Are Trending Glass or Marble mosaic Tiles Actually Ideal for Your Project?

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With no shortage of tile selections out there within the interior design industry, it can seem impossible to choose the best option for your decorating needs. But with a little bit of knowledge about two of the most stunning options, you’ll be that much closer to completing your project with the pleasing aesthetics and high quality design. As you discover the advantages of both glass and marble tiles, you’ll be able to determine which one best fits your needs.

Appearance and Aesthetics

Both glass and marble tiles are a popular choice of style due to their incredible appearance and ability to completely rejuvenate the entire feel of a given space. However, there is a significant difference between the two that can help you decide what the better option is for you. Marble is a natural stone that provides unique and incredibly stylish color patterns on tiles and for the appearance of your entire project. Glass tiles on the other hand are manufactured in a wide range of colors and shapes, but tend to offer simple, basic styles.

Marble mosaic tile

Suitability of Each Style

Determining which tile is ideal for your project can easily be decided by the kind of renovation or decorating that you’re doing. Marble tiles are a much more versatile option when it comes to suitability and can be used for a wide range of projects. Although they are used both indoors and outdoors, they are one of the most popular selectionsfor kitchen backsplashes due to their sophisticated appeal and sustainability . As for glass tiles, they are limited to indoor use only, and are often used as a kitchen backsplash as well.

Glass marble tile

Durability and Stain Resistance

The durability and stain resistance of the tiles you’ll be using are two crucial aspects to consider to ensure the best selection for your project. Marble stones are incredibly strong and durable. They very rarely break, chip or display any kind of damage, which makes them one of the most popular choices for all kinds of projects. As for glass tiles, they are designed to be extremely durable as well and can hold up for long periods of time without any damage or repairs needed. However, they are more fragile than marble varieties. Additionally, you may also want to consider the stain resistance of the tile you plan on using. Although marble is a permeable material, with the proper sealer applications, they can resist all stains effectively. As for glass tiles, they are completely non-absorbent and reject all kinds of stains as well.

Glass mosaic tiles

Scratch Resistance

You certainly want a mosaic tile that is scratch resistant in order to keep the stunning appeal of your project prominent. This is especially true if you are placing your tiles in an area in which they will come into contact with other hard materials. Now, you may think, ‘not a chance’ but everything from kitchen utensils, storage compartments and even outdoor elements can often be near or on your tile surface, so this is something to certainly consider. Both glass and marble tiles aren’t 100% scratch resistant, and although very rare, they can be scratched with scissors or even sharp cutlery. However, due to the strong and hard exterior of marble tiles, they tend to hold up much better when it comes to scratches and with proper sealers and applications, the scratch resistant capabilities are even stronger. Glass tiles, on the other hand, are also fairly scratch resistant but much more fragile and a slight scratch can turn into a full crack very quickly. If you drop a marble tile and a glass tile, the marble would be untouched and the glass would likely be shattered.

Mosaic art tile

Longevity and Maintenance Of The Material

When decorating or renovating, you want to be sure to choose a tile material that is going to serve its purpose for as long as you need, and well beyond your expectations. There’s nothing like utilizing a material and constantly having to perform maintenance and repairs on the item. When marble is properly installed, they can be one of the longest lasting natural stone tiles. Of course, regular cleaning and proper sealer application is recommended to further the longevity. Glass is also exceptional at providing style for years as the life expectancy of such materials are said to be over 100 years. However, proper installation is also a key factor in this.

Marble mosaic tiles


Prices can truly vary when it comes to tiles and this is especially true for glass tiles as they can be found at relatively cheap prices all the way up to high price tags that far exceed those that come with natural stone tiles. With that said, since marble is a natural stone, they are not cheap but as mentioned, they can be cheaper than some glass tile varieties. The installation costs may also be something to consider and it truly comes down to the projects complexity.

So when it comes down to comparing glass and marble tiles to find the optimal option for your project, you can see that the two are pretty on par with one another. However, there are some disadvantages to using glass tiles instead of marble ones. Glass tiles are much more fragile and prone to damage while marble tiles can withstand a wide spectrum of elements. Marble tiles also offer unique, creative and luxurious appeal and glass tiles are often plain and simple in style. Both come at a wide range of price points, but some glass mosaics can be extremely high in price without offering the high quality of marble mosaic tiles. Glass tiles are also limited while marble tiles can truly be used for any project you want, and can provide their unique essence for years with minimal but proper care. So as a rule of thumb, be sure to always purchase high quality materials and installation if required to ensure proper aesthetics and purpose of your project and tiling choice.

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