From Drab to Delightful: Zen Color Palette

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As a visual artist and art blogger, I get asked a lot of questions concerning colors. One of the most frequent topics I get asked about is neutral colors. What are they? Why can’t we classify them on the color wheel? How do we make neutral color schemes visually appealing?

People, especially women according to Coco Chanel, think of all colors except the absence of color. However, within a palette of soothing neutrals and smooth surfaces, one can always witness a radiating and timeless elegance.

Neutrals maintain balance and a Zen-inspired vibe in your spaces. Screen time, dreadful political news…Our daily dose of stress and drama, makes it increasingly more and more complicated to perceive serenity and leisure in our lives. Nonetheless, creating a peaceful retreat in the comfort of our spaces is at this time our last “lucky” bet.

Zen-inspired home décor has amplified in popularity and became a contemporary craze of our present days. Fraternized with simplicity, spotlessness and minimalism, Zen is actually a perfect way to create an atmosphere that counterbalances the strain and hassle of everyday problems.


Today’s article is an initial step towards absolute mysticism in home decor!

Given the facts, a state of Zen in home decor can only do well, so why wait? Create your own beautiful Japanese-inspired, serene environment by getting inspiration from this visual segment.


Earthy Colors

Inducing a state of Zen in our apartments is all about influencing a chromatic synchronization between the aspects. Nature-inspired colors, in muted tones, such as white, light brown, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of beige or pink fawn, have the power to provoke a sense of tranquility and stillness. These colors will also help you create a visual link between your spaces. Nonetheless, one must also consider having a main area of interest or pleasant focal point. Playing with color diversity and degradation will add a charming outline that tones seamlessly within the room.


Spick and Span Space

In a Zen-inspired decoration, clutter could be your most terrible opponent. Therefore, you should consider using less furniture and leaving a spotless empty space in your setting. As clutter may stall your leisure, keep in mind having the least amount of accessories, such as decorative figurines, silver-plated spices and salt shakers, floor lamps, chandeliers or sconces, etc. Keep only the requisites and whatever brings you additional soothe.

Sunday Open House Minimal Bohemian Interior Style pertaining to Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom - Man 17

Sunday Open House Minimal Bohemian Interior Style with regard to Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

Greenery and Simple Lines

According to the recent study undertaken by Rutgers University in New Jersey, the presence of greenery in our home decor, or even outdoors magnifies optimistic sensations and behaviors. Through providing oxygen, these peaceful emerald shades have a calming, yet energizing vibe. Moreover the specific research team also revealed that being exposed to flowers or plants will surely influence cheerfulness, whilst reducing gloominess, nervousness and random feelings of anxiety.

Bonsai trees or terrariums make a perfect selection and are often witnessed in Zen-inspired environments.


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