up the foundation for the food chain as a new productive season begins for surrounding flora and fauna. Flowers start to bloom and gradually the scenery transforms itself into a living canvas filled with vibrant colors, accents, shapes and textures.

  • Wondering how to fill your interior with floral vibes?

Floral mosaic patterns and designs are the correct way to go if you enjoy that outdoorsy sentiment within your living space. Decorating interiors with floral accents and coverings is a stylish, but nonetheless very simple method to add excitement and interest to your personal spaces. The presence of flowers in home decor has been scientifically proven to augment and improve mental & emotional health in addition to optimizing life satisfaction.

  • Flowers & Psychology: Natural Mood Boosters now scientifically confirmed!

A recent behavioral research conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey, revealed that the presence of flowers in our home decor, or even public places amplifies positive emotions and feelings – intensifying the level of life satisfaction, higher sense of enjoyment and generic well-being. Moreover the specific research team also revealed that being exposed to flowers or floral patterns positively affects social behavior, whilst eliminating depression, anxiety and feelings of agitation.

The particular psychological study explored the optimal space to display flowers in a home decor in order to increase positive effect. It was revealed that flowers increased possible contact with family and friends, therefore the best place to position your floral patterns or flower bouquet is in actively used spaces, such as living rooms, foyers, dining rooms but also personal spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms and offices to enhance feelings of calmness.

Given the facts, floral presence in our life can only do good, so why wait? Create your own beautiful flower display that will never stop blooming by getting inspiration from our 5 floral mosaic pattern ideas!

An inviting living room is seen to be embellished with baby blue & ash grey hues, in addition to pixelated floral mosaic patterns. Despite the murals pixelated nature, the design successfully transmits a feeling of motion when viewed from a distance – also adding an extra accent of spaciousness.

mosaic patterns

What’s better than flourishing pink roses on your wall to bring tranquility and a touch of vibrancy to your personal office? The soft pink petal hue combined with the equally tranquilizing green shades adds a subtle statement to anyone entering the room: relaxation ahead!

mosaic patterns

Big rectangular mosaic tiles are the focal decorative point of this dreamy bathroom decor. A perfectly ordered floor design engaging faded orange, grey and white colors, utilizing similar hues to that of a dimming sunset.

mosaic patterns

Sparkly blue, white, beige and grey shadows run throughout this floral mosaic pattern. Illustrating a gentle mix of curves and depths, this floral mosaic artwork will keep you busy and calm throughout your revitalizing bath.

mosaic patterns

The jungle aesthetic augmented by drastically contrasting golden and black colored mosaic tile, add a minimalistic accent to the room decor, uplifting the energy dynamic of the space. A personal indoor gym would match this setting perfectly; maybe even a bedroom mural for the more adventurous beings!

Looking for other decorative ideas to inspire your indoor or outdoor spaces?

Find ideas and unique handcrafted mosaic tile patterns to create a perfectly balanced and harmonious environment for you and your loved ones.

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